TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” will be broadcast in 2023! TV animation 1st period, rebroadcast from 5 pm every Sunday from 4/3 (Sunday) !!

TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” will be broadcast in 2023! TV animation 1st period, rebroadcast from 5 pm every Sunday from 4/3 (Sunday) !!
February 13, 2022 14:480
Movie version animation 2020 autumn animation new work information

TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” will be broadcast in 2023! TV animation 1st period, rebroadcast from 5 pm every Sunday from 4/3 (Sunday) !!
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At the blockbuster thank-you stage greeting held at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya in Tokyo on February 12, 2022, it was announced that the long-awaited “TV anime” Jujutsu Kaisen “second phase will be broadcast in 2023. ..

The popular comic “Jujutsu Kaisen” (written by Gege Akutami), which is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (published by Shueisha) and has exceeded the cumulative circulation of 60 million copies in the series. “Theatrical version of Jujutsu Kaisen 0”, which will be the first movie of such “Jujutsu Kaisen”, will be released on the 50th (the box office record until February 11th), mobilizing spectators: 7.841,000 people, box office revenue: 10.83 billion yen. It is being screened as a “special grade” blockbuster even one and a half months after its release, such as winning the excellent animation work award at the “45th Japan Academy Prize”.

“Theatrical version magic round 0” “Super rare” Gojo x Natsuyu’s newly drawn visual board is decided as a present for visitors!

Then, on February 12, 2022, a big hit thank-you stage greeting was held with live broadcasting to the whole country at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, Tokyo. On the stage where the main cast of the movie version, Emi Ogata, who plays the main character, Yuta Otobone, Kana Hanazawa, who plays Rika Prayermoto, Yuichi Nakamura, who plays Satoru Gojo, and Takahiro Sakurai, who plays the role of Yukito Tsukisui, took the stage. At the surprise, Junya Enoki, who plays the role of Yuji Itadori, the main character of the TV anime series, appears!

Therefore, the long-awaited “TV anime” Jujutsu Kaisen “will be broadcast in 2023! Information was announced.

Furthermore, to celebrate the big hit of the movie version and the decision to broadcast the second period, a congratulatory illustration and comment arrived from the original author, Gege Akutami.
The straight eyes of Yuta Otobone, the main character of the movie version, and the appearance of protecting the Otobone of the special-grade over-cursed ghost, Rika Prayermoto, who possesses him, are a must-see for fans, along with a thank-you comment from the teacher.

It has also been decided that the first period of TV animation, which was broadcast from October 2020, will be broadcast again every Sunday at 5 pm on the MBS / TBS 28 stations nationwide from April 3, 2022. Following the big hit of the movie version, and the decision of the second period of TV animation, it will be broadcast on Sunday evening, which is unusual again.

In addition, the “TV Anime” Jujutsu Kaisen “Kyoto Sister School Exchange Meeting” will be broadcast on February 23 (Wednesday / holiday) on TBS, MBS, CBC, RKB, HBC, etc. from 19:00 to 21:57. Information on “Broadcast SP” has also been lifted. I would like you to enjoy this as well.

[Work information]
■ “Theatrical version magic round 0”

Yuta Otobone lost her childhood friend Rika Prayer in front of her in a car accident when she was a child.
“It’s a promise, Rika and Yuta will get married when they grow up.”

Suffering from the curse of Rika, who turned into a grudge, Otoko wanted to die, but was welcomed by the strongest magician, Satoru Gojo, to the Magic College.

Then, when he meets his classmates Maki Sadain, Thorn Komamaki, and Panda, Otobone makes a certain decision.

“I want to be confident that I can live.”
“I will break Rika’s curse at the Magic College.”

On the other hand, the worst curse master, Natsuyu Jie, who once slaughtered ordinary people and was banished from technical college, appears in front of the bones.
“The coming December 24th, we will have a hundred demon nights.”

Natsuyu, who advocates a paradise only for magicians, finally releases a thousand curses to Shinjuku and Kyoto in an attempt to annihilate non-magicians.

Can Otsubone stop summer oil, and where is Rika’s curse?

Release date: Friday, December 24, 2021
Original: “Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic” Gege Akutami (Shueisha Jump Comics)
Production: MAPPA Distribution: Toho
Voice appearance: Emi Ogata, Kana Hanazawa, Mikako Komatsu, Koki Uchiyama, Tomokazu Seki, Yuichi Nakamura, Takahiro Sakurai
Official site:
Official Twitter: @animejujutsu

PV just before release:

After release PV:

■ TV animation “Jujutsu Kaisen” Phase 1 informationFrom April 3, 2022, every Sunday at 5 pm MBS / TBS 28 stations nationwide will start broadcasting on the net!
Blu-ray & DVD series Volumes 1-8 are now on sale!
TV anime series Now being distributed by each video distribution service!

The boy fights-in search of “correct death”

Spicy acid, regret, shame
Negative emotions created by humans become curses and hide in everyday life
Curses are a pervasive source of the world, and in the worst case, lead humans to death.

And the curse can only be extinguished by the curse

Yuji Itadori, a boy with amazing physical abilities, lived a normal high school life,
One day, in order to save his alumni who were attacked by a “curse”, he eats a special-grade curse “double-sided inn’s finger” and puts a curse in his soul.

The tiger cane that has shared the body with the curse “double-sided lodging”
Under the guidance of Satoru Gojo, the strongest magician, he will be transferred to the “Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic”, which is an institution specializing in anti-curse …

An irreversible, spectacular story of a boy who has a curse to exorcise the curse begins to turn around.

Original: Gege Akutami (serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump”)
Director: Sunghoo Park / Series composition / Screenplay: Hiroshi Seko / Character design: Tadashi Hiramatsu / Deputy director: Yui Umemoto / Art director: Kim Jyoren /
Color design: Chikako Kamada / CGI producer: Yusuke Tannawa / 3DCG director: Miki Kaneda / Kentaro Kimura / Cinematographer: Teppei Ito /
Editing: Keisuke Yanagi / Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi, Yoshimasa Terui, Arisa Okehazama / Sound Director: Akiko Fujita / Sound Production: dugout / Production: MAPPA

Yuji Itadori: Junya Enoki / Megumi Fushiguro: Yuma Uchida / Nobara Kugisaki: Asami Seto / Makiko Komatsu / Mikako Komatsu / Koki Uchiyama / Panda: Tomokazu Seki /
Kenjiro Tsuda / Kiyoshi Ijichi: Mitsuo Iwata / Glass Ieiri: Aya Endo / Masamichi Yamo: Takaya Kuroda / Satoru Gojo: Yuichi Nakamura / Aoi Todo: Subaru Kimura /
Mayi Inoue: Marina Inoue / Kasumi Miwa: Chinatsu Akasaki / Yoshinobu Rakuiwaji: Mugihito / Junpei Yoshino: Yoshitaka Yamaya / Jie Natsuyu: Takahiro Sakurai / Asava: Shigeru Chiba /
Hanago: Atsuko Tanaka / Masato: Nobunaga Shimazaki / Double-sided lodging: Junichi Suwabe

[Smartphone game information]■ “Magic Round Phantom Parade”The first smartphone game of the TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”
“Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade” will be released in 2022! We are accepting pre-registration now!

◆ Click here for pre-registration site ⇒
Official site:
Official Twitter: (Recommended hashtag “#fanpare”)
Official YouTube Channel:
Google Play:
Genre: RPG / Free-to-play (with in-app purchase) Supported OS: iOS / Android (may not be available depending on the model)
Planning / Production: Sumzap, Inc., Toho Co., Ltd. Development / Operation: Sumzap, Inc.

(C) Gege Akutami / Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee
(C) 2021 “Theatrical Version Magical War 0” Production Committee (C) Gege Akutami / Shueisha
(C) Gege Akutami / Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee (C) Sumzap, Inc.