Love elements are subject to regulation. New pattern for correction in January New animation situation in China [Anime situation of Chinese otaku]

Love elements are subject to regulation. New pattern for correction in January New animation situation in China [Anime situation of Chinese otaku]
February 12, 2022 11:000
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Love elements are subject to regulation. New pattern for correction in January New animation situation in China [Anime situation of Chinese otaku]
My name is Hyakugen Kago and I’m introducing this and that about the Chinese otaku situation.
This time, I would like to introduce the trends regarding the new animation in January in Japan, which is distributed on the Chinese video site, and how to correct the Japanese animation that is being done in China these days.

Although it has been stable, it is still difficult to deliver the expected work January new animation

In China, the season from January is generally stable, probably because it overlaps with the long vacation of the Chinese New Year, but the new animation is not so exciting, and the past popular works and topical works that can be seen together are reproduced. There was a tendency for the numbers to grow easily.

It seems that the situation around this year, which has been messed up with regulations, has not changed much, and it seems that the atmosphere is calm when it comes to the distribution of new animations. The distribution schedule has become more stable than it was at one time, and it is said that some works have been distributed with almost no time lag with the Japanese broadcast.

However, it seems that regulations and self-regulation regarding the content of the work are still strongly applied, and it is said that the risk is high in the current mainland China, and the expected work of Chinese animation fans is not delivered. It seems that difficult situations are continuing, such as hearing.

Although it is such a new animation in January, there are some popular works and works that are attracting attention.
First of all, in romantic comedy relations, “Mr. Takagi 3 who is good at teasing” seems to be stable and popular. According to a Chinese otaku, “Mr. Takagi” has a unique romantic comedy development and a sense of distance that strongly pierces some layers, and the expression of romantic relationships seems to be “no problem” even in China today. In many ways, it is said that it is a work that can be viewed with peace of mind, which is also advantageous.

Also, among fantasy works, works such as “In the Land of Leadale”, “The Genius Prince’s Deficit National Rebirth”, and “The Strongest Sage with Disqualification Crest” seem to have gained solid popularity, and all the works are based on the original. It seems that the excitement is a mixture of fans chasing from the novel and new fans from the anime.
By the way, “The Genius Prince’s Deficit National Regeneration Technique” has been modified in the costumes of the heroine’s high exposure when it is distributed locally, and from the local fans, “The heroine’s side milk has been corrected. There are also mourning voices such as “!”

In addition, “Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2” is attracting attention from the core layer including the players of the original game that is also being developed in China, and it seems that the quality of drawing is highly evaluated. “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 Stone Ocean” was also distributed in China at once, so it seems that the topic got excited at a slightly different timing from other new animations. “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” has become a basic knowledge work of otaku, with new enthusiastic fans born in China due to recent animation etc., and also a strong fan gathered for the animation of Part 6 It seems that it is.

In addition to the above works, in the works that have continued from the previous term, “King Ranking” seems to continue to perform well in the second course. However, regarding this work, a Chinese otaku said, “Since the story of the anime has been controversial even in the original story, dissatisfaction has become quite noticeable in China, and the atmosphere of the fans has changed. There was also a story such as “There is.”
In China these days, there are more frequent developments that deviate from the viewer’s wishes, and when the end is not what you want, dissatisfaction erupts and it becomes rough, so “King” Regarding “ranking”, it seems that it is becoming difficult to understand the direction of the handling of works in China.

In addition, it seems that all 7 episodes of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” are somehow distributed and become very popular, but “Yukaku” is unknown, including whether or not it is distributed. In the Chinese otaku neighborhood, many people think that it is difficult to think about the content.

A new pattern in paraphrase the correction of the traditional Chinese romance “like”

The delivery of “Ultraman Tiga”, which occurred in China in September last year and became a big topic in the field, which I wrote in the previous article, was canceled, but at that time, “Re” was also canceled. It seems that the first phase of “Life in a different world starting from zero” was quietly revived at the end of December.
However, it seems that the work after the resurrection of distribution had been modified in a sloppy manner, and it is said that something has become a hot topic in China.

One of the things that catches the eye with the new revision (self-regulation?) Of the first phase of such “Rezero”
“Correction of Chinese subtitles”
That’s right, especially the word “like” has been modified.
According to the information provided by a Chinese nerd, the word “like” was translated normally in the previous Chinese subtitles, but in the modified subtitles, “help” and “care”. It seems that the phrase has been stripped of the romance element, such as being changed to a translation that means “.”

However, since the word “like” appears frequently in Japanese animation, the word “like” for Chinese anime viewers is “basically a word familiar to those who are watching with subtitles.” That’s right, there are quite a few people who notice the correction of this subtitle and feel uncomfortable.

It seems that the concept of “puppy love” in Chinese society also has an influence on the problem of regulation and correction of such love elements. This “puppy love” is mainly about premature romance of small children and young people (it seems that it was up to high school students in the past, but the upper limit has been lowered in recent years), which is harmful rather than unfavorable in China. There is a strong idea that it is evil and it is a law.

According to a story I heard from a former expatriate couple who sent their children to a local school in China, I was surprised that the teacher gave a strong instruction to parents that “puppy love is not good” at the school. Then, it seems to be a way of thinking that appears in various places.
Furthermore, in China, it seems that the idea that children should be managed “correctly and innocently” will be added, and even from Chinese nerds, “even if it is a work that I enjoyed when I was little or young, it is a love element. It seems that it is not uncommon for people to come up with stories such as “I don’t want to show a certain work to my child …”.

In fact, the criticisms of Japanese anime in China that “have a negative effect on children” include, in addition to violence and pornographic content, the depiction of children’s romance.
Against this background, the love affair is one of the first elements that should be self-regulated when trying to focus on safety in China, where there is pressure on entertainment in general in various ways. It is a pattern.

By the way, in China, even when Japanese animation was broadcast on TV in the past, scenes with romantic elements were basically cut and modified. Also, when a cut or correction is made in a kiss scene or a confession scene, there are standard correction methods such as “Let’s dance” and “It’s a good person”, respectively, and it is a topic that becomes a story among old generation otaku. there was.

For example, when “Neon Genesis Evangelion” was once aired on Chinese television, various scenes were also deleted and corrected. Regarding the scene where the love element is entwined, in the scene where Asuka falls asleep and enters Shinji’s futon, it becomes a gluttonous argument that “I ate a pinch”, and in the kiss scene of Shinji and Asuka, “Let’s sing together. It seems that it was something like “Ikari”.

For those who have experienced such old cases, it seems to be complicated with Iloilo when it comes to paraphrasing the subtitles of “Rezero”.
In the story heard from a veteran Chinese nerd
“Are you still doing that …”
Because if there is
“Did you come this time?”
At the same time as I want to hold my head, I seem to find the new correction pattern a little interesting.

Apart from that, from Chinese nerds
“I feel like I can’t say anything about the situation where regulations on the love element of works for young people are being tightened while measures against population decline are being called for.”
“It’s understandable that great people and parents want to keep their children and young people away from love, but if you suddenly get married from there, you don’t want to be told that your child is still there.”
I can hear the story.

Regarding the trend and direction of the recent tightening of regulations and self-regulation in China, there may be some parts that are more confusing and stray than those that have been done in the past.

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