New animation “Hero King, reincarnated to master Takeshi” will start broadcasting in January 2023! Starring Akari Kito and Ai Kakuma! Teaser PV etc. released

New animation “Hero King, reincarnated to master Takeshi” will start broadcasting in January 2023! Starring Akari Kito and Ai Kakuma! Teaser PV etc. released
March 09, 2022 16:260
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New animation “Hero King, reincarnated to master Takeshi” will start broadcasting in January 2023! Starring Akari Kito and Ai Kakuma! Teaser PV etc. released
“The Hero King, Reincarnated to Master Takeshi-And the World’s Strongest Apprentice Knight ♀-” published in HJ Bunko has been made into a TV animation. Teaser visuals, teaser PVs, and character cast comments have arrived.

This work is a TV anime based on the popular series by Mr. Hayaken, which is being published in HJ Bunko. It is a fantasy where the hero king who wanted freedom reincarnated into a beautiful girl and is the strongest knight.

It has been decided that broadcasting will start in January 2023. A teaser visual and a teaser PV depicting the beautiful apprentice knight Ingris, who was reincarnated by the former hero king, and Raffinia, a childhood friend of Inglis, have been released.

Comments have also arrived from Akari Kito, who has been selected as Inglis Yuke’s, and Ai Kakuma, who will play Raffinia Billford.

Teaser visual / PV

[Teaser visual]

[Teaser PV]
Inglis and Raffinia. And in the future, the teaser PV where the characters who meet and fight together or as enemies will move! It is packed with scenes of Ingris fighting happily and a remarkable scene of confronting a mighty enemy.

Starring Akari Kito & Ai Kakuma! Character visual comments arrive

■ Inglis Yuke’s cv. Akari KitoApprentice knight. However, the content is a man who once made a name for himself as a hero king. He has reincarnated into a pretty girl and is honing her skills to become stronger.
He likes to fight the strong ones above all. He is an unbranded person who is not qualified to be a knight, so he volunteers to serve as a knight to his childhood friend Raffinia.
She thinks of Lani like her granddaughter, and she always keeps an eye on her so that she “doesn’t get bad bugs.”

──Q1. What is your impression of this work?
It is said that the male hero king has reincarnated into a beautiful girl, remains strong, and has a cute childhood friend! I thought it was a very pleasant work to read with all the settings. Moreover, it is new that Inglis, who once became the hero king, will live by focusing on mastering the martial arts, and it will be a pleasure to defeat the powerful enemies that appear one after another with Bassabassa!

──Q2. Please tell us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role.
The impression is cute, beautiful girl! I think it’s interesting that I was often fascinated by my cuteness in this world because I was a man in my previous life.
I’m really looking forward to being able to play an anime that is a beautiful girl who has the memory of being a male hero king! We will do our best to make it enjoyable for both fans of the original work and those who are not, so thank you for your cooperation!

■ Raffinia Billford cv. Ai KakumaInglis’s cousin and her childhood friend, the daughter of the Marquis. She is a candidate for the next generation of knights who manipulates magical weapons that shoot arrows of light.
She heads for the Royal Knight Academy with her favorite Chris, who is always with her. She has a straight heart and is a bright and lively mood maker.
She longs for her brother Rafael, who will be a paladin, and she secretly wants her to marry Chris.

──Q1. What is your impression of this work?
The wish that was supposed to have been granted as a reward was fulfilled in the form of a rainy day, and depending on how the recipient received it, the kindness would be ridiculous violence … I was reading while thinking about it. However, Chris’s personality and way of thinking are still very attractive in this world, is he? She? I’m wondering what choices to make.

──Q2. Please tell us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role.
I think Rafinia is a child who is pure and not oddly loved and has power. She delivers what she thinks and feels straight, and her words and facial expressions can inspire the people around her … grandchildren rather than sisters! It’s a child like that. I will do my best to deliver the charm of Raffinia, which makes me want to support it after seeing such a figure, with high purity!

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● Akari Kito’s online autograph session will be held to commemorate the TV animation!Click here for details on how to apply:
The latest information will also be announced on HJ Bunko’s official Twitter account (@HJbunko).

[Date] April 12, 2022 (Tuesday)
[Application period] March 9th (Wednesday) -March 31st (Thursday), 2022
[Distribution Channel] HJ Bunko Official YouTube:

Main staff

The main staff is directed by Naoyuki Katsutani (“She, I will borrow” storyboard, director, etc.), the series composition is Mitsutaka Hirota, the character design is Reiichiro Ofuji, and the sub character design is Tomoko Miyagawa, Rion Matsuda. , Music is handled by Kenta Tooji, and animation production is handled by Studio Comet (“She, I will borrow” production cooperation, etc.).

Congratulatory comments have also arrived from Mr. Hayaken, the original author, Mr. Nagu, the original character draft, and Mr. Mototo Kuromura, who is in charge of comicalization.

■ Mr. Hayaken
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who was involved, as this story cannot be managed by myself. thank you very much!
On top of that, personally, I wrote the original part a few years ago, so I feel that I was amazing in the past. But now I don’t have a great guarantee, and I want to do my best not to lose.
I’m looking forward to anime as a viewer! I’m proud of my daughter!

■ Mr. Nagu
Congratulations on the animation of “Hero King, her reincarnated to master the martial arts ~ and the world’s strongest apprentice knight ♀ ~”! !!
It’s really like a dream to see everyone in motion that I designed! !!
A dream … isn’t it? !! (´⊙ω⊙`)!
I look forward to working with you! !! !!

■ Kuromura Mototo-sensei
Congratulations on your animation!
The gap between Chris’s charm, cuteness and a lot of Berserkers
There is no doubt that it will look better in the video, so I’m really looking forward to it as one of the fans.
I will do my best in the comicalized version so as not to lose the momentum of the original and the animation!

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The official anime website and Twitter have also been set up, so be sure to check out the new information.

[Work information]■ TV anime “Hero King, reincarnated to master Takeshi-and the world’s strongest apprentice knight ♀-“Broadcast started in January 2023!

Original: Hayaken (HJ Bunko / Hobby Japan)
Character draft: Nagu
Manga: Mototo Kuromura (serialized in Comic Fire / HJ Comics)
Director: Naoyuki Katsutani
Series composition: Mitsutaka Hirota
Character design: Reiichiro Ofuji
Sub-character design: Tomoko Miyagawa, Rion Matsuda, Maki Fukui
Animation director: Reiichiro Ofuji, Tomoko Miyagawa, Masayuki Nomoto, Rion Matsuda
Music: Kenta Higashioji
Sound Director: Fumiyuki Gou
Sound effects: Emi Takanashi
Animation production: Studio Comet

Inglis Yuke’s: Akari Kito
Raffinia Bilford: Ai Kakuma

The hero king who wanted freedom reincarnated as a beautiful girl and is the strongest knight Musou !!!!
The strongest TS reincarnation fantasy in another world!

Inglis, the hero king who became a “Knight of God” with the blessing of a goddess and established a huge kingdom.
Immediately before he was called to heaven as he grew older, he strongly hoped, “In my life devoted to the country and the people, I couldn’t master my own martial arts. In the next life, I want to live for myself and train to the limit.” .. That wish was heard by the goddess, and she was reincarnated into the distant future …

However, the place where he was born is the “daughter” of a famous knight !?
And for some reason, he is branded as a knight disqualified …

―― “Rather convenient. You can stay on the front line without getting ahead. There is no better training than the actual battle!”
Aiming to enroll in the Royal Knight Academy to train as a knight of Raffinia, her childhood friend.

The legend of the beautiful world’s strongest apprentice knight ♀ begins–!

[Original information]
“Hero King, reincarnated to master Takeshi-and the world’s strongest apprentice knight ♀-“
● HJ Bunko
Author / Hayaken
Illustration / Nagu
Volumes 1 to 6 are now on sale (693-759 yen each)

● HJ Comics
Manga / Kuromura Mototo
Original / Hayaken
Character draft / Nagu
Serialized in Comic Fire:
Volumes 1 to 3 are now on sale (682-715 yen each)

© Hayaken Hobby Japan / “Hero King, Reincarnated to Master Takeshi” Production Committee