[Weekend Anime Movie Ranking] “Theatrical version: Jujutsu Kaisen 0” has returned to the top, mobilized 6.81 million people, and exceeded 9.3 billion yen in revenue.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 19:00

(C) 2021 “Theatrical Version Magical War 0” Production Committee (C) Gege Akutami / Shueisha

The domestic movie rankings from January 22nd to 23rd (national weekend box office results, provided by the box office news agency) have been announced. “Theatrical version Jujutsu Kaisen 0”, which entered the 5th week of its release, mobilized 288,000 people and earned 409 million yen in two days on Saturday and Sunday, and returned to the top position for the first time in three weeks. From the 22nd, the second gift for visitors, “MAPPA’s newly drawn” Pure Love “Visual Board (Yuta Otobone)” was distributed, and it seems that it also played a role in attracting repeat customers. The cumulative total has mobilized 6.81 million people and has exceeded the box office revenue of 9.3 billion yen. The third gift for visitors is scheduled for February 5th, and the fourth gift is scheduled for February 19th, and further attention will be paid to future developments toward a breakthrough of 10 billion yen in revenue.

Last week’s top “Confidence Man JP Hero Edition” retreated to 2nd place, “Spider-Man No Way Home” was 3rd place, and “99.9 Criminal Lawyer THE MOVIE” was 4th place. In the new work released on January 21, “Midnight Maiden War” is in 5th place and “Coda Her Ainouta” is in 7th place.

Last week’s 8th place “Boss Baby Family Mission” was 9th place, and the top 10 anime works continue to be “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” and only 2 of them. From the 28th, director Mitsuo Iso’s “Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls Part 1” Emissary from Extraterrestrial “” will be released.

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Theatrical version magic round 0

Updated October 20, 2021

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Theatrical version magic round 0

Theatrical release date December 24, 2021 (Friday)
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[Original] Gege Akutami (published by Shueisha) [Director] Sunghoo Park [Screenplay] Hiroshi Seko [Character design] Tadashi Hiramatsu [Deputy director] Yui Umemoto [Distribution] Toho Movie version Jujutsu Kaisen 0
Yuta Otobone, a high school student who wants his own death penalty. When he was a child, he lost her childhood friend Rika Prayermoto, who had made her marriage promise, in front of her in a car accident, and he was suffering from her curse. Meanwhile, Satoru Gojo, the strongest magician who is a teacher at the school “Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic” who learns “curse” in order to exterminate “curse”, appears and transfers Otsubone to the College of Magic. Otoko, who had been spending days hurting the people around him with the cursed Rika, decided to break her curse at the Magic College, saying, “I want confidence that I can live.” He started his career as a magician with his classmates Maki Sadain, Thorn Komamaki, and Panda.
Yuta Ogata: Megumi Ogata Rika Honmoto: Kana Hanazawa Maki Komatsu: Mikako Komatsu Koki Uchiyama Panda: Tomokazu Seki Satoru Gojo: Yuichi Nakamura Oil Jie: Takahiro Sakurai
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