WIT STUDIO’s new work “Onipan!” Broadcast in April “Yuruyuri” “Love, Friendship and Pants Story” drawn with Masahiko Ohta

Thursday, February 3, 2022 18:00

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It has been decided that the new original TV animation “Onipan!” By WIT STUDIO of “Ranking of Kings” and “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” will start broadcasting from April. The main cast, teaser promotion video, and teaser visuals have also been released.

Set in a world where demons and humans coexist, this work is set in a world where demons and humans coexist. Himawari and three young children (demon children) struggle to help people, revitalize the town, and hold school events. The pants “Onipan” that are handed down to the demons will be a key item, and descendants of Momotaro and Isshiki will also appear.

This work was produced by “AAO Project”, which develops and produces original IP by Amuse, AOI Pro., And Origamix, and the original is Norihiro Naganuma, WIT STUDIO, Shogakukan Shueisha, who was the director of “The Ancient Magus’ Bride”. The “Onipan! Project” by the three production companies is involved.

The director, Masahiko Ohta, and Takashi Aoshima, who composed the series, are the tags that worked on “Minamike (1st work)” and “Yuruyuri”. Ryuta Yanagi of “Sword Art Online” (Monster Design, etc.) is in charge of character design and animation director. WIT STUDIO produces animation.

The cast that plays the leading role is the first voice actor to challenge. The friendly and curious azalea is played by Yome Nuzaki from the idol group “Sakura Gakuin”, and Kokona Nonaka, who is also from “Sakura Gakuin”, plays the cool but actually Zubora azalea. Mika Negishi, who won the “Ciao Girl 2019” Grand Prix, was selected as the role of a naughty and mischievous sunflower. In addition, Kaori Maeda will play the role of Momozono, who will have an important relationship with the three, Miyu Tomita will play the role of Issuko, and Kikuko Inoue will play the role of Kuma.

In the teaser PV, along with the narration “This is a story of love, friendship, and pants by three young children!”, The appearance of three young children with suspicious expressions is accompanied by voice. Recording. The teaser visual depicts three people jumping out in response to the blast and “Onipan” flying around.

Below are the comments from the three leading actors.

[Yome Nuzaki (Azalea)]
・ Impression of the work
I was very attracted to the fact that the demon child was the main character. Oni are generally regarded as bad guys, but when you look at things from the demon side, you will find new discoveries, and everyone will be able to accept each other. “Onipan!” Is such an anime. I wondered if there was one.
In addition, you can enjoy and notice the friendship of the three people and the kindness of the people around you!

・ Impressions and enthusiasm for the characters
I think the azalea I’m in charge of is a cute girl who has a lot of emotions, is energetic and positive!
It is very fun to do dubbing because you can feel the intensity of the ups and downs of the emotions and encourage the two people, sunflower and soup, from the dialogue.
I am new to voice acting, and I have a lot of anxieties, but I would like to enjoy improving my level with this azalea. And I want to express my own azalea as much as possible!

[Kokona Nonaka (role of Commelina communis)]
・ Impression of the work
The new anime “Onipan!”, Which we will be participating in this time, is a work in which three very colorful and bright young children make the lives of the viewers colorful and laughable!
Many characters other than these three will appear, so I hope you look forward to each broadcast. It is such a work that is loved by people of all ages.

・ Impressions and enthusiasm for the characters
Tsuyukusa-chan, who I gave her voice to, is a cool and unfussy, blue demon girl who will not be swept away under any circumstances!
She’s always a laid-back Tsuyukusa, but when it comes to food (especially sweets), she loves her tension and smiles.
I’m nervous because I’m doing voice work for the first time this time, but I’m playing while feeling that the character who brought life to life for the first time is Tsuyukusa-chan and I’m really happy.

[Mika Negishi (role of sunflower)]
・ Impression of the work
I think it’s a work that gives courage to the cool and cute little girls working hard for their mission of “improving the image of demons”. At first, I couldn’t imagine when I heard that it was a “demon,” but since I was in the second year of junior high school and was the same age as me, I felt a sense of familiarity. I’m a demon, but like humans, I really like the way they laugh and get angry.
I think that the theme of coexistence of demons and humans can be applied to modern society, so I hope that you will warmly watch over the young children who have strong personalities.

・ Impressions and enthusiasm for the characters
The sunflower I play is a girl in charge of Tsukkomi who is always energetic and boyish and can take the lead. I myself often get courage and love sunflowers.
Also, this is my first job as a voice actor, and although it often doesn’t go well, it’s a very valuable and enjoyable experience to bring the character to life. I would like to continue to absorb various things and power up as the sunflowers grow.

Work information

Onipan! Updated February 3, 2022

Work information Event information

Broadcast time 2022 spring animation

Production company
Staff information
[Original] Onipan! Project [Original Draft / Original Supervision] Norihiro Naganuma [Onikko Design Draft] Tomari [Director] Masahiko Ohta [Assistant Director] Junichiro Hashiguchi [Series Composition] Takashi Aoshima [Character Design / Animation Director] Ryuta Yanagi [Art Director] Suzuki Shunsuke [3DCG Director] Shigenori Hirosumi [Color Design] Arisa Komatsu
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“Oni is a bad guy.” Such an image is old. Now I’m completely close to humans. ――Because of the old Yancha, it may be misunderstood or tampered with. This is a story in which three young men struggle to improve the image of a demon in a world where humans and demons live together. Moved from Onigashima to a junior high school in Tokyo, and … sometimes helped people, sometimes revitalized the town, sometimes jumped into school events, sometimes … idol activities !? .. What kind of abilities are hidden or not !? In addition, descendants of Momotaro and Ichizokushi also appeared …: Surprised question mark: Busy old men sometimes fail and feel depressed, I will do my best today as well!
Azalea: Yui Nozaki Sunflower: Mika Negishi Tsuyukusa: Kokona Nonaka Taoyuan Momo: Kaori Maeda Riichi Dimension Child: Miyu Tomita Bear: Kikuko Inoue
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