TV animation “Bocchi the Rock!” Will start broadcasting in 2022! Teaser PV released!

December 20, 2021 14:09

The TV anime “Bocchi the Rock!” Will be broadcast in 2022 by CloverWorks.

“Bocchi the Rock!” Is a manga serialized by “Aki Hamaji” at Houbunsha “Manga Time Kirara MAX”. It has been about 10 months since it was announced on February 19, 2021. Finally, a follow-up report on anime was announced, and it became clear that it will be broadcast in 2022.

Animation production is in charge of CloverWorks, directed by Keiichiro Saito, series composition and screenplay by Erika Yoshida, and character design by “Kerorira”.

It is decided that Yoshino Aoyama will play the main character “Hitoto Goto”. A teaser visual drawn by “Kerorira” and a teaser PV have been released.

[Teaser PV]

■ Comment by Yoshino Aoyama“Bocchi the Rock! ] Congratulations on the animation.
This is Yoshino Aoyama, who will play the main character, Goto alone.
That day when I lived with my self-consciousness
I am grateful for the miracle that I was able to meet in this way by increasing the affinity with the role of Goto alone.
But, when it’s on the air, a different person may be playing … I don’t know … I don’t …
I look forward to working with you! !!


Goto alone, also known as “Bocchi-chan”
An extremely shy and insidious girl who always puts “Ah” at the beginning of a conversation.

She started playing the guitar because she admired her brilliant band activities.
Having no friends with her, she decides to spend her junior high school days playing the guitar alone for six hours every day.

She said that she had a delusion of posting a good guitar performance video on the net as a “guitar hero” and playing an active part at a school festival live.
Far from finding a band member when she noticed, she was a high school student without making any friends …!

She was one step before withdrawal
One day she was called out by Tomo Natsu Ichi, who is playing drums in a “cable tie”.
Such everyday life changes little by little–
Original: Aki Hamaji (serialized in “Manga Time Kirara MAX” by Houbunsha)
Director: Keiichiro Saito
Series composition / Screenplay: Erika Yoshida
Character design: Kerorira
Produced by: CloverWorks

Hitoshi Goto: Yoshino Aoyama

Official site:
Official Twitter: @BTR_anime
Hashtag: #Bocchi the Rock!

© Aki Hamaji / Houbunsha / Aniplex



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