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“Itchy he is a horse” appears in the latest work of “Resident Evil” Director “Many things that pay homage to the game”


A part of the main video of the new work “Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City” that depicts the origin of the “Resident Evil” series was shown, and the scene where the message of “Itchy horse” that was a hot topic in the game appeared was included. There is.

Raccoon City is home to the giant conglomerate Umbrella. The protagonist Claire Redfield (Kaya Scodelario), who grew up in an orphanage in the city, received a mysterious message warning that something was wrong with the city after an accident at Umbrella, and went to Raccoon City. I came back. Witnessing the eccentric appearance of the inhabitants wandering around the city with R.P.D’s older brother Chris Redfield (Robbie Amell), the two learn that Umbrella has secretly conducted human experimentation.

“Itchy horse” is a word written in the famous file “Keeper’s Diary” that appeared in the game “Resident Evil”. It is widely known to game fans as the last word that a researcher who is becoming a zombie transcribed in his diary.

In the main video, Claire arrives at her brother Chris’s house in Raccoon City and is surprised to see a woman with her hair falling out writing “ITCHY TASTY” on the door window with her blood-stained finger. Contains.

The director and screenwriter, Johannes Roberts, sprinkled dozens of Easter eggs in the film for the enjoyment of “Resident Evil” game fans. “There’s something in every frame,” he said. “I’m one of the game fans, so I did it for myself, so there’s a lot of respect for the game behind the movie. I’m doing it. “

“Biohazard Welcome to Raccoon City” will be released from January 28th.

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Work information

Work information Event information
BIOHAZARD: Infinite Darkness

Broadcast time 2021 summer animation

Production company
TMS Entertainment, Quebico
Staff information
[Original / Production / Supervision] Capcom Co., Ltd. [Director] Eiichiro Hasumi [Music] Yugo Kanno [Executive Producer] Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Capcom) [CG Producer] Yoshi Miyamoto [Full 3DCG Animation Production] Quebico [Production Produce] TMS Entertainment BIOHAZARD : Infinite Darkness
In 2006, the White House, a symbol of the United States, was hacked by someone. Traces of unauthorized access were found in top secret files under the president’s jurisdiction. US agents Leon S. Kennedy and others convened for the investigation encounter unidentified zombies in a sudden power outage in the White House and control them with SWAT. Meanwhile, Terrasave employee Claire Redfield encounters a strange painting by a boy with aphasia in a country he visited to help refugees. Claire pursues her own investigation with the picture that seems to have drawn a virus-infected person. The next morning, Claire accidentally reunites with Leon when she visits the White House to petition for the construction of a welfare facility and shows a picture drawn by a boy. Leon realizes something about the connection between the zombie incident at the White House and the strange painting, but he leaves the scene saying that it has nothing to do with Claire. The two zombie outbreaks that took place in distant countries eventually evolved into a nation-shaking situation.
Leon S. Kennedy: Toshiyuki Morikawa Claire Redfield: Yuko Kaida
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