The new RPG “Voice of Cards Dragon Island” will be released by SQUARE ENIX! All-card in-brain regeneration RPG presented by “NieR” and “Drag on Dragoon” staff

September 10, 2021 11:29

Square Enix announced today that it will release the “Voice of Cards Dragon Island,” an RPG that regenerates all cards in the brain.

This is the story of your imaginationNow, let’s travel to the world of adventure.
Bring your sword, magic, and imagination ──

This time, the teaser trailer of “Voice of Cards Dragon Island” has been released. The teaser site and Twitter are also open.


Teaser site:

Official Twitter (@VOICEOFCARDS) is also open! Be sure to follow us so you don’t miss out on news and the appeal of the game.

▼ Main staff announced!A new RPG sent by the development staff of the “NieR” series and “Drag on Dragoon” series ──

Creative Director: Yoko Taro
Masterpieces: “Drag on Dragoon” series, “NieR” series

Executive Producer: Yosuke Saito
Masterpiece: “NieR” series

Music Director: Keiichi Okabe
Masterpiece: “Drag on Dragoon 3” / “NieR” series

Character designer: Kimihiko Fujisaka
Masterpiece: “Drag on Dragoon” series

[Game information]■ Voice of Cards Dragon Island(Voice of Cards: Dragon Island)
Compatible models undecided
Genre RPG
Release date undecided
Price undecided
CERO examination schedule

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