“Theatrical version Pocket Monster Coco” guest voice actors are Moka Kamishiraishi and Kankuro Nakamura! Shoko Nakagawa and Koichi Yamadera will also appear

July 31, 2020 11:57

The guest voice actors for “Pokemon the Movie: Coco” scheduled for this winter have been decided to be Moka Kamishiraishi and Kankuro Nakamura. In addition, Koichi Yamadera and Shoko Nakagawa will continue to participate in the series so far.

“Pokemon the Movie: Coco”, scheduled to be released this winter, is the latest in the Pokemon movie series. The director is Tetsuo Yajima (director of “Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story”, etc.), and the script is co-authored by director Yajima and Atsuhiro Tomioka (“Pokemon the Movie XY & Z Volkenion and Skillful Magiana” script, etc.).

Set in the forest, it is a story of an unprecedented bond between a boy, Coco, who was raised by Pokemon, and the parent and child of the phantom Pokemon, Zarud, who raised Coco.

⇒ “Theatrical version Pocket Monster Coco”, the latest preview video released! The true identity of “Coco” was a boy raised by a phantom Pokemon …! !!

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This time, the guest voice actors of “Pokemon the Movie Coco” have been decided to be Moka Kamishiraishi and Kankuro Nakamura.

In the movie “Mirai of the Future” (2018), Moka Kamishiraishi, who played a splendid 4-year-old boy while challenging for the first time as a voice actor, will play a 10-year-old boy who sways between Pokemon and humans in this work.

Mr. Kankuro Nakamura took the name of the 6th generation Kankuro Nakamura in 2012, and in the movie “Gintama” (2017), acting with a body as Kondo Isao became a hot topic, not only Kabuki but also a place of activity. Kabuki actor and actor who is spreading. In this work, he plays the phantom Pokemon Zarud, who raises a human baby found in the forest by breaking the rules of the forest.

The two who ran through Japan in the NHK Taiga drama “Idaten” last year will be impressed by the love of parents and children that transcends the races of Pokemon and humans this winter.

In addition, Koichi Yamadera, who will be celebrating his 23rd consecutive appearance this year, and Karen, a female researcher, will appear in the role of Dr. Zed of the “Biotope Company”, which studies cutting-edge technology in the forest visited by Satoshi. The participation of Shoko Nakagawa has also been decided.

Guest voice actor comment (original sic, title omitted)

■ Moka Kamishiraishi (role of Coco)“Pokemon Ranger and Prince Manaphy of the Sea” (released in 2006) was the first movie I watched when I was in the first grade of elementary school, and I went to the movie theater with my family. I’m also playing Nintendo DS games, and I’ve been exposed to the culture of Pokemon for a long time, so it feels like I grew up together.
Even when I lived in Mexico, it was very popular at local schools, and I realized that this is a culture originating in Japan, and I lived abroad that everyone loves Pokemon so far. However, I always felt it. When I was little, I used to look at Pokemon from the perspective of being cute, but now that I’m an adult, I feel that it has such a deep message.
This time I will play “a boy raised by Pokemon”, but I think that it is a work with various connections such as being a parent and child even if blood is not connected, and the bond between people and Pokemon. I did. Kankuro, who plays the role of Zarud, is looking forward to seeing how he can breathe into Zarud.

■ Kankuro Nakamura (role of Zarud)I watched “The Movie Pocket Monsters Miu Two’s Counterattack (1998)” at a movie theater when I was a high school student, and I went to see “Mu Two’s Counterattack EVOLUTION” released last year with my children. We spend a lot of time together in Kabuki lessons, but it’s hard to go to play on a schedule, so a Pokemon-like work that you can go to see with your children at such times is a precious time for parents and children. It will be.
When I was selected as a guest voice actor, I’ve always wanted to be an anime voice actor, and I was happy that the voice actor’s job for the first time was loved for such a long time. I also have a lot to learn by seeing children since they were born, but I think this story is a growth story of Zarud who finds himself while raising Coco. It’s a story of “parent-child love,” but I was so fragile that I was crying all the time when I read the script.
Kabuki actors create bonds as they continue to connect traditions, but since Zarud is also a Pokemon who continues to keep the rules, there are many parts that I can sympathize with.

■ Koichi Yamadera (Dr. Zed)I was happy to receive an offer for Pokemon movies this year as well. For the past few years, I have played the roles of humans and Pokemon alternately, but it is encouraging because Dr. Zed, who I play in this work, seems to have Karen, who plays Mr. Nakagawa, as an assistant.
I saw the trailer, but when I saw the video, I was excited that Director Yajima would deliver a new wind this time as well. I also want to watch the movie as soon as possible!

■ Shoko Nakagawa (role of Karen)I’m glad that this is the 13th appearance in the Pokemon movie, but last year I was allowed to sing the theme song, and is it a culmination of the Pokemon movie? I thought, so when I got the offer this year, I was actually more surprised. Karen, who I play in this work, is an adult woman I admire! Moreover, Rikejo! !!
I would like to take on a lot of challenges with the new Pokemon movie directed by Yajima. Please look forward to it! !!

Producer’s comment (original sic, title omitted)

■ Shogakukan Junya Okamoto Executive ProducerThank you very much for receiving the offer. No complaints. It is a legendary cast. After all, compare the visuals of the two and the character. This is the role of parent and child. We will deliver a movie that says “What is a parent and child?” When Pokemon draws a universal theme for humankind, so please wait a little longer for the release.

■ Pokemon Co., Ltd. Hidenaga Katagami Executive ProducerPeople who enjoyed Pokemon as children have grown up and are enjoying Pokemon games, products, and services again. When I heard that Mr. Kamishiraishi, an actress representing that generation, could play the role of Coco, I felt that she was the perfect cast.
And Kankuro, who is fulfilling his responsibilities as a teacher and a father while spending time with his children both publicly and privately, takes on the role of the phantom Pokemon Zarud who decided to raise Coco even against the rules of the forest. I am honored to have received it, and the cast is also perfect. I’m looking forward to seeing a movie with the voices of both of them.

[Work information]
■ Movie version Pocket Monster Coco
Road show this winter at Toho all over Japan!

The hinterland of the jungle far from the human settlement. There was Okoya Forest, a paradise for Pokemon protected by strict rules.
There, Zarud (voice: Kankuro Nakamura), a stubborn person who lived with his friends, finds a human baby at the riverside one day.
“Ningen, this is …”
Contrary to the law of the forest, Zarud, who cannot be abandoned, named the baby Coco (voice: Kamishiraishi Moka) and left the flock together.
Decide to live.
It has been 10 years since Pokemon started to raise humans. Coco meets Satoshi and Pikachu who came to the Okoya Forest. The first “Friend of Ningen”.
Little by little, questions begin to emerge in her chest, where she believed she was a Pokemon and did not doubt her.
“Dad, am I a human?”
Am I a Pokemon? Or is it human?
Coco was worried, but one day, the footsteps of an uninvited human approached the forest, and the peaceful days changed completely.

Special appearances: Moka Kamishiraishi, Koichi Yamadera, Shoko Nakagawa, Kankuro Nakamura
Voice appearance:
Rica Matsumoto (Satoshi), Ikue Otani (Pikachu), Megumi Hayashibara (Musashi), Shinichiro Miki (James), Inuko Inuyama (Meowth), Keno Horiuchi (Narration)

Draft: Satoshi Tajiri
Director: Tetsuo Yajima
Screenplay: Atsuhiro Tomioka, Tetsuo Yajima
Animation Producer: Hiroyuki Kato
Character design: Hiroki Marufuji
Animation director: Hiroki Marufuji, Yasushi Nishitani
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Animation production: OLM
Production: Pikachu Project
Distribution: Toho

© Nintendo / Creatures / GAME FREAK / TV Tokyo / ShoPro / JR Kikaku
© Pokémon © 2020 Pikachu Project



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