“Requiem of the Rose King” Mitsuki Saiga Sense of moving the story together with the cast members of “Good Voice”

Special Feature / Column February 26, 2022 (Sat) 19:00

“Requiem of the Rose King” Mitsuki Saiga Sense of moving the story together with the cast members of “Good Voice”

(C) Aya Kanno (Akita Shoten) / Requiem of the Rose King Production Committee

A TV anime “Requiem of the Rose King” that depicts historical fantasy manga by Aya Kanno in two consecutive cools. Based on Shakespeare’s historical drama, the bloody power struggle is depicted cruel and beautifully with a heavy drama.
We talked to Mitsuki Saiga, who plays the role of the main character Richard, who was born with two genders, after appearing on the 10th “Anime Hack TV” (delivered on February 5, 2022). (Interview / Composition: Kotaro Gosho / Anime Hack Editorial Department)

――How was it appearing on “Anime Hack TV”?

Saiga: The MC was Mr. Tokui (Aozora), so I thought it would be a fun program without any worries. In fact, I had a really good time.

――Please tell us about your encounter with the “Requiem of the Rose King”.

Saiga: It was the first time I heard about a drama CD a few years ago. Since Shakespeare’s play was the original idea and the theme was the War of the Roses, I thought it would be difficult to get started, but I was immediately drawn into the work and read it. I did. With the feat of Professor Kanno, attractive characters and episodes are drawn, and although the drama CD was a fragmentary episode, it was an impressive image.

――What did you feel when you talked about making TV animation this time?

Saiga: It’s very big that the story of the original story is animated to the end. I was grateful and honored to be able to run through the story with Richard. Richard is a child with mixed feelings, and it’s difficult to explain it in short words, but I wish I could convey to the viewer what is shaping Richard. rice field.

――What was the difficulty in playing Richard?

Saiga: I think there are various ways depending on the person, such as reading the script before dubbing, but I’m not that type. There may be some differences in how to make (roles) from other people.
When I played the main role in a past work, the sound director asked me to avoid watching the script and V (* video material) as much as possible. I want them to talk with their feelings on the spot, and to do what they felt at the scene. Partly because I grew up like that, I feel like I’m cherishing the sound that comes out obediently by putting in a role on the spot.
Richard is doing the same thing, so I don’t remember having much trouble. Even when I was directed to do this, I easily accepted and changed “Oh, that’s right.”

――Please tell us about the people who are co-starring. Even in “A Silent Voice TV”, only people with good voices were talked about.

Saiga: All the people are really perfect for the role, and I think it’s a convincing casting. I think there is no one who has been cast widely from veterans to newcomers, and when they hear the play, they think “What?”.
It is expressed facing each character firmly, and there is a feeling that the cast is moving the story as a whole. The story becomes more difficult toward the second half, and I think that the synchronization rate with the role is getting higher and higher. Everyone is playing really nicely, and in the recording, I often get a lot of emotion.

――We are about to enter the final stage of the first course. Various things are likely to happen, but please tell us the points of interest.

Saiga: As the painful development continued, there was an episode that took a breather in the middle stage, but at the end of the first course, there is a great development waiting for everyone to think that they can’t really breathe anymore. We are looking at the number of previous stories for audio commentary recording, but it feels like “I can’t say anything about this …” (laughs). The cast’s plays aren’t complete anymore, and there are many parts that make me almost cry at the devilish play. Don’t hesitate at the end of one course, and I hope you can release your emotions and see it.

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Requiem of the Rose King

Broadcast time 2022 winter animation

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March 15 (Tuesday)
BS 24: 00-24: 30 # 10 BS11 Eleven
March 20 (Sun)
Digital terrestrial broadcasting 22: 30-23: 00 # 11 TOKYO MX
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March 18th (Friday)
Web 21: 30 ~ # 10 Nico Nico Live Broadcasting
Web 23: 00-23: 30 # 10 ABEMA Anime Channel (AbemaTV)
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[Original] Aya Kanno (“Monthly Princess” published by Akita Shoten) [Director] Kentaro Suzuki [Series composition / Screenplay] Hiroki Uchida [Character design] Riki Hashizume [Art director] Kentaro Iwanami [Color design] Mayumi store Hashi [Shooting director] Akihiro Takahashi [Sound Director] Yoshikazu Iwanami [Music] Kow Otani [Music Production] Requiem of the Rose King Lantis
Medieval England. During the War of the Roses, the white rose York and the red rose Lancaster repeatedly vie for the throne. Richard, the third son of the House of York, had a secret. It means having both genders. Richard, who curses himself, is led by a cruel fate and begins to deal with evil …
Richard: Mitsuki Saiga Henry: Hikaru Midorikawa Duke of York Richard: Shou Hayami Edward: Kosuke Toriumi George: Yasuaki Takumi Count Warwick: Satoshi Mikami Katesby: Satoshi Hino Queen Margaret: Sayaka Ohara Prince Edward: Kohei Amasaki Narration: Yoshitada Otsuka
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