“Uncharted” is made into a movie! A popular series that won an Academy Award in the game world

October 22, 2021 11:49

The movie “Uncharted” will be released in 2022, and notices and scene photos have been released.

An action-adventure game “Uncharted” series in which treasure hunter Nathan Drake unravels the mysteries of legendary treasures and ancient cities.
Since the first release in 2007, the cumulative sales of the series worldwide has exceeded 41.7 million units, and in 2009, it won the “AIAS Game of the Year”, which is also called the Academy Award in the game world. It has received enthusiastic support from many game fans.

This time, the world-famous masterpiece game starring Tom Holland of the “Spider-Man” series, the long-awaited live-action movie with the original title “UNCHARTED”!
The Japanese title was “Uncharted” and it was decided to release it in theaters in 2022, and the first preview video was released all over the world.

[Preliminary video]

Tom Holland’s new adventure! Next to the “Spider-Man” series is a treasure hunter who is familiar with history and has exceptional physical strength.

In the original game, Nathan Drake (nickname: Nate), a treasure hunter who claims to be a descendant of a real ocean adventurer Francis Drake. The young protagonist Nate, who is familiar with history and has exceptional physical strength, will be starring in the “Spider-Man” series and will not release the latest work “Spider-Man: No Way Home” by Tom Holland.

Don’t miss the tense action scene where Tom Holland, who fainted, wakes up on a container hung from a transport plane in high altitude and jumps at the risk of his life, which appears at the end of the preview video released this time! As soon as he got to the plane, what happened to him who was thrown into the sky again with the car that had fallen toward him?

And it is Mark Wahlberg of the “The Departed” and “Transformers” series who plays Victor Sullivan (nickname: Sally) who is a master of Nate and searches for treasure together. Expectations are already rising for the tag of young top actor Tom Holland and talented actor Mark Wahlberg who has many hits.

In addition, Antonio Banderas of “Mask of Zorro” was selected as the enemy Santiago who aims for the same treasure as Nate. The director will be Ruben Fleischer of “Venom”.

“UNCHARTED” means “a place not on the map” in Japanese. It is said that there are treasures worth $ 5 billion.
Can Nate and Sally reach the treasure by relying on the clues left by Nate’s older brother Sam and the nautical chart of Magellan? “Uncharted” is a 2022 national road show!

[Work information]
■ Uncharted (original title: UNCHARTED)

Japan: 2022 National Road Show
US: Scheduled to be released on February 18, 2022

Director: Ruben Fleischer
Screenplay: Art Marcum / Matt Haloway / Rafe Judkins
Original: PlayStation game “Uncharted” series by Naughty Dog
Starring: Tom Holland / Mark Wahlberg / Antonio Banderas / Sophia Ali / Tati Gabrielle

Official site: https://www.uncharted-movie.jp/



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