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The fried chicken recipe from “Delicious Party Pretty Cure” has been robbed … Episode 2 Preceding Cut

From the TV anime “Delicious Party Pretty Cure”, the outline and the preceding scene cut of the second episode “Goodbye, Yui …! Mari-chan’s determination” broadcast on February 13 (Sun) have been released.

From the TV anime “Delicious Party Pretty Cure”, the outline and the preceding scene cut of the second episode “Goodbye, Yui …! Mari-chan’s determination” broadcast on February 13 (Sun) have been released.

“Delicious Party Pretty Cure” Key Visual

“Delicious Party Pretty Cure” is the 19th in the “Pretty Cure” series. The motif is “rice” such as meals and dishes, and the story is set in a delicious town where delicious dishes from all over the world are gathered.
In order to prevent the ambitions of the Bundle group who are trying to monopolize all the dishes, the main character, Yui Kazumi, transforms into Cure Precious and confronts.

“Delicious Party Pretty Cure” Episode 2 Scene Cut

The second episode “Goodbye, Yui …! Mari-chan’s determination” has been released. She is Rosemary who reports Yui to Cooking Dam, but she is pointed out that the Delisha Stone is broken on the way.
She cannot return to Cooking Dam in this state, and she cannot perform any fighting skills. Yui is proud of her, “Leave it to me!”, But Rosemary leaves behind saying, “The battle is not that sweet!”

“Delicious Party Pretty Cure” Episode 2 Scene Cut

Meanwhile, Gentoru appears at the karaage shop and robs the fairy, karaage recipe, who lives in the dish. Yui, who noticed the incident, headed to the guest house of Takumi’s house where Rosemary was, but her letter was left there. When she finds rosemary, Yui transforms with rice, but she is at the mercy of Ubauzo …

In addition, the comment of Natsumi Hioka, who plays the bread energy fairy Pampam, is also released. She talks about her enthusiasm for the work. The second episode will be on air from 8:30 on Sunday, February 13th.

[Pampam role: Natsumi Hioka]

One of her dreams that she has wanted to fulfill since her debut as a voice actor was to play her fairy-like mascot character.
So when I got in touch with her that I was decided to play the role of Pampam, one of her dreams came true! I was full of happiness.
It’s also on the big stage of the Pretty Cure series …!
I think it’s not the power of myself, but the people in the office who haven’t given up and auditioned many times and have supported me a lot, and the people who have continued to support me.

Pampam is an energy fairy with cute bread, and looks like a dog, but I also have a dog with the same brown ears as Pampam, so I feel very destined ♪
I would like to play the charms of both the knowledgeable and small but dependable older sister side and the cute and childish innocent side as it looks.
It seems that I really love this place played by Mr. Shimizu, so please pay attention to that too (laughs)!

“Delicious Party Pretty Cure” is a work that makes you realize the happiness of eating rice with someone.
I think it’s the theme because it doesn’t come true as I expected.
I myself often have wonderful memories and delicious rice as a set.
I would be happy if I could deliver a lot of such happy feelings!
Thank you for your support ♪

TV anime “Delicious Party Pretty Cure”
Broadcasting on ABC / TV Asahi series every Sunday from 8:30 am

Cure Precious / Yui Kazumi: Hana Hishikawa
Cure Spicy / Futaba here: Risa Shimizu
Cure Yamuyam / Ran Hanaman: Yuka Iguchi
Rice Come: Natsumi Takamori
Pampam: Natsumi Hioka
Men Men: Tomoe Hanba

Series Director: Toshinori Fukasawa
Series composition: Sawako Hirabayashi
Character design: Kyoko Yufu
Art design: Ryutaro Masuda
Art Director: Iidarie
Color design: Naomi Kiyota
Music: Shiho Terada

(C) ABC-A / Toei Animation
《Katsunori Takahashi》