“Love Live! Sunshine !! Aqours COUNTDOWN LoveLive! ~ WHITE ISLAND ~” Report

Announcing an outdoor live concert in Shizuoka, the group’s first online countdown! “Love Live! Sunshine !! Aqours COUNTDOWN LoveLive! ~ WHITE ISLAND ~” Report
January 14, 2021 12:490
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Announcing an outdoor live concert in Shizuoka, the group’s first online countdown! “Love Live! Sunshine !! Aqours COUNTDOWN LoveLive! ~ WHITE ISLAND ~” Report
From December 31, 2020 to January 1, 2021 ──. The school idol group “Aqours” appearing in the school idol project “Love Live! Sunshine !!” performed their first countdown live in a non-audience and distribution format from December 31, 2020 to January 1, 2021. ..

Last year in 2020, the new coronavirus was prevalent, and Aqours was unable to hold tours, but it continued to inspire the world with online live performances without spectators.

Under such circumstances, this year’s “Love Live! Sunshine !! Aqours COUNTDOWN LoveLive! ~ WHITE ISLAND ~” should have more smiles than last year! It was a wonderful live that made me want to believe that.

New Year’s Eve night when the cold of winter sank into my body.

Due to the recent situation, many people would spend their time at home slowly and warmly without going outside. It’s nice to feel New Year’s Eve while watching a classic TV show every year, but it’s also special to enjoy New Year’s Eve with Aqours’ first online countdown live.

Unlike the usual live, this countdown live started at a late time of 22:30.

The whale poepoe that appeared in the previous online live swims in the sea, gathers members, and finally flies in the sky and arrives at WHITE ISLAND …. After such an opening movie, the intro of the opening number is played, and the sound of the bell rings.

The first song is “Holy Day Prayer”.

Kanako Takatsuki was absent on that day due to poor physical condition, so the performance was performed by eight people, but even so, she showed a warm performance that made us feel the bond between the nine people.

Then, he continued to perform Christmas songs, saying “Jingle Bells do not stop”. I was able to enjoy the Christmas mood a little later.

In “HAPPY PARTY TRAIN”, where vocals are connected one by one, Hanamaru Kunikida, who plays the part sung by Takatsuki, covers it. This is a production that can only be done by Aqours, which goes back and forth between anime and real, and I feel emo there.

The first MC introduces himself as usual. Calls and responses between members are no longer perfect! Anju Inami’s greeting, “Nine people have one thought, Aqours” also comes to me. Today is a countdown live, so it’s interesting that the members’ tension was a little higher than usual for the live at a different time than usual.

In “Aozora Jumping Heart,” which was sung with the heat to melt the big snowman set on the stage, Poe Poe also shines colorfully under the stage and makes us excited together.

As the entire venue turned sea-colored and the dolphins danced, Aqours, who got into Poe Poe’s back, said, “Go forward at full speed with Poe Poe, Yosoro,” and slowly proceed to the center stage. (* By the way, the part on this center stage was a pre-recorded part with the costumes changed, so Mr. Takatsuki also participated.)

On the center stage, 4 songs from “Love Live! Sunshine !! Duo Trio Collection CD VOL.2 WINTER VACATION” will be shown! Each type of winter song will be exciting

First of all, “Party! Party! PaPaPa Party!” By Chika & Dia & Yoshiko (unit two names “Tenka Musou Unlimited Fantasista”) is a smile of the three people’s joyful conversation at the outro.

Then, Hanamaru & Ruby (two units named “Junjou Kawaii Angel Kiss”), who got energized by their cute performance, “Kimochi and Yume are the same!” “Misty Frosty Love” by the name “Hyakka Ryouran Dancing Fairy”) and “Misty Frosty Love” by Kanan & Mari (unit two names “Hoshikawa Ichiten Stardust Ocean”) who showed a sad and emo performance using a stand microphone. Before the tears turn into snow. “

In “Before the tears turn into snow”, which was shown at the end of this block, the feelings of Kanan and Mari, who passed each other just to think about each other in the 9th episode of the 1st period of the animation, are blank for 2 years. There was a moving image of the scene in the background, filling in and becoming one. I came to this production again.

“Immature DREAMER” (1st episode 9th episode insert song), which changed costumes and became 8 people again, was the first time that Aqours sang together in the play after the above-mentioned troubles of the 3rd graders were resolved. It’s a song. The flow from the previous song that makes you feel the drama was perfect! Also, the video of episode 9 where the fireworks are launched is beautiful, and the performance of Aqours singing on the stage with a winter pattern is fantastic and wonderful. All the elements were united together, and it became a moving song.

By the way, if this block starts with “Immature DREAMER”, I would like to see it from the duet song of Kanan & Mari! It seems that it was a set list proposed and realized by Arisa Komiya, and fans were excited about this as well on SNS.

After being filled with various emotions, MC will announce the decision to hold the first outdoor live in Shizuoka, which is the stage of “Love Live! Sunshine !!”, to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the formation of Aqours. .. The dates and times are Saturday, May 1st and Sunday, May 2nd, 2021. The opening is Shizuoka Tsumagoi Resort. Since it was outdoors, the members were hoping that the weather would be nice.

During such exchanges, we have less than 10 minutes left until 2021. Mr. Inami said, “This is the last song to sing in 2020!” And showed off “Step! ZERO to ONE”. It was a song that was perfect for the turning point of the year from 2020 to 2021, and the members were enthusiastically singing “Let’s open the door from scratch”.

After singing, everyone waits until the moment when the year passes. Everyone jumps and goes through the year in the air, and with the joy of the New Year, “Happy Birthday, Mr. Dia!” And January 1st celebrate the birthday of Dia Kurosawa.

And while the New Year’s fireworks are set off in the video, “Thrilling One Way” is sung enthusiastically! In the following “MY Mai TONIGHT”, the Japanese taste was perfect on New Year’s Day.

And the last is “Future Flight”. The lyrics, “What’s going to happen in the future? Wait for something beyond your imagination,” was something that touched my heart because Aqours has faced various adversities this year.

Aqours will not stop in 2021! It was

I haven’t given up on meeting everyone and performing live in a big venue, and I’m sure there will be more scenery than I imagined in May. Until then, I want nine people to push forward with one thought.

It was a countdown live that I strongly thought.

(Interview / text / Junichi Tsukagoshi)

【set list】

  1. “Love Live! Sunshine !! Aqours 6th LoveLive! DOME TOUR 2020” Opening Theme
  2. Holy Day Prayer (Sukufe collaboration single 1st “Jingle Bells do not stop” c / w) / Aqours
  3. Jingle Bells do not stop (Sukufe collaboration single 1st “Jingle Bells do not stop” title song) / Aqours
  4. HAPPY PARTY TRAIN (3rd single “HAPPY PARTY TRAIN” title song) / Aqours
  5. Aozora Jumping Heart (TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine !!” 1st season opening theme song) / Aqours
  6. Party! Party! PaPaPaParty! (Songs included in “Duo Trio Collection CD VOL.2 WINTER VACATION”) / Chika Takami, Dia Kurosawa, Yoshiko Tsushima
  7. Feelings and dreams are the same! (Songs included in “Duo Trio Collection CD VOL.2 WINTER VACATION”) / Hanamaru Kunikida, Ruby Kurosawa
  8. Misty Frosty Love (Songs included in “Duo Trio Collection CD VOL.2 WINTER VACATION”) / Riko Sakurauchi, You Watanabe
  9. Before tears turn into snow (songs included in “Duo Trio Collection CD VOL.2 WINTER VACATION”) / Kanan Matsuura, Mari Ohara
  10. Immature DREAMER (TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine !!” 1st episode 9th episode insert song) / Aqours
  11. Step! ZERO to ONE (1st single “Is your heart shining?” C / w) / Aqours
  12. Thrilling One Way (TV Anime “Love Live! Sunshine !!” 1st Blu-ray Volume 6 Special Limited Edition Enclosed Bonus Included Bonus Aqours Original Song CD ⑥) / Aqours
  13. MY Mai ☆ TONIGHT (TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine !!” 2nd episode 3rd episode insert song) / Aqours
  14. Future flight (best album “Aqours CHRONICLE (2015-2017) songs”) / Aqours