The story of the bond between Japanese sweets “Deaimon” started broadcasting in April. Comments arrived from Rikiya Koyama & Sayaka Ohara, who play the roles of parents.

Animated visual depicting the main characters Kazu Nano (right) and Kazuka Yukihira
(C) RIN ASANO / Midorimatsu

The broadcast start time of the TV animation “Deaimon” was decided in April.

This work is based on the manga serialized by Rin Asano in “Young Ace” (published by KADOKAWA). Kazu Nano (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki), who decided to take over the long-established Japanese sweets shop in his parents’ house in Kyoto, gradually communicated with Kazuka Yukihira (Kozue Yuki), a sign girl who works at the store as a resident. Let me do it.

Comments also arrived from Kyoto-born Sayaka Ohara, who plays the role of Rikiya Koyama, the owner of a Japanese sweets shop, and the role of Japanese father, Heisuke Nano, and the role of mother, Tomiki Nano. The full comment is below.

[Rikiya Koyama (role of Heisuke Nano)]
Well, nowadays, everyone, I’m going to use it “warmly”.
I’m saying “I want to be warm!” In the sense of “healing”.
That’s wrong. If you say a little bit, you, really, “Don’t take a break with this.”
After finishing one job, I was sick and tired, “Oh, it was painful, calm.
That is “warm”. Remember. That’s the soliloquy of the owner.

[Sayaka Ohara (role of Tomiki Nano)]
I love Kyoto and Japanese sweets!
And above all, for me, who was a big fan of this work, it was a dream come true to be nominated for the role of Mr. Fuki.
Through this work, I hope that you can bring the wonderfulness of Japanese sweets and the gentle atmosphere of Kyoto to as many people as possible!

Work information

Work information Event information

Broadcast time 2022 spring animation

Production company
Encourage Films
Staff information
[Original] Rin Asano (“Young Ace” published by KADOKAWA) [Director] Fumitoshi Oizaki [Series composition] Reiko Yoshida [Character design / Animation director] Hide Shibuya [Prop design / Japanese confectionery drawing] Fumiaki Sato [2D / Costume design] ] Yuki Houda [Art Director] Yumiko Sora (Studio Jacque) [CG Director] Yukie Yamamoto (Inaho) [Animation Director] Nogo Matsumoto (Inaho) [Edit] Akari Saito (Mishima Editing Room)
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Kazu Nano (Iri no Nagomu) decided to take over the Japanese sweets shop Midorimatsu, who was informed of his father’s hospitalization, even though he went to Tokyo in pursuit of his dream. However, Kazuka Yukihira, a girl who is a signboard girl who is a candidate for succession, was working at the store while staying at the Nano family. Kazu is entrusted with her role as a parent, but while working with her who takes a cold attitude because she once refused her succession, she finds out one side of her …
Kazuka Yukihira: Kozue Yuki Kazu Nano: Nobunaga Shimazaki Nobunaga Shimazaki: Rikiya Koyama Tomiki Nano: Sayaka Ohara Tatsumasa: Hiroshi Iwasaki Tsuru-san: Satsuki Yuki Seto Sakiki: Takuma Nagatsuka Mitsuru Horikawa: Minori Suzuki : Minami Takahashi Private City Scarlet: Saori Hayami
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