PS5’s first major update is now available!

PS5’s first major update is now available! Added storage options and social features
April 14, 2021 11:380
Gaming device PS5

PS5’s first major update is now available! Added storage options and social features
Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) began distributing PS5’s first large-scale system software update today, April 14th (Wednesday). In addition to being able to save PS5 titles to USB extended storage, it also supports shared play between PS5 and PS4.

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■ Save PS5 title to USB extended storage
With this function, it is possible to transfer PS5 titles from the main unit storage to USB expansion storage. If you want to play the transferred game again, you can play it by copying the data to the main unit storage again. It can be installed faster than re-downloading or installing from disk.

-Details of available USB expansion storage

The PS5 title is designed to maximize the power of the ultra-high-speed SSD built into the main unit, so you can’t play the PS5 title directly from the USB expansion storage. Also, PS5 titles cannot be downloaded directly to USB extended storage.
Games that have been moved or copied from the USB extended storage to the main unit storage will be automatically updated if there is an update. Also, for some titles, you can partially select and install the game mode you want to install (such as campaign or multiplayer).

・ Tips and conditions for using USB extended storage on PS5

As previously announced, PS5 will also support M.2 SSDs in the future. Preparations for this function are also underway, and any updates will be announced at any time.

■ New social functions for PS4 and PS5 / Support for share play across generationsPS4 and PS5 users can now share play together while chatting. In other words, PS5 users can share their game screens with their PS4 friends in real time, and even try out PS5 games on PS4. Of course, on the contrary, it is also possible to share the PS4 screen with PS5 friends by share play.

You can share your screen, virtually give your controller to a friend to play for you, or use a second controller to enjoy co-op play together.

■ Request to participate in the game sessionOn PS5 and PS4, you can now see the game sessions you can join in the game your friend is playing and “request to join”. It saves you the trouble of sending game invitations, so you can enjoy the game with your friends more quickly.
You can change the list of users who can interact with you through parties, games, and messages from your privacy settings.

■ Enhancement of operability and personalization options on PS5 / Improvement of game baseGame-based, you now have quick access to more important content and features. For example, the tabs on the party and friends screen can be switched quickly, so you can immediately see the parties you recently interacted with and your friends online.
You can also turn notifications on and off for each of the participating parties.

■ Disable game chat and adjust player volumeYou can quickly disable in-game chat and turn off your microphone and other players’ audio. In addition, you can now adjust the chat volume of other players in the same chat. You can adjust it yourself without asking your friends to change the volume of the microphone.

■ Pre-download game updatesIf “Auto Update” is enabled in the settings, when the developer enables pre-download of the game update file, the update file of the game before release is in rest mode, or when PS5 is started, the main unit automatically Will be downloaded to. This will allow you to play the game immediately after the update is released.

■ Customize the game libraryYou can now hide the games you specify in your game library, making it easier to find and personalize your favorite games in your library.

■ Zoom functionFrom the setting screen, you can enlarge the screen to your liking.

■ New trophy screen and summary of trophy acquisition statusYou can now choose which grade of trophies you want to save screenshots and video clips when you win. For example, you can set screenshots and videos to be saved only when you win a Gold or Platinum trophy.
Also, you can see a summary of the trophy acquisition status.

■ New features of PlayStation AppIn addition, many new features are available for the PlayStation App so that you can connect to the console experience remotely. We’ve recently introduced the ability to save products to your wishlist, get notified when your friends are online, and change the online status of your console on the app.

More new features will be released in the coming weeks. A function to participate in the PS5 multiplayer session from the app, a function to manage the PS5 main unit storage, a function to compare the trophy acquisition status with friends, a function to sort and filter products displayed on the PlayStation Store, etc. will be released.
The PS App can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store.