The legendary gambling manga “Usogui” has been made into a movie, and it will be a road show on February 11th! A project to win 1 million yen for 3 consecutive weeks has started

January 29, 2022 12:00

Young Jump’s gambling manga “Usogui” is made into a movie. Before the nationwide release on February 11, a plan was announced in which one million yen would be awarded if the “lie” was detected.

The prize money is 2 billion yen. If you can’t detect the lie, you will die instantly.
A movie in which the genius gambler “Usogui”, also known as “Usogui”, challenges the “super-dangerous death game” at the membership-based dark gambling club “Gambling”, which also controls Japan’s political and business world and the underworld. “Usogui”. The original is a gambling manga by Toshio Sako, who has been serialized in Young Jump (2006-17) and has surpassed 8.8 million copies (49 volumes in total) in the series and is enthusiastically popular.

Ryusei Yokohama will be the lead actor, and Hayato Sano, Mai Shiraishi, Kanata Hongo and other gorgeous actors will be co-starring. The director was Hideo Nakata, a master of Japanese horror whose “ring” has become a social phenomenon.

In recent years, the hit maker, which has sent out “even though I just dropped my smartphone” and “a scary layout of the accident property”, gives the whole story a strange sense of urgency. Furthermore, the theme song of B’z excites the excitement to the climax, and the tension reaches MAX!

▼ Movie “Usogui” book notice released on February 11, 2022 (Friday)

■ [Old maid of death] See through the lies in the scene! 1 million yen gift planA number of desperate death games challenged by the “Usogui” genius gambler Baku (Yokohama Ryusei) who can detect any squid with a demonic IQ. The many squid sama that the top-notch squid masters who are full of desires use all their hands to set up the baku are far beyond the imagination of what they see and are one of the great highlights.

To commemorate the release of this work, it was announced that “If you find out a lie, you will be presented with 1 million yen! # 1 million yen competition lie-eating game”.

Find out the “lie” hidden in the three videos that will be asked for three weeks until February 11th (Friday), and report it to the application form on the question page on the official movie website. From all the correct answers, 1 million yen in cash will be presented to one person by lottery!

▼ Click here for the “Lie” video <1st>

The first video in which the lie is hidden is from the main scene of the [Old Maid Death] game. Baku and a new gambling member, Kuniichi Sada (Shohei Miura), will show the tense tactics of MAX. Baku bets 2 billion yen and his own life-two cards left in Sada Kuni’s hands. The next card to draw is Baku …

Baku is tossed to provoke Sada Kuni, but how can he survive this ultimate psychological warfare? You can see the “lie” hidden in the [Old Maid of Death] game. I wonder?

  • The second release is scheduled for February 4th (Friday), and the third release is scheduled for February 11th (Friday).

■ Comment from Executive Producer Kazuya Hamana
The movie “Usogui” needed a dark production in which characters who weren’t the only ones wriggle in a unique world view. We made an offer to director Hideo Nakata, a master of horror, who is also a master of suspense, such as the “Death Note” series “L change the World” and the “Stolen Identity” series. The game that unfolds the most climax of “Old Maid Death” demonstrates the unique sense of Director Nakata. Please look forward to the artistic world view, the modeling of the characters, and the interesting approach that is different from the original.

[Work information]
■ Movie “Usogui”
Starring: Ryusei Yokohama, Hayato Sano, Mai Shiraishi, Kanata Hongo, Win Morisaki, Kaito Sakurai, Ryo Kimura, Shingo Tsurumi, Hiroaki Murakami, Shohei Miura
Original: Toshio Sako “Usogui” (published by Shueisha Young Jump Comics)
Director: Hideo Nakata
Theme song: B’z “Rive” (VERMILLION RECORDS)
Distribution: Warner Brothers Movie
Official site:
Official Twitter: #Movie Usogui

The prize money is 2 billion yen. If you can’t detect the lie, you will die instantly. The genius gambler “Usogui”, also known as “Usogui”, challenges the membership-based dark gambling club “Betrou”, which controls the Japanese political and business world as well as the underworld. What awaits you is a psychological warfare with the vicious squid masters who are the leading powers who own the membership of Gambling and are covered with desires. Lie vs lie. Immerse yourself in the “super-dangerous death game”, whether it’s squid or killing each other.

© Toshio Sako / Shueisha © 2022 Movie “Usogui” Production Committee



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