Live delivery in a different world !? Comment Judgment is an important new sensation dungeon RPG “

Live delivery in a different world !? Comment Judgment is an important new sensation dungeon RPG “● LIVE IN DUNGEON” game review
February 26, 2022 12:000
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Live delivery in a different world !? Comment Judgment is an important new sensation dungeon RPG “● LIVE IN DUNGEON” game review
Have you ever met someone who is livestreaming outdoors? The author was surprised to find a broadcast of a foreign streamer who was broadcasting live in a nearby shopping district when he was vaguely looking at the distribution site one day. That’s why “● LIVE IN DUNGEON” to introduce is a work whose theme is such live distribution.

“● LIVE IN DUNGEON” is a first-person 3D dungeon RPG set in a special world “Wandalcia” where only distribution technology has been developed.

In this Wandalcia, the player will become a fledgling different world distributor and proceed with the dungeon exploration with his partner Black Cat. Speaking of the hero of the fantasy RPG, “the hero who adventures to save the world” is a standard, but the hero of this work is just a distributor who is neither a hero nor a warrior, and the motive of the adventure is “live distribution” To get a lot of “likes”. ” Although it is a different world, I was immediately grabbed by the unique view of the world with a modern feel.

As soon as you start the game, you will start capturing the first dungeon. It is an orthodox style 3D dungeon RPG that moves back and forth and left and right to explore the map, but suddenly a mysterious line saying “It’s my first look!” Was displayed on the right side of the screen. This is a “comment” from the viewer, what to hide. That’s because players aren’t just capturing the dungeon, they’re livestreaming the pattern.

As proof of that, “● LIVE” (during live broadcasting) is displayed in the upper left of the screen. This is the origin of the title of this work, “● LIVE IN DUNGE ON”. By the way, this “comment” is in the form of telling you about this work, a tutorial-like thing that teaches you how to operate and play. This production, which reproduces the scenery of “delivery”, in which the viewer tells the fledgling distributor who does not know right or left, whether it is a comment or not, perfectly matches the world view and makes the player’s heart scream. Attract.

Now, what should the distributor do when comments come from viewers? The answer is “rice return”, comment return. Players can reply to comments marked with “↑”, “↓”, “←”, “→” by pressing the corresponding key. However, it does not return comments by typing or speaking, but it is a style like a text adventure game where you choose one from the displayed options. If you choose a better option, you will get a lot of likes.

By the way, the status of the main character displayed at the bottom of the screen is the number of followers, which is mixed with the elements unique to RPG such as offensive power and defensive power! The number is displayed. Actually, this number of “likes”, in a sense, is more important than offensive power and defensive power, but … I’ll explain the details later.

Speaking of RPG, the battle with the enemy is inevitable. In this work, except for the boss battle, a random encounter format that encounters an enemy with a certain probability while exploring the dungeon is adopted. Battle is a familiar command selection method in RPGs, but since it progresses in real time, if you are motivated, you will be attacked more and more by the enemy and you will be defeated in a blink of an eye. In that case, I thought that it would be better to execute the pounding attack command continuously before the opponent attacks, but since the cool time always occurs after the player’s action, it is not possible to act continuously. you can not.

The key to this is the comments from the viewers.
Even though it is in a battle with a ferocious looking enemy, it is being broadcast live, so viewers can get crazy comments. By properly “returning rice” to those comments, the cool time to use the command will be shortened.

Rather than just waiting for your next turn, the key to this game is to respond to comments from viewers and shorten the time to re-action. Since it is necessary to judge both the enemy and the viewer, the battle will be quite busy, such as “Attack! Rice return! Rice return! Rice return! Special move!”, But this busyness is the book. It is the greatest pleasure of the work. The player’s name is “God-friendly distributor who prioritizes returning rice to the viewer rather than his own life”, although it happens that he was distracted by the comments so much that he was disappointed when he noticed it. It may be handed down to future generations ….

Furthermore, as the game progresses, a system called “Super Comment”, which is not Spacha … but Spakome, will be released. This is a special comment that becomes available after a certain period of time during the battle, and you can directly ask the viewer to either “attack, recover, or strengthen”. Even if you fall into a pinch in a battle, it is possible to reverse the battle situation by asking for spa rice, and you can still feel the magnitude of the “viewer’s power” in distribution. Indeed, in the real world, being given money by a viewer with a super chat is equivalent to being given “power” by the viewer to increase attack power and recover physical strength from an RPG perspective. maybe.

Although this work is an RPG, there is no concept of level. Players will power up by purchasing weapons, armor, and skills that can be used in battle as they advance to new areas. Most RPGs use money to buy equipment at the shop, but the currency used in this game is “Like!”. Yes, the “likes” earned by returning rice to the viewers will be effective here.

It’s a surprising word for the overly novel economic system of consuming “likes” and buying items, but in the first place, this work is a world where everything revolves around “delivery”. When other adventurers I met in the dungeon told me “I’ll do an item if I exceed my followers”, or when I looked up an object of interest such as a building or mushroom, the main character always said “I’m happy with the viewer.” There are many events that are unlikely to be seen in other RPGs, such as “I’m likely to get it”, and they always entertain the player.

As mentioned earlier, this work has no concept of level, but it also has no concept of party. The protagonist will always search alone and fight alone, but due to the presence of viewers who come to see the stream and the comments and support from them, the player is like taking a lot of parties. Experience the mysterious feeling of being adventurous. Especially, the number of stormy comments in the boss battle is a must-see. You will be able to fully experience the feeling of being the main character of the story, “I am not alone! I have many friends!”

“● LIVE IN DUNGEON” has been completed as a one-of-a-kind game by exquisitely fusing two elements that seem to be seemingly unconnected, live distribution and dungeon RPG. This is a recommended title for those who want to play a new game.

“● LIVE IN DUNGEON” (Heaviside Creations)
Genre: RPG
Released on June 5, 2021
Price: 980 yen (as of February 9, 2022)
Copyright: (C) 2021 Heaviside Creations
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Author: Nero Hyakukabe
A freelance writer who buys too many games. Currently more than 300 stacked games. He is also a novelist. He has written books such as “Yubisaki Kaidan 140 Characters Scary Story” (PHP Institute) and “Goaken His Unrated Edition” (Kodansha).