Nanase Nishino and Mika Ninagawa directed “Holic xxxHOLiC” to show off her innocent cat visuals to her cat girl.

News Sunday, February 6, 2022 21:00

Nanase Nishino and Mika Ninagawa directed “Holic xxxHOLiC” to show off her innocent cat visuals to her cat girl.

Perfect visuals created with tight outfits & cat claw nails & cat hair hair & cat eye makeup
(C) 2022 Movie “Holic” Production Committee (C) CLAMP ・ ShigatsuTsuitachi CO., LTD.

It was announced that Nanase Nishino will appear in “Holic xxxHOLiC”, a movie adaptation of the popular manga of the creative group “CLAMP” directed by Mika Ninagawa. Playing the role of a cat girl from an information store who visits “Mise” to fulfill her wishes, she has a tight black costume, long cat claw nails, cat hair that makes her hair play, and cat eye makeup that hangs around her eyes. The perfect visual is created.

The original is CLAMP’s best-selling comic, which has a cumulative circulation of over 14 million copies. Director Nagikawa, who has been eager to make a movie for about 10 years and has warmed up the concept, will make the one and only CLAMP world into a live-action movie for the first time with a gorgeous and gorgeous visual. A lonely high school student who can see “Ayakashi” who is obsessed with the darkness of the human heart, Kimihiro Watanuki, the mistress of “Mise” who will grant any wish in exchange for compensation. It depicts the encounter with Yuko Ichihara (Yuko Ichihara) and being involved in an incident beyond imagination.

Ryunosuke Kamiki will be dressed as Yuko on April 1st, Kou Shibasaki will be dressed as Yuko, Hokuto Matsumura of “SixTONES” will be the classmate Doumeki Shizuka on April 1st, and Tina Tamashiro will be the same classmate Kunogi. Sunflower and Shuri embody Misaki who is possessed by “Ayakashi”. The mysterious girl Mardashi, who lives with Yuko, and Serena Motola, who DAOKO lives with Yuko, are dressed as Morodashi, who also lives in “Mise”.

Nishino is making great strides as an actress, having won the Outstanding Supporting Actress Award and the New Actor Award at the 45th Japan Academy Awards. The cat girl who plays in this work visits “Mise” to fulfill her wish of Yuko, “I want water from the well.” She is an innocent character, as she begs her to get her favorite fish (goldfish) in return for her wishes. In the character photo taken by Director Nagikawa, a cat girl looking happily at the fishbowl was cut out, and her lively cat-like finish was felt.

Nishino said, “I was able to put it out for the first time in Mr. Nagikawa’s work, but I was looking forward to it even before shooting!” I did, but it was fun! “

“Holic xxxHOLiC” will be released nationwide on April 29th.

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Broadcast time Spring 2006 Anime

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[Original] CLAMP “xxxHOLiC” (serialized in Kodansha “Weekly Young Magazine”) [Director] Tsutomu Mizushima [Series composition] Michiko Yokote, Hibashi Okawa [Character design] Kazuya Kise [Accessory design] Minoru Ueda [Art director] Hiromasa Ogura [ Color setting] Izumi Hirose [Shooting director] Yohei Konishi [Sound director] Kazuhiro Wakabayashi [Sound production] Phonicia
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Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student who can see , meets Yuko Ichihara, the owner of . She says, “Any wish will come true.” However, she says that she needs “compensation” for it. She will be forced to work part-time with as in order to change the constitution that can see.
[OP] Suga Shikao “19 years old”
[ED] Fonogenico “Reason”, BUCK-TICK “Kagerou-“
Yuko Ichihara: Sayaka Ohara April 1st Kimihiro: Jun Fukuyama Hyakume Oni Shizuka: Kazuya Nakai Himawari Kunoken: Shizuka Ito Maru: Kazuko Kojima Moro: Hisayo Mochizuki Mokona: Mika Kikuchi
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