WIT STUDIO’s new “Bubble” heroine role as singer-songwriter “Riria.” OP theme song is Eve

WIT STUDIO’s new “Bubble” heroine role as singer-songwriter “Riria.” OP theme song is Eve

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It turned out that the singer-songwriter “Riria.” Will play the role of the heroine Uta of the original anime “Bubble” by WIT STUDIO, and will also be in charge of the ending theme song. In addition, Eve, who is known for the theme song “Kaikai Kitan” of “Jujutsu Kaisen”, is in charge of the opening theme song. At the same time, this preview video has also been released.

Directed by Tetsuro Araki, written by Gen Urobuchi, drafted by character design by Takeshi Obata, and music by Hiroyuki Sawano, the story is set in Tokyo, where gravity has been destroyed by the bubbles that have fallen into the world. Deployment. The encounter between Uta and the boy Hibiki (CV: Jun Shison) who enjoys the parkour team battle “Battle Cool” reveals the truth that will change the world.

Riria. Uta, played by Uta, is a mysterious girl who suddenly appears when Hibiki falls into the sea where gravity is distorted during the battle cool, and rescues him. The two gradually communicate with each other, triggered by the humming that can only be heard by each other, but when the bubble-falling phenomenon begins again in Tokyo, Uta hears the humming played by the bubbles and disappears from the front of the crack. ..

This is her first voice actor challenge, Riria. Is also in charge of the newly written ending theme song “See you again.” Initially, “Riria.” Was planned to participate only as an ending theme song artist, but the mysteriousness that is active without revealing her true face and its singing voice match the character of Uta, and the staff members such as Director Araki It is said that it was decided to play the role of Uta at the request of.

The title of the opening theme song sung by Eve is “Bubble feat. Uta”, and the sound source is shown in this notice. This notice begins with a scene that depicts two people floating in the sea, along with Uta’s line that “I was able to become me because I met Hibiki”, and how the two people gradually deepen their bond and parkour action etc. , Recorded with the voice of the main character.

In addition, a new poster visual depicting the innocent facial expressions of Uta and Hibiki floating with trains and trucks over Tokyo is also released. It has also been decided that an original clear file using a visual drawn by Obata will be distributed to purchasers of the Mubichike advance ticket (1500 yen), which will be on sale from March 4.

“Bubble” will be distributed worldwide on Netflix from April 28th. From May 13th, screenings at movie theaters nationwide will also start. Riria below. , Eve, post comments from her staff.

[Riria. (Uta role / ending theme song)]

At first I heard that it was a theme song, so I want to do it! I answered immediately. After that, listening to the story of the role of the heroine, I am a voice actor !? I can’t do it! Feelings and fun! I wanna try! It was a big fuss because the feelings came and went. It wasn’t until the role of the heroine was decided that I learned that it was such a grand project.
When I read the script for the first time, I cried because it was too linked to my feelings. It was my first dubbing because I was able to empathize with Uta so much that I could still remember and cry, but at that time I feel that Uta was in my heart.

[Eve (Opening theme song)]

“Tetsuro Araki x Gen Urobuchi x Takeshi Obata x Hiroyuki Sawano”
I am deeply moved to be together with a song in a space where my liking is gathered. I feel that the song “Bubble” that I wrote this time for this pure, gentle, and immersive work has taken me to a place I have never seen before.
A magnificent and beautiful view of the world, action to keep an eye on, and unique characters. I am happy to be involved in this work with a lot of energy. Please experience it at the theater. Parkour is cool!

[Tetsuro Araki (Director)]
・ Riria. About Mr.
I was introduced as the person in charge of the ending theme song, but the voice and soft mood of the person himself was comfortable, and that was exactly what I was looking for in the character Uta, the heroine, so I asked for a voice. ..
If you ask me, you’ll understand, but I think you’ll be surprised at the fairy-like presence that seems to be somewhere and nowhere else. And above all, the ending song makes the movie dozens of times more satisfying. If you ask me, it’s a story that everyone thinks so, and it’s a story that I don’t need to bother to say, so I’d like you to hear it as soon as possible!

・ About Eve
Originally, I used the music video of Eve’s “Bokuramadaunderground” as a reference for the main video (a wonderful song and video. Must-see!), And I’ve been showing live performances for some time, so please work. Even though it was too luxurious to do, there was even a part that felt “inevitable” when it was decided. In the first place, the world that Eve expresses was the goal I should express this time.
I think it’s probably like jumping lightly, slipping through while taking on the weight and melancholy of the world. At the beginning of the movie, everyone will listen to such a fast-paced opening song. Once you’ve listened to it, you can’t stop watching it anymore!

[Genki Kawamura (producer)]
I heard rumors that there is a great singer. I downloaded the TikTok app for the first time, and there, Riria. I met Mr.
A wonderful voice and musical sensation delivered from her room with a single acoustic guitar. I felt like I had witnessed the appearance of a new era of artists.
Suddenly, she overlapped with the heroine Uta of this work “Bubble”. An unknown existence that has not yet emerged from the room, its innocent voice.
She thought it would be interesting to have her sing the ending song and also have the heroine’s voice. Director Tetsuro Araki also took the bet.
A heroine named Uta appears in front of the main character, Hibiki, like a baby, and she gradually gains various emotions as a human being. Riria, the growth process of Uta as it is. I asked him to expect that he would embody it. Riria. Mr. had the courage to accept it. She played Uta very hard. I am convinced that the movie has been completed and the bet has been a great success. Her voice in the last scene should remain in the audience’s ears forever.

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Updated February 28, 2022

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Theatrical release date May 13, 2022 (Friday)
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Form OVA
Production company
Staff information
[Director] Tetsuro Araki [Screenplay] Gen Urobuchi [Character design draft] Takeshi Obata [Animation director] Satoshi Kadowaki [Music] Hiroyuki Sawano [Planning / Producing] Genki Kawamura [Distribution] Warner Brothers Movie Bubble
Tokyo where gravity was broken by the bubbles that poured into the world. Tokyo, where the lifeline was closed, became a playground for some young people who lost their families, and a battlefield for parkour team battles running from building to building. One day, Ace’s Hibiki, who was attracting attention for his dangerous play style, fell into the sea where gravity is distorted due to unorthodox play. Uta, a girl with a mysterious power who suddenly appeared there, saved Hibiki’s life. And only two people heard a special sound … Why did Uta appear before Hibiki? The encounter between the two leads to the truth that changes the world.
[OP] Eve “Bubble feat. Uta”
[ED] Riria. “See you again.”
Hibiki: Jun Shison Uta: Riria. Makoto: Hirose Alice Shin: Miyano Mamoru Kai: Kaji Yuki Rabbit: Senbongi Ayaka Electric Ninja Leader: Hatanaka Tasuku Undertaker Leader: Inoue Marina Kanto Mad Lobster Leader: Shinichiro Miki
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