PV release with the voices of Yoshimasa Hosoya and Misaki Watada, “The Yakuza’s Daughter and the Caretaker”

Sunday, January 23, 2022 19:00
The first PV of the 2022 TV anime “The Yakuza’s Daughter and the Caretaker” has been released.

A scene from PV
(C) Tsukiya Micro Magazine / The Yakuza’s Daughter and the Caretaker Production Committee
This work is based on the manga serialized in “Comic ELMO”. Toru Kirishima (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya), who is feared to be called the “devil of the Sakuragi group” in the underworld, has been appointed as the caretaker of Yaeka Sakuragi (Misaki Watada), the only daughter of the group leader. Struggle against an unfamiliar little girl. Itsuro Kawasaki will be the director, and feel.GAINA will jointly be in charge of animation production.
In the PV, the encounter between Kirishima and Yaehana and how the two gradually dodge their hearts are depicted with voice. With the release of the first PV, the official YouTube channel and official TikTok of the same work were opened.

Work information

Work information Event information
Team leader daughter and caretaker

Broadcast time 2022 animation
Production company
feel., GAINA
Staff information
[Original] Tsukiya (published by “Comic ELMO” Micro Magazine) [Director] Itsuro Kawasaki [Series composition] Keiichiro Ochi [Character design] Hiromi Ogata [Music] Takuro Iga [Production] The Yakuza’s daughter and the chairman of the caretaker production committee Daughter and caretaker
Toru Kirishima, 28 years old, Sakuragi-gumi / Wakato-The devil of the Sakuragi-gumi was called “The Devil of the Sakuragi-gumi” because he liked being a gangster. One day, he was appointed as the caretaker of the leader’s only daughter !? A heart-full (?) Comedy of an old girl and a devil handsome yakuza!
Toru Kirishima: Yoshimasa Hosoya Sakuragi Yaehana: Misaki Watada
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