“Uzaki-chan wants to play!” The second title is “ω”. Sena Kato and Hideo Ishikawa will also appear.

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“Uzaki-chan wants to play!” The second title is “ω”. Sena Kato and Hideo Ishikawa will also appear.

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The title of the second term of “Uzaki-chan wants to play!”, Which was announced in 2020, will be decided and will be broadcast in 2010 as “Uzaki-chan wants to play! Ω (duburu)”. At the same time, the appearances of Sena Kato and Hideo Ishikawa as additional casts and the main staff were also announced.

The original is a romantic comedy by Mr. Take. It depicts the slapstick days of Shinichi Sakurai (CV: Kenji Akabane), a college student who wants to spend quiet days, and Uzaki-chan, Uzaki-chan (CV: Naomi Ohzora), who is a little ugly junior who is persistently involved with him. At “ω”, the Uzaki family gathered together, and there were lots of school festivals in the fall and Christmas and events in the winter. There are signs of change in the daily lives of the flowers, which are still lacking in play, Shinichi, who is swayed by her, and “her mere seniors and juniors.”

The two additional cast members are both members of the Uzaki family. Kato plays Hana’s younger sister, Yanagi, and Ishikawa plays the father, Fujio, who is the main pillar of the Uzaki family. The new cast announcement video also includes character voices of Yanagi and Fujio, including Ozora as Hana, Akabane as Shinichi, Ayana Taketatsu as Aya, and Tomoya Takagi as Itsuhito Sakaki. It was also revealed that the cast members, who are familiar from the period, will continue to cast.

In the teaser visual, the Uzaki family’s father, Fujio, mother’s moon (Saori Hayami), younger sister Yanagi, younger brother’s paulownia (Yuko Sanpei), and the Uzaki family gather together in the background of Shinichi and Hana who play the game. The figure of KUSO CAT that appears in the death of God is also drawn.

The main staff will continue from the first term under the direction of Kazuya Miura, with Takashi Aoshima as the series composition and Manabu Kurihara as the character designer. Animation production will be done by ENGI as well. The full comments of the original author, Mr. Takeshi, the cast, and the staff are posted below.

[Length (original author)]
The author.
We are waiting for those who are looking forward to the second period of animation.
There were many people who expected the cast of the new character, but they betrayed that expectation in a good way, and they are enthusiastically performing to the extent that they can live up to their expectations.
I’m sure you will love that character from the 1st term and the new character from the 2nd term.
Please wait a little longer while expecting it.
The author is probably the one who is most looking forward to the broadcast.
We have two or three more secrets in the second phase of the anime, but they will come back soon …

[Kazuya Miura (Director)]
Sorry I made you wait! Uzaki-chan ω.
I am grateful to be involved again in the second term.
This time too, in addition to Uzaki-chan, who is good at ugly, new characters are also appearing and it is difficult to handle … No, it is a fun work, so please enjoy it!

[Takashi Aoshima (series composition)]
Everyone (and I) who have been following the progress of Uzaki-chan and Sakurai in the face of the backward fucking cat since the last episode of the first season of the anime Uzaki-chan, have been waiting for you.
It’s the second term! It’s sloppy! We will not betray your expectations.
It’s fun! New characters! Love comedy is also full! I will send it to you!
In addition, it seems that the ugliness is far from sloppy.

[Kurihara Manabu (character design)]
Uzaki-chan is familiar every time, but in the second term, the relationship between Sakurai and Uzaki will change !?
I think that there are many things to see, such as Sakurai and Uzaki, which were not seen in the first term, and such places, so I hope you will look forward to it.

[Naomi Ohzora (role of Uzaki Hana)]
Uzaki wants to play ω! It’s not “Omega”, it’s “Daburu”!
I will play a lot with my seniors again!
The number of new characters with personality explosions is increasing, and it is even more lively! Double the fun …… !!
I’m glad that we can deliver the inevitable development of grinning to everyone in animation.
Please look forward to it …!

[Kenji Akabane (role of Shinichi Sakurai)]
“Uzaki-chan wants to play! Ω” The cast of the Uzaki family has been lifted!
I wonder what will happen to the Uzaki family … However, I can assure you that the Uzaki family who moves and speaks in animation is definitely interesting.
And how far will the relationship between Uzaki and Sakurai be drawn …? I beg you, senior …!
All the staff and cast are working hard toward the second term, so please look forward to it!

[Tomoya Takagi (role of Itsuhito Sakaki)]
“Uzaki-chan wants to play! Ω” It’s a wonderful title that is full of Uzaki-chan’s uniqueness!
The number of characters has increased, making it even more lively and spectacular.
And how Uzaki-chan and Sakurai are going …
Sakaki, who will continue to play, is also powering up in various ways (laughs)
Please look forward to it!

[Ayana Taketatsu (actual role of Asai)]
The second season of TV animation! I’m very happy.
The whole story of dubbing has already ended, but Ami seems to have a lot of fun this time as well, in many ways. Lol
And how will the relationship between Uzaki-chan and Sakurai-kun change?
I would be grateful if you could keep an eye on me!

[Yosuke Akimoto (role of Akihiko Aho)]
e? Uzaki wants to play! Ω starts?
I (master) are looking forward to it more than all the fans.
It’s exciting to see the interaction between the two again.
Please enjoy yourself as well.

[Saori Hayami (role of Tsuki Uzaki)]
I am happy to be able to participate in Uzaki-chan World again!
This time, various stories from the Uzaki family will be unfolded.
As Tsuki-san, it’s gentle and sometimes violent! It was a fun dubbing.
Please enjoy the slapstick everyday life of the Uzaki family along with the story of Sakurai-kun and Uzaki-chan.

[Sena Kato (role of Yanagi Uzaki)]
Nice to meet you. My name is Sena Kato and I will play the role of Yanagi Uzaki.
I would like to bring to you the charm of Kansai dialect and Yanagi-chan, who is philosophical and playful, drawn by Dr. Takeshi.
And how about the progress of Hana and her seniors? !!

[Hideo Ishikawa (role of Fujio Uzaki)]
Fujio, a muscular father who lives in the family, has appeared from the second term.
I think that the spirit of the fathers of the world struggling at home seems to be annoying to children around the age, but this father is also hot and cold (laughs).
I hope that the slapstick of the Uzaki family will be one of the pleasures of the second term.

[Yuko Sanpei (role of Kiri Uzaki)]
I’m Yuko Sanpei, the eldest son of the Uzaki family and the role of my younger brother Kiri.
I feel that the statue of Kiri, who I didn’t understand in the first period, was grasped in this second period.
Please listen to the cry of his soul.
Good, do it steadily! And in the second term, it’s finally a big family gathering!
Well, it’s a strong family!
Please enjoy the warm family full of fun and plunge.

Work information

Work information Event information
Uzaki wants to play! ω

Broadcast time 2022 animation

Production company
Staff information
[Original] Take (“Dragon Comics Age” published by KADOKAWA) [Director] Kazuya Miura [Series composition] Takashi Aoshima [Character design] Manabu Kurihara [Production] Uzaki-chan 2 Production Committee Uzaki-chan wants to play! ω
Shinichi Sakurai, a third-year college student, spent a summer vacation that wasn’t boring for some reason, even though he was swayed by his junior “Uzaki-chan”, Uzaki Hana, who was entwined with Uza. Uzaki-chan is still not enough to play! There are lots of school festivals in the fall and Christmas and events in the winter! Furthermore, this time, the pleasant Uzaki-chan family has joined us, making it even more lively …!?
Uzaki Hana: Naomi Ohzora Shinichi Sakurai: Kenji Akabane Ami: Ayana Taketatsu Itsuhito Sakaki: Tomoya Takagi Akihiko Akimoto: Yosuke Akimoto Uzaki Tsuki: Saori Hayami Uzaki Yanagi: Seina Kato Uzaki Fujio: Hideo Ishikawa Uzaki Tung: Yuko Sampei
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