“Movie Laid-Back Camp △” Chiaki Ogaki’s off-shot visual show

Thursday, February 3, 2022 18:00

The third off-shot visual of “Movie Laid-Back Camp” is Chiaki Ogaki
(C) Afro / Houbunsha / Outdoor Activity Committee

The third off-shot visual of “Movie Laid-Back Camp” has been released.

In the off-shot visual that gives a glimpse of the daily lives of the characters, Kakamigahara Nadeshiko was introduced in the first bullet, and Shima Rin was introduced in the second bullet, but the third bullet is a cutout of Ogaki Chiaki’s daily life. Chiaki, the director of Nokuru (outdoor activity circle), is a character who started the club with Aoi Inuyama with the desire to camp. He is an activist who comes up with fun things one after another, and is also a mood maker. The off-shot visual depicts Chiaki sitting on the stairs with a drink in his hand.

The anime “Yurucamp △” series depicts a high school girl enjoying the outdoors in the area around Yamanashi prefecture. The first period will be broadcast in 2018, the second period will be broadcast from January to April 2009, and the latest series “Movie Laid-Back Camp” will be released in early summer 2010.

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Updated October 11, 2021

Work information Event information
Movie Laid-Back Camp △

Theatrical release date 2022
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Form movie
Production company
Staff information
[Original] Afro (“COMIC FUZ” published by Houbunsha) [Director] Yoshiaki Kyougoku [Screenplay] Jin Tanaka, Mutsumi Ito [Character design] Mutsumi Sasaki [Production production] DeNA Content Planning Department [Distribution] Matsutake movie Laid-Back Camp △
Kakamigahara Nadeshiko: Yumiri Hanamori Shima Rin: Nao Toyama Chiaki Ogaki: Sayuri Hara Aoi Inuyama: Aki Toyosaki Ena Saito: Rie Takahashi
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