Switch “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart” released today!

October 28, 2021 16:50

The release date of the Nintendo Switch software “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart” was released today on October 28, 2021 (Thursday).

Switch “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart” is the fourth installment of Konami Digital Entertainment’s “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side”, which has been popular since the first work was released on Sony PlayStation 2. Yuki Kaji and Jun Fukuyama will participate in the cast in a school romance simulation game set in “Habataki City” surrounded by the sea and mountains.

⇒ “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side DAYS 2021 Tokimeki Sports Festival” will be delivered in June! Information on the latest Switch version!

In this work, you can enjoy a real time with boys by making one scene of everyday life into Live2D and animation with movement. The system in which the standard characters of the series call your name is alive and well, and the gorgeous cast members including Yuki Kaji add color to the story.

In addition, the download content “Admission Celebration Set” was released today. The game is even more exciting, with character monologue dramas and fashion items with special boy reaction lines.

We also released the first LINE stamp that can be used in various scenes today. The second release is scheduled for November, so don’t miss it.

“Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart” has the largest scenario volume in the series and has countless routes and endings. Let’s welcome the new semester of crush.

Game introduction

Studying, club activities, part-time work …
Imagine yourself as you want to be!

The system that calls the standard name of the series is alive and well.
Let’s enjoy the crushing high school life spun with about 53,000 words of character full voice.

Live2D of everyday scenes.
Enjoy real time with boys with moving animations.

On a date where you can get closer to the boy, you can choose your options and enjoy a variety of conversations.
When the “Skinship” mark appears, touch the boy and enjoy the reaction.

The relationship with the boys can be seen at a glance at “Mary Garden”.
Also pay attention to the facial expressions of the boys.

When you get along with three specific boys, a “friendship group” is formed, and you can experience group dates and events with four people including you as a player.

Lunch with everyone!
Choose your favorite menu using the rich pocket money!

In this work, up to four people can play familiar mini-games such as sports festivals and pillow fights on school trips.

  • The number of players in mobile mode is one. (Not a communication match)

In the fun element “What about me?”, You can customize your profile book to your liking, such as your favorite boy or your favorite school cafeteria.

Cast message

■ The role of Reita Kazema Yuki Kaji

I’m really happy to be involved in the historic series!
Every time I recorded while feeling the “Toki Memo” feeling, I had a lot of fun memories. Kazama-kun is a person who deserves to be called a “prince”. However, I think that the essence of it is not only the idol-like brilliance, but also the life-size and familiar presence.
Please open the door of your heart and make Kazama-kun a prince only for the main character!

■ Nozomi Sosago Takuya Sato

I’m the generation I met under the legendary tree at Tokimeki Memorial, so I’m honored to be able to participate in her longing work as Mr. Sosago this time. I hope that many people will play with this work and that it will be a presence that will enrich your daily life.
The only character I know deeply is Mr. Sosago, so I would like to enjoy playing games with you to see what kind of school life you can have with characters other than Mr. Sosago!

■ Honda Yukinosuke Hattori Sonosuke

To all the fans who are looking forward to the release, we have been waiting for a long time!
And thank you. I think that many of the books are novel and interesting among the characters with study status so far. Every time I recorded it, I was swayed by many books, and I really enjoyed every day. We hope that you will enjoy a fulfilling life in the world of “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart”. Please look forward to it!

■ Nanatsumori actual role Yohei Azakami

As a person who plays Nanatsumori-kun, I put a lot of effort into acting that makes the player flutter, but on the contrary, the acting side was also crushed by the words and gestures of the main character.
Rather than “one-sidedly dropping the other person,” I personally value the atmosphere of “slowly shortening the distance and becoming fond of each other.” It is a work that has been created with a lot of love over time.

■ The role of Yanosuke Hiiragi Jun Fukuyama

Hiiragi Yanosuke is the chairman and actor of a popular theater company that has taken root in the city of Habataki.
Although he wants to solidify his theater company and his artistic path, he still has a teenage problem that he has a longing for student life. It’s such a time, so even if you can’t walk outside by swinging a big player, I hope you can have a date with your favorite character in the game and enjoy youth.

■ Kazunori Himuro, Kohsuke Tanabe

The title of delight that you have been waiting for! “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart”.
As you may know, again! Released on October 28, 2021 this year! !! Everyone’s sad and enjoyable youth begins! It’s starting! !! Meet a nice boy and have a sweet romance. With the staff and the cast total mobilization, we are putting our soul into it! By all means!
Please enjoy youth! !! It was Kohsuke Tanabe, the role of Kazunori Himuro!
“Always crush your heart”

■ Kojiro Mikage Hiroyuki Yoshino

I find the gap between the appearance and the inside of Mikage-sensei very attractive. Also, while there are many students, “teacher”. This alone is a little special, isn’t it? (Laughs).
We hope that you will enjoy the various characters to your heart’s content.

■ The role of Daichi Shirahane Shinei Ueki

It’s the latest work in the series for the first time in about 10 years, so I think everyone is really looking forward to it, but it’s definitely a work that can meet that expectation. I’m glad if you crush a lot and if you get a little tired, stop by Stallion Oil (laughs) and talk with Dai-chan.

  • Honorific title omitted Sic

Downloadable content “Admission Celebration Set” released today!

Price: 2,200 yen (tax included)

〇 9 voice dramas
A monologue drama for 9 characters, each for about 3 minutes.

〇 4 types of fashion items

Fashion items with special reaction lines and effects for boys

└ Skull Mendako Luminous T-shirt
└ Cat ear headband
└ Kimono remake dress
└ Sandals that can be interviewed (with special effects)

〇 12 kinds of school cafeteria menu
A school cafeteria menu with special reaction lines for boys.
(Juwari Tensoba Gozen, Nabeyaki Udon with lots of ingredients, all soy sauce ramen, spicy !! Perfect Anpan)

〇 5 types of profile book mounts
A custom item in the “Profile Book” that can be used in the game.

The first LINE stamp released today!

In addition to this stamp, stamps that can be used in many various situations are now available.
Check here for details.

【Basic information】
■ “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart”

Release date: Thursday, October 28, 2021
Compatible models: Nintendo Switch
Genre: School romance simulation
[Normal version] 8,580 yen (tax included) for both package version and DL version
[Limited Edition] 16,280 yen (tax included)
Number of players: 1 to 4
CERO rating: Scheduled to be reviewed
Manufacturer: KONAMI

(C) Konami Digital Entertainment



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