Kanae Ito is in charge of ASMR’s audio work “Nekogurashi.” And the second season 2 “Chinchilla Cat”!

October 19, 2020 16:00

ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi.”, Which was distributed for 7 consecutive weeks this summer and became a hot topic such as entering the Twitter trend. The sequel “Nekogurashi. 2-Chinchilla Nekomusume and Healing Footbath-” is on sale today, and it was announced that the voice actor is Kanae Ito. It can be purchased at DLsite, a download sales site.

In Season 1, the inn “Neko Narukan” between the other world and this world was set, but in Season 2, the secret hot spring “Matatabi no Yu” is set. Along with the pleasant ASMR sound in the hot spring area, the story of the work that has not been told until now will gradually become clear.

⇒ ASMR voice work “Nekogurashi.” Season 2 first, “Mike Neko” is in charge of Sumire Uesaka!

ASMR is a reaction / sensation that a person feels by stimulating hearing or vision, feels comfortable, and the brain is tingling. Recently, many sound sources and videos related to ASMR have been posted on YouTube, Instagram, etc. and are gaining popularity.

The stage of the hospitality of “Nekogurashi. 2” is “Matatabi no Yu” which is famous as “Kamigami no Yu”. After passing through the autumnal alleys of autumn leaves and bamboo grove, there is a remote bathhouse. Warm up in the hearth and take a break. In the open-air bath, the space where cat girls entertain tired travelers expands. At the hot spring, your worries, your back, and the cat girl will be washed away …!
Who will be the shrine maiden? Which cat girl is going to this world? Some cat girls are new to this ritual. The mystery of “Nekogurashi.” Is gradually revealed …?

In addition, Mr. Booota is in charge of character design, and the creative circle: CANDY VOICE is in charge of sound source production.

The long-awaited season 2 has finally begun. Whether there will be further development with the appearance of new characters, it seems that it will continue to be a hot topic.

Chinchilla cat role: Kanae Ito

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