“Nijigasaki” “D4DJ” “Denonbu” “IDOL Mai SHOW” ── This month, we will introduce a masterpiece born from media mix content!

“Nijigasaki” “D4DJ” “Denonbu” “IDOL Mai SHOW” ── This month, we will introduce a masterpiece born from media mix content! [Monthly Voice Actor Artist Bulletin October 2020 Issue]
November 03, 2020 16:000
2020 Autumn Anime Anison Voice Actor Planning Article

“Nijigasaki” “D4DJ” “Denonbu” “IDOL Mai SHOW” ── This month, we will introduce a masterpiece born from media mix content! [Monthly Voice Actor Artist Bulletin October 2020 Issue]
This series reviews the featured works by voice actor artists. This time, I would like to review all four singles, focusing on “media mix content” that develops in a wide range from anime, music works, games to comics.

◆ Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club

The first to introduce is “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club,” which is currently being broadcast on TV anime. The single “Nijiiro Passions!”, Which includes the opening theme of the anime, was released on October 21st.

The title song is like the “Love Live!” Series so far, and although it has a sound that uses a lot of strings based on guitar rock, its undulations are a little gentle compared to the theme song sung by μ’s and Aqours. Especially, I got a natural and gentle impression on the bridge part up to the rust. In the latter half of the chorus, the line that came in as a chorus naturally shifts to the main part, and it feels like it’s flowing smoothly. Still, I would like you to say this aloud, but the title phrase of the song, Is an excellent finish, with a popping feel that accentuates the song.

Also, when considering the song division, the members sing the A-melody to B-melody parts as solo parts. In the previous “Love Live!” Series, the songs were divided into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades, so the composition seems to be “Nijigaku”, which mainly focuses on solo performances. There seems to be an intention to change the conventional standard.

◆ D4DJ

Next, “D4DJ”, which also started TV animation on October 30th. From the same work, Photon Maiden, which features SF-style costumes and songs, released the 1st single “Discover Universe” on October 21st.

Their specialty is the upper electro dance tune, like the title song written by Ryohei Sataka (also known as y0c1e) and composed and arranged by DJ Genki, DJ Genki. As the cast themselves often say, you will feel something close to Perfume’s world view. The coupling song “A lot of life” is a future bass song written by Mr. Sataka and composed and arranged by Mr. fu_mou. In the lyrics, it has the warmth that people likened to the stars of the universe as they snuggle up to each other while having loneliness. The singing voice of the members who sing the message of such a song enthusiastically without losing the wave of the sound of the synthesizer that is rushing in resonates with my heart.

By the way, each unit that appears in “D4DJ” has an exclusive music producer, but Photon Maiden welcomes Seiji Mizushima, an anime director who also works as a DJ. In addition, Mr. Sataka and Mr. fu_mou mentioned above are the people who have created many famous songs on the axis of anime song x dance music in “tokyo 7th Sisters”. The lyrics and arrangement by Mr. Saka, which could not be explained in detail in this article, but the representative song “Here’s the light” by Photon Maiden, which was composed by Mr. Yosuke Sato (also known as 4sk), is also wonderful, so please do not miss it. ..

As an aside, at the time of the “D4DJ” production concept, Mr. Takaaki Kidani, Chairman of Bushiroad Co., Ltd., said that he was inspired by the truck rollover turmoil that occurred in Shibuya, Tokyo during Halloween a few years ago. The process leading up to the start of the content is very interesting, so please refer to the following page (Reference: Column “Takaaki Kidani’s Perspective”).

◆ Denonbu

Next, “Denonbu”, which became a regular in this series. Although the release date is the end of September, I would like to introduce “MUSIC IS MAGIC” by Shirokane Glitter (CV: Arisa Komiya) from the song distributed by Minato Shirokane Jogakuin, which is based in the Azabu area of ​​the same work.

The song was written by tofubeats, a track maker from Hyogo and Kobe. He is widely known for songs such as “LONELY NIGHTS”. The “MUSIC IS MAGIC” that he delivers is a minimal and light arrangement as a whole. A track with urban saxophone and gorgeous brass reminds me of his signature songs “Suisei” and “a dance that never ends until the morning comes” (tofubeats fans will be familiar with it, I heard the sound of that “whistle”). In addition, Komiya-san’s young lady’s tone was attached to the board in another work, but this time, in a slightly innocent and relaxed atmosphere, she sings lyrics like tofubeats who regards music as a glittering and mysterious gift.

The overall finish is rough, but it may look different among the works that “Denonbu” has released so far. However, from the same Azabu area, Kenmochi Hidefumi worked on “Ore Babel” where Akina (role of Kurotetsu Tama) performed rap, and Azuki Shibuya (role of Haishima Ginka) was in charge of singing. In the first place, there is an image of Azabu = a city where wealthy people gather, such as “Haiiro no kokoro” where you can enjoy the 80’s-oriented sound that is typical of the PC music club featured in the series. Probably. It is a very well-balanced attempt after taking a bird’s eye view of the entire work.

As an aside, tofubeats himself pointed out that all the track makers who were in charge of the songs in the Azabu area are from Kansai, which is very excellent as a punch line.

From “Denonbu”, Sotokanda Bungei High School (Akihabara area) will release the 1st mini album “New Park” on October 28th. This is the first physical release from “Denonbu”, and in addition to the songs that have already been distributed, all unreleased songs produced by TEMPLIME will also be recorded.


Like “D4DJ”, “IDOL Mai SHOW” invites different music producers for each unit. The number of singles sold for each unit directly affects the length of the drama part recorded on the CD, and it is a work in which a severe battle is fought.

The dance and vocal unit “NO PRINCESS”, which is produced by Shigeru Saito, who worked on the songs for “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,” and consists of four members, including Machico, appears in the same work. The title song of their 2nd single “MUST BE GOING!” Released on October 7 is characterized by the sentimental synth melody of the 90’s J-POP and the dignified vocal that makes you feel “a powerful female image”. It’s one song.

As for the lyrics, it’s probably a past lover, but while glancing at the person who passed by in the city, the depiction of “ringing the heels and walking”, which seems to be in the 90’s, feels nostalgic and fresh. (Maybe I named the song “MUST BE GOING!” In the sense of forgetting the past and moving on to the future). Perhaps if you like the dance and vocal unit SPEED, their songs will be particularly piercing.

(Sentence / Kota Ichijo)