TV anime “Cap Revolution Bottleman” will start broadcasting from April 3rd. Original work based on TAKARATOMY toys.

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TV anime “Cap Revolution Bottleman” will start broadcasting from April 3rd. Original work based on TAKARATOMY toys.

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The TV anime “Cap Revolution Bottleman DX” based on the shooting hobby “Cap Revolution Bottleman” series that shoots PET bottle caps will start broadcasting from April 3rd. A new series of toys and video distribution programs will be developed at the same time.

In this work, the main theme of the animation is the exhilaration of cap firing, which is the charm of the shooting hobby “Cap Revolution Bottleman”, and suspense such as “Mysterious Organization Conspiracy”, “Dark Agent”, and “Mysterious New Bottleman”. By adding elements, it is a content that parents and children can enjoy. In 2020, a short animation linked to the original toy was distributed on YouTube.

The story is about 12-year-old Koga Coater, whose trademark is red hair that jumped into the world of bottle battle, and 12-year-old Ryo Hokari, whose trademark is blue hair who returned to the world of bottle battle for a certain purpose. Sometimes they are in conflict, and sometimes they cooperate in a bottle battle. Rivals aiming for the top of the bottle butler, the bottle king, friends who are not straightforward, a mysterious organization, the mystery of the disappearance of the bottle king, etc. are also drawn.

The main character, Koga Coater


Coater’s possession Bottleman: “Phoenix” Cola Mar DX


Continuing from the short anime version, Mana Hirata will play the role of the main character, Koga Coater, and KENN will play the role of the other main character, Ryo Hokari. In addition, Toru Nara plays the role of Seimei Usami, one of the world’s best bottle stars, Subaru Kimura plays the role of Tsubasa Akaushi, and Akira Sekine plays the role of Kaori Hagase, a self-proclaimed genius bottleman engineer.・ Sei Hayami will play the role of Io Hokari, Takaya Kuroda will play the role of Suezou Hokari, and Eriko Matsui will play the role of Nana Up.

Another main character, Ryo Hokari


Ryo’s Own Bottle Man: “Aquarius” Aqua Sports DX


Takara Tomy is in charge of the original and toy development and release, and Gaina is in charge of animation production. The opening theme song has been decided to be “Lady Cap!”, Which was written and composed by singer-songwriter Taiiku Okazaki.

“Cap Revolution Bottleman DX” will be broadcast every Sunday at 9:30 am from April 3 on the TV Osaka / TV Tokyo network of 6 stations nationwide. The comments from Hirata and KENN, who starred, and Taiiku Okazaki, the opening theme song, are as follows.

[Mana Hirata (role of Koga Coater)]

Bottleman DX! !!
I’m really happy to be able to meet again with the power-up coater & Ryo.
Thank you to everyone involved and everyone who played the first series of anime!
I don’t know what will happen, everything is her DX.
I will do my best to deliver the charm of the newly drawn coater more easily!
Yeot wow!

[KENN (role of Ryo Sakari)]

The world has been renewed and I will play the role of Ryo Hokari again. I am glad that there are more opportunities to tell everyone about Bottleman!
This time, Ryo-kun is a little more mature than the previous work, so I changed the approach of vocalization a little while keeping the image.
Bottleman full of fun elements such as various rules and tricks.
You will want to collect a lot of caps!

[Okazaki Physical Education (in charge of the opening theme song “Lady Cap!”)]

This is Taiiku Okazaki singing the opening theme! When I wrote the song brightly and positively without thinking deeply about it, I got a really energetic song! I’m so energetic that I can shoot about 100 million caps! Everyone should remember and sing!

Work information

Work information Event information
Cap Revolution Bottleman DX

Broadcast time 2022 spring animation

Production company
Staff information
[Original] TAKARATOMY [Director] Itsuro Kawasaki [Series composition / Screenplay] Qualia Writers Inc., Kazuyoshi Yamamoto [Character design / Animation director] Saki Ono Cap Revolution Bottleman DX
Bottleman, a shooting hobby that has become very popular all over the world. The main character, Koga Coater, jumps into the world of bottle battle because he accidentally got the mysterious new bottle man “Colamaru DX” and gradually becomes absorbed in it. On the other hand, another main character, Ryo Hokari, who hated Bottleman for some reason while receiving a gifted education, also returns to the world of bottle battle for a certain purpose. Coater and Ryo fight bottle battles, sometimes in conflict and sometimes in cooperation. Rivals aiming for the top of all bottle butlers, bottle kings, and friends who can not go straight. An epoch-making function of Colamaru DX and a mysterious organization aiming at it. After various events such as the mystery of the disappearance of Bottle King, is it the Bottle King that Coater and Ryo are aiming for? Is it a completely different future? A completely new bottle battle full of mystery and exhilaration is about to begin!
[Theme song] Taiiku Okazaki “Lady Cap!”
Koga Coater: Mana Hirata Sail hunting Ryo: KENN Usami Seimei: Toru Nara Akaushi Tsubasa: Subaru Kimura Kaori Kase: Akira Sekine Sail hunting Suezo: Takaya Kuroda Up Nana: Eriko Matsui Sail hunting Io: Hayami scholarship
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