Popular voice actor becomes a cat girl ♪ ASMR voice work “New Nekogurashi.” Aki Toyosaki’s “Chartreux Cat” is now available!

January 24, 2022 17:32

From the ASMR voice work “New Nekogurashi.” Where a popular voice actor becomes a cat girl, the 5th “New Nekogurashi.-Chartreux Nekomusume Hen-” has been released today.

The popular ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi.”, Which will be released in June 2020, has become a trend on Twitter due to the fusion of ASMR and story and the appointment of popular voice actors such as Miyuki Sawashiro. The new series is set in the Neko Narukan, which has finished the “Kyutamasai” in the future, a little far from the previous season 3.

ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi.”, Sumire Uesaka & Kanae Ito’s spin-off is now on sale as a New Year special!

Today, January 24th, “New Nekogurashi.-Chartreux Nekomusume Hen-“, in which Aki Toyosaki acts as a voice actor, is now available on DLsite, a download sales site.

After the cat girls up to the previous work, “New Nekogurashi” is told by a new character. What happened at “Neko Narukan”, all of “Nekogurashi.” Remains a mystery. Not only new characters but also familiar characters will become even more heartful and give you the best healing.

▼ Aki Toyosaki

[Product information]
■ “New Nekogurashi.-Chartreux Nekomusume Hen-“
Release Date: January 24, 2022
Price: 1980 yen (tax included)
Voice actor: Aki Toyosaki
Sales page (DLsite): https://www.dlsite.com/home/work/∗product_id/RJ369753.html

ASMR refers to the reaction / sensation that a person feels due to stimuli to hearing or vision, that is comfortable, and that the brain is tingling. Recently, many sound sources and videos related to ASMR have been posted on YouTube and Instagram and are gaining popularity.

“Nekogurashi.” Is set in the inn “Neko Narukan” between the other world and this world, and cat girls with various personalities who are at the mercy of fate appear. The cat most beloved by the “chosen person (malebito)” (listener) is selected as a shrine maiden and can be revived together in this world.

Character design is done by popular illustrator “Booota”, and production is done by creative circle CANDY VOICE.

▼ “Nekogurashi.” Complete set is on sale!
Season 1 “Welcome to Neko Narukan”
Season 2 “Welcome to Actinidia Polygama”
Season 3 “To Mt. Nekomadake”

Ci-en HP: https://ci-en.net/creator/6740
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CandyVoiceASMR
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjJqCLVcNdRrqTUb-82LBAw
TikTok: http://tiktok.com/@candyvoice_asmr



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