The new mini-animation “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” will be broadcast and distributed in the fall of 2022, and a special PV will be released! Bushiroad-chan voice actor prediction campaign started!

February 04, 2022 13:22

Bushiroad has released a special PV for the new mini-animation “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat”, and announced that a new character “Bushirod Nomikoto” voice actor prediction campaign will be held at the same time.

“Di Gi Charat” was born in 1998 as the mascot character of “Broccoli” and the directly managed store (at that time) “Gamers”. Character design: Koge-Donbo * (representative works: “Pita-Ten”, “Kamicha Makarin”, etc.) We have developed multimedia such as animations, games, and live events by voice actors, and “Moe Culture” continues to be active even after the 20th anniversary. Is a pioneer.

On Friday, November 27, 2020, a wide range of capital and business alliances including “Di Gi Charat” were announced at Broccoli and Bushiroad, commemorating the 24th anniversary of the series from Friday, February 4, 2022. Held “Koge-Donbo * Exhibition”. In the fall of 2022, the new mini-animation “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” will be broadcast and distributed.

New mini-animation “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” special news PV is on sale!

This time, a special news PV was released on the limited-time channel “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat Channel” to promote “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat”, where the animation video will be unveiled for the first time.

Also, the theme song “Ambiguity, Happiness Theory” by Masami Okui, who worked on the songs in the previous series, has also been partially lifted, so don’t miss it.

We hope you enjoy the world of “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat”.

■ Theme song “Ambiguity, Happiness Theory”Song: Masami Okui
Lyrics: Masami Okui
Composer: Toshiro Yabuki

▼ Special news PV viewing page

▼ YouTube “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat Channel”

Let’s guess the voice actor of Bushiroad! “Who are you?” Campaign is underway!

A voice actor prediction campaign for the new characters “Bushiroad-chan” and “Bushiroad Nomikoto” appearing in the mini-animation “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” will be held.
One of the correct answerers will be selected by lottery to receive a Shikishi illustration by Koge-Donbo *.

▼ How to participate

  1. 1. Follow Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat official Twitter account
  2. 2. Enter the name of the voice actor who thinks “Bushiroad’s voice is this person!” From the dedicated form and apply

▼ Application-only form URL

▼ Application period
February 4, 2022 (Friday) noon-March 11, 2022 (Friday) 11:59

Number of winners: 1
Prize: Koge-Donbo * Illustration by Mr. Bushiroad Shikishi
Correct answer announcement: Scheduled to be announced at a later date on YouTube “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat Channel”

★ Hint 1: Please listen carefully to the lines of the preceding PV ( being delivered ♪
★ Hint 2: Bushiroad-chan, also known as Bushiroad Nomikoto, is the guardian deity of Bushiroad Co., Ltd.!

  • Shipping is limited to Japan only.
  • Winners will not be announced. Winners will be notified of the URL of the winner registration form using the direct mail function of Twitter.
  • If you do not fill in the required items on the winner registration form by the deadline stated in the email, your right to win will expire and the lottery will be held again.
  • Application is limited to once per person.
  • The rights of the winners cannot be transferred, redeemed or changed. In addition, we cannot answer inquiries regarding lottery results.
  • Campaign details are subject to change without notice.

The new mini-animation “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” will be broadcast and distributed in the fall of 2022!

Broadcasting and distribution of the new mini-animation “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” series will be decided in the fall of 2022!
In addition to familiar characters, the broccoli goddess “Broccolides” and the guardian deity of Bushiroad “Bushirodnomikoto” will also appear.
Rampage even in Reiwa! ?? Please look forward to the Nadeshikos.

[Work information]■ Mini animation “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat”
Fall 2022

Director: Hiroaki Sakurai
(“De Gi Charat” series, his anime director, and other directorial works such as “Saiki Kusuo’s Ψ Difficulty” series, “The Demon Girl Next Door”, “Mewkledreamy”, etc.)

Anime character design: Atsuko Watanabe
(Both “Hanayamata” and “GA -Art Department Art Design Class-” are character designers and chief animation directors, etc.)

Animation production: Liden Films
(“Cells at Work! Code Black”, “Riba tomorrow”, “Tokyo Revengers”, etc.)

Di Gi Charat: Asami Sanada
Petit Carat: Miyuki Sawashiro
La Bi Ann Rose: Kyoko Hikami
Gema: Yoshiko Kamei
Piyoko-Analog III: Megumi Hayashibara
Riku-Heisenberg: Kosuke Toriumi
Kai-Schweizer: Chihiro Suzuki
Ku-Ehrhardt: Saeki Tomo
Broccodes: Satomi Akesaka
Bushirodonomikoto 😕 ?? ??

◆ “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” official website:

◆ “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” official Twitter account:
◆ “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat Channel”:
◆ Official portal site “Dejiko no Heya”:
◆ De Gi Charat Official Character Twitter Account:

(C) bushroad All Rights Reserved. (C) BROCCOLI illustration: Koge-Donbo *
(C) Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat



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