Sumire Uesaka is in charge of the first ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi.” Season 2 “Mike Neko”!

Sumire Uesaka is in charge of the first ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi.” Season 2 “Mike Neko”!
September 24, 2020 18:240
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Sumire Uesaka is in charge of the first ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi.” Season 2 “Mike Neko”!
ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi.”, Which was distributed for 7 consecutive weeks this summer and became a hot topic such as entering the Twitter trend. The sequel will be distributed on October 5th (Monday).

In Season 1, the inn “Neko Narukan”, which is located between the world and the world, was set as the stage, but in Season 2, the secret hot spring “Matatabi no Yu” was set as the stage, and now with the comfortable ASMR sound in the hot spring area. The story of the work that was not told until now will be gradually revealed.

At the same time, the key visual of the first season 2 was also released. The first of Season 2 will be “Mike Neko”, and as in Season 1, voice actor Sumire Uesaka will be in charge of the character voice.

⇒The popular ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi” has exceeded 10,000 DL! The first is Sumire Uesaka, and the second is Ayana Taketatsu as a cute cat.

ASMR refers to reactions and sensations that people feel, feel comfortable, and have a tingling brain. Recently, many sound sources and videos related to ASMR have been posted on YouTube, Instagram, etc. and have become popular. I’m out.

“Nekogurashi.” Is set in the inn “Neko Narukan” between the other world and this world, and cat girls with various personalities appear. The cat most beloved by the “chosen person” (listener) is chosen as a shrine maiden and can be revived as a person in this world …

Booota is in charge of character design, and the creative circle: CANDY VOICE is in charge of sound source production.

The long-awaited season 2 is about to begin. The details have not been clarified yet, and it seems that it will continue to be a hot topic, such as whether new characters will appear.

【Key Visual】

[Product information]
Title TBD
Release Date: October 5, 2020
Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
Voice actor: Mike Neko (CV: Sumire Uesaka)

CANDY VOICE is a circle that pursues voice-only entertainment. In this circle, we will work with talented voice actors and sound effect staff to create works that combine the finest ASMR sound effects and storylines. We will do our best to maximize the sense of presence that viewers feel from their ears and deliver healing entertainment. Thank you for your support.



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