This summer was also hot! “Which was interesting? 2021 Summer Anime Popularity Vote” started!

October 01, 2021 12:00

At Akiba Research Institute, the official voting project “Which was interesting? 2021 Summer Anime Popularity Vote” started on September 30, 2021 (Thursday).

Which one was interesting? 2021 Summer Anime Popularity Vote

In the summer of 2021, Cool was “I was reincarnated as a villainous daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game … X” “Mr. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S” “When I was reincarnated, it was slime Part 2 Part 2” “1 million Many sequels to popular titles such as “I’m Standing on Life in the Second Season”, “Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden 2nd SEASON”, and “TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2” were broadcast.

Also, related works of the series broadcasted in the past such as “Higurashi When They Cry”, “Getter Robo Arc”, “The Irregular at Magic High School”, and “Love Live! Superstar !!”

In addition, “The detective is dead.” “Jahee-sama can’t be beaten!” Many popular cartoons such as “Mother of the Goddess” and animated works of light novels have appeared this time as well.

In addition, all the works that have been broadcast in more than one course, such as “Tokyo Revengers”, “To Your Eternity”, “BLUE REFLECTION RAY / Mio”, and “My Hero Academia (5th term)”, have been added. The plan is to decide the best anime from the 46 works.

You can vote up to 7 votes per person. You can vote for all 7 votes for your favorite work, or you can distribute the votes for 7 interesting works, and please vote for the work that made the hot summer so hot.

Since the voting period is until October 13, voting after watching the last remaining final round is also welcome, so please join us by the deadline.

You will need your Akiba Research Institute member ID (free of charge) to vote, so don’t forget to register as a member!



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