“Mr. Komi has communism.” Broadcast started on April 6th. Shinichiro Kamio and theme song artist also announced the role of Makoto Katai.

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“Mr. Komi has communism.” Broadcast started on April 6th. Shinichiro Kamio and theme song artist also announced the role of Makoto Katai.

(C) Tomohito Oda Shogakukan / Private Itan High School

It has been revealed that Shinichiro Kamio will appear in the second season of the TV anime “Komi-san is a communicator.” This visual and theme song artist have been released, and the broadcast start date has been decided on April 6.

This work is an animated comedy manga by Tomohito Oda, who is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday”. Everyone turns around, but Komi Glass (CV: Aoi Koga), who is shy and “communicative”, makes 100 of her friends with the help of her classmate Hitoshi Tadano (Gakuto Kajiwara). Struggle to do it. In the first period, all 12 episodes will be broadcast from October to December 2021, and a live-action TV drama will be made from September to November 2009. In the second phase of the anime, it seems that the story of Komi-san’s first graders will be visualized to the end.

Makoto Katai, a new character played by Kamio, is a boy who has a deep personality and is not good at talking to people or acting on his own. He seemed to be withdrawn, but during the summer vacation, he got up and trained, dyed his hair and made an image change, so it is a role that people around him misunderstand that it is bad.

This visual is an illustration depicting Mr. Furumi, who has a cat-like character in his hand, trying to lure a cat at an autumn school where plants and trees are colored. In addition to Tadano et al., Katai has also appeared, and in the background, characters who have become friends of Mr. Furumi, Katai with a vicious smile, and other people who will meet in the future are drawn. It has been.

The opening theme song was decided to be “Blue 100 Colors” sung by voice actor artist Miku Ito. The CD of the same song, which will be Ito’s 10th single, will be released on April 6th. The ending theme song “Koshaberi Biyori” will be performed by the duo music unit “Fantastic Youth” by vocalist Onyu and composer / rapper vocalist Low Fat.

Broadcasting will start on April 6th at 12:00 midnight on TV Tokyo, 1:35 midnight on TV Osaka, and 2:05 midnight on TV Aichi. Below are comments from Kamio and the theme song artist.

[Shinichiro Kamio (role of Makoto Katai)]

Q1. Please tell us your impression of this work.
It’s warm and I like it very much.
I’m really relieved to see Mr. Tadano continue to communicate without worrying about Mr. Furumi’s communism. Tadano-kun, who communicates well, is not just a person at all. He’s just a human being and just wants a friend like this. I seem to love Tadano-kun.
By the way, I can always see Mr. Furumi trying to speak in his own words for his friends.

Q2. Please tell us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role.
Makoto Katai, it’s a really good guy, isn’t it? Because it is straight, there is no blurring in behavior. If you train your body straight, you will become a real body, you will be straight and strong, and you will be straight “communicable”. I’m looking forward to acting and I’m really happy to be in charge of Makoto Katai’s voice. I will hit it with all my strength.
By the way, I feel that he loves Tadano-kun just like me.

[Miku Ito (Opening theme song)]

“Mr. Komi has communism.” It is a great honor to be in charge of the theme song for the second term! I want to sing as much as I can so that I can express Mr. Furumi’s cute and a little frustrating world view with his singing voice.
The theme song “Ao 100 Color” is a refreshing and catchy song that makes you feel the blue of each person’s youth. I want you to enjoy the sweet and sourness of the poetic lyrics as well as the melody that remains in your ears.

[Fantastic Youth (ending theme song)]

Hello, this is “Fantastic Youth” Onyu. This time, I will be in charge of the ending theme for the second season of the TV anime “Komi-san is a communicator.”
It was a lovely song for me, where I could feel both the glare of Komi-san and the nostalgia for the days of distant youth.
Listening to “Small weather”, I thought that it was “something good” to communicate with someone around me in a shy manner.
I would be happy if you could. May this song support Komi-san and your little step.

Work information

Mr. Furumi has communism. (Second stage)
Work information Event information
Mr. Furumi has communism. (Second stage)

Broadcast time 2022 spring animation

Production company
Staff information
[Original] Tomohito Oda (“Weekly Shonen Sunday” published by Shogakukan) [General Director] Ayumu Watanabe [Director] Kazuo Kawagoe [Series Composition] Deko Akao [Character Design] Atsuko Nakajima [Art Director] Masaru Sato [Color Design] Yuki Hayashi [Director] Satoshi Namiki [Edit] Toshihiko Kojima [Music] Yukari Hashimoto
See more Mr. Furumi has communism. (Second stage)
In the first year of high school where Sakura dances, Mr. Komi, who is extremely communicative, met his “too ordinary” classmate, Tadano-kun. Mr. Furumi’s dream of getting nervous in public is to make 100 friends. Mr. Tadano, who became Mr. Furumi’s “first friend”, will help make the remaining 99 friends. Will Mr. Furumi’s dream come true at a high school with a unique personality?
[OP] Miku Ito “100 colors of blue”
[ED] FantasticYouth “Small weather”
Komi Glass: Aoi Koga Hitoshi Tadano: Taketo Kajiwara Familiarity: Rie Murakawa Yamai Koi: Rina Hidaka Nakanaka Shiharu: Rumi Okubo Rumi Ueyoshi: Yukiyo Fujii Megumi Han: Ami Maeshima Megumi Han Nene Mine: Ruriko Aoki Otori Kaede: Yurika Moriyama
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