Spring animation “Machikado Mazoku 2-chome” book PV & theme song viewing video released! Broadcast on TBS on April 7th

March 14, 2022 11:08

This PV and the theme song viewing video have been released from the TV anime “Machikado Mazoku 2-chome” which will start broadcasting on TBS on April 7th (Thursday).

This work is based on the fantastic comedy “The Demon Girl Next Door” serialized by Izumo Ito in “Manga Time Kirara Carat”. The first period of TV animation was broadcast from July 2019.
The main character is Yuko Yoshida (CV. Konomi Kohara), a high school girl who suddenly awakens her power as a “demon”, a descendant of the dark clan. Aiming to lift the “curse of life of 40,000 yen a month”, it depicts two high school girls who are selected by the clan of light and challenge the magical girl Momo Chiyoda (CV. Akari Kito) to a match with the defeat.

⇒ The long-awaited sequel! Spring animation “Machikado Mazoku 2-chome” teaser PV released! Starring Konomi Kohara and Akari Kito

This time, the book PV of the TV anime “The Demon Girl Next Door” has been released. In addition to the familiar Shamikos, Rico and Shirasawa’s manager of the new character cafe “Asura” are also available! Expectations are growing more and more for this work, which will be more lively.

At the same time, audition of the opening theme “Tokimeki Rendezvous” by shami momo (Yuko Yoshida, Momo Chiyoda) and the ending theme “Evening Control Tetragon” by Kolo Machikado (Shamiko, Momo, Lilith, Mikan). The video is released on YouTube. The ban on CD jacket illustrations has also been lifted. Check out the number that seems to be “The Demon Girl Next Door”, which is reminiscent of the previous work.

[Book PV]

[Theme song audition video]

▲ Opening theme “Tokimeki Rendezvous”

“The Demon Girl Next Door 2-chome” will be broadcast on TBS from 25:28 on Thursday, April 7, 2022, and will be pre-delivered on Nico Nico Douga! Don’t miss the follow-up news in the future.

[Work information]■ TV anime “The Demon Girl Next Door 2-chome”

TBS: April 7th (Thursday) 25: 28-
BS11: April 8th (Friday) 23: 30-
Advance delivery on Nico Nico Douga

Original: Izumo Ito “The Demon Girl Next Door” (serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Carat”: published by Houbunsha)
Director: Hiroaki Sakurai
Series composition: Keiichiro Ochi
Character design: Mai Otsuka
Series composition: Keiichiro Ochi
Character design: Mai Otsuka
Art Director: Shinji Kawai
Color design: Aka Hino
Cinematographer: Yoshihiro Togo
Edit: Masahiro Goto
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Music: Miki Sakurai
Animation production: J.C.STAFF

Yuko Yoshida: Konomi Kohara
Chiyoda Momo: Kito Akari
Lilith: Minami Takahashi
Mandarin oranges: Tomoyo Takayanagi
Anri Sada: Sayaka Senbongi
Shion Ogura: Ayaka Suwa
Ryoko Yoshida: Hitomi Owada
Kiyoko Yoshida: Sayaka Ohara

The popular everyday fantasy of the town is back!
Since waking up to the power of the demons, the main character, Shamiko, has fought to break the seal of the dark clan. For some reason, she became a cooperative relationship with her rival, the magical girl Momo, and decided to pursue the mystery of the magical girl who disappeared from the town …! ?? In addition, a new demon lurking in the town has appeared, and how the future of Shamiko and his friends is.

(C) Izumo Ito / Houbunsha / The Demon Girl Next Door 2-chome Production Committee