Toei launches a new horror series. Confidence in “Shin Kamen Rider” “I was able to take a good shot of the actor part.”

Thursday, February 3, 2022 21:00

Thursday, February 3, 2022 21:00

The 2022 lineup presentation of Toei, a major distributor, was held in Tokyo on February 3, and the company’s president Osamu Tezuka took the stage. He said that it was the first time in eight years that the recital was held at the venue, and he said, “I am confident this year!” In addition, the company’s producer Muneyuki Kii revealed the start of production of a new horror series, and also reported on the progress of “Shin Kamen Rider” directed by Hideaki Anno taking a megaphone.

President Tezuka declared in his opening remarks, “We are saying that it is a year of fertility. We want to achieve the best results this year since our founding.” And, “I can’t announce it yet, but another awesome blockbuster will be added. And I’m preparing for 23 years, but there is also a work that will surprise me. In addition, a big project for 24 years and beyond has started. I’m doing it. “

Kii producer said, “I think Toei is a company that has created a genre,” regarding the production of a new series of horror movies that are different from “Howling Village,” “Suicide Forest Village,” and “Ushikubi Village.” Thanks to that, I made three of them. I want to make a new series that is different from the village series. The shooting is spring. I can’t say any more. “

Mr. Muneyuki Kii explaining wearing the happi coat of the Anno group

Regarding “Shin Kamen Rider”, which had a paragraph at the end of last year, he said, “The days of doing this kind of thing. It takes time and money, but I’m sure there will be something that will please you.” In addition, he said, “Working while verifying various things in detail. I saw the edited version, but the actor part is well taken. CG, music, etc. will be more uncompromising days from here.” I was putting it back in.

President Osamu Tezuka making the Toei mark (center)

SeeIn addition, when a question about “Fly Me To The Saitama II”, whose production has been suspended due to poor physical condition of the leading actor GACKT, flew, President Tezuka said, “We are preparing hard. Both staff and cast are for resuming shooting. I heard that you are working on it. “

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In addition, Toei Animation’s Toshiyuki Matsui was scheduled to take the stage for “Movie SLAM DUNK” directed and written by the original author, Takehiko Inoue, but he was absent due to poor physical condition. When the production was announced last year, it attracted a lot of attention, and since the number of followers on official Twitter has already exceeded 227,900, expectations are gathered for future follow-up reports.

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