Fall 2021 Anime Summary Review Selected by Anime Writer! Introducing 5 works such as “The Great Jahy Will Not Be Disappointed!” And “The Aquatope on White Sand” !! [Anime Column]

January 22, 2022 11:00

From the TV animations completed in December 2021, we have picked up works related to work! “Monthly Gangan JOKER” serialized “Jahee-sama is not disappointed!”, “Senior is annoying junior story” published by Ichijinsha, PAWORKS work animation “White sand aquatope”, assassin Introducing “Kimi to Fit Boxing Fit Boxing Animation” based on the popular game “Reincarnated as the world’s best assassin, a different world aristocrat” with the main character.

Jahy-sama won’t be disappointed!

Jahy, who reigned as the No. 2 influential person in the demon world, fell into the human world, and is a comedy that collects magic stones and works part-time to revive the demon world. The apartment where Jahy lives is set to 4 and a half tatami mats without a bath, and there are plenty of nostalgic elements. Nostalgic gag, such as fighting with the landlord over rent delinquency, getting police questions, falling into an open manhole, wrestling and cooking corners starting after the ending, UFOs falling from the sky, etc. Is drawn out at a good tempo and loses sight of the stop.
It is also a good impression that there are no bad guys in the character. The first act of the final episode in which the people in the shopping district who have appeared so far support Jahy, who carries the portable shrine, seems to have achieved the revival of the demon world in the human world. The anime is closed with fireworks at the summer festival, but the story of “Jahee-sama” is a refreshing finale that seems to continue forever.

An office romantic comedy depicting the interaction between the main character, Futaba Igarashi, who has been in the company for the second year, and Harumi Takeda, a senior who is a little annoyed but reliable. In the main story, although you can see the scenery of sales and presentations, there is no concrete description of the work, and the viewer’s interest is toward the relationship between the characters.
In episode 1, Futaba confesses that he confessed with the momentum of sake, but Takeda doesn’t even think of him as a love affair. Futaba, who is small enough to be mistaken for a child, is shorter than Takeda sitting in a chair, and represents a distance where the desperate height difference does not shrink. However, the season is the last episode of the final episode. This time, Takeda surprised Futaba with an unexpected statement. It may be because the situation of a gentle slope brought each other’s height slightly closer.

The original title of all 24 episodes by P.A.WORKS is a youth ensemble drama depicting people working in an aquarium in Okinawa Prefecture. In addition to breeding penguins and other sea creatures, I am curious about the backside of the workplace, which is not usually seen, such as exhibition projects that introduce ecology and mobile aquariums at hospitals. The colors based on blue are also vivid, and the hair of the main character, Umisakino Kukuru, the uniform of the aquarium, and the clear sea and sky of Okinawa are beautiful.
The story goes in a surprising direction, wondering if the restructuring of the “Gamagama Aquarium” run by her grandfather will be the main one. It’s a work that attracts me to stories that can only be drawn in two cool works, where the range of work and human relationships gradually expand, and things that could not be seen until then gradually become visible.

Reincarnated as the world’s best assassin, a different world aristocrat

Based on a different world fantasy novel published by “Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko”. An assassin reborn in the world of swords and magic will carry out rigorous training from an early age in order to carry out the mission of eradicating heroes.
For many different world reincarnated animations, the hero’s previous life is not worth talking about, and if he is not good at it, he will die within a few minutes of the start, but this work uses one episode to carefully draw the last work and death of his life. ing. The scene where the aging hero preaches the assassin’s knowledge to a new partner, coupled with Junpei Morita’s dandy play, makes me want to see Grandpa Assassin’s activity without reincarnation. Even in the reborn world, the hero who sticks to the profession of assassin suddenly defeats a mighty opponent who can never compete in a serious game in the final episode. The reason why he goes back to the video of the previous life in the flashback scene that reveals the trick is probably because his life before reincarnation was never wasted.

You and Fit Boxing Fit Boxing Animation

A short comedy based on the Nintendo Switch exercise game “Fit Boxing” series. Casting famous voice actors as instructors became a hot topic, and the cumulative worldwide sales of the game exceeded 2 million.
In the anime version, we are approaching the personalities and backbones of the characters that cannot be understood just by playing the original, but all the members have edgy habits. Karen, a newcomer who became an instructor due to a paperwork mistake when trying to take a trial lesson, Hiro, a handsome guy who blinds the other person with the brilliance of his teeth every time he smiles, Sophie, a super celebrity who comes to work with a private helicopter I am surprised at the unknown side.
There is also a serious episode that reveals the worries as an instructor while the style is surreal on the whole. When I see the cheerleader Janice, who plays Rie Kugimiya, lonely saying, “Some students aren’t coming …”, I bought the game, but I was guilty of skipping it for a long time.

(Sentence, Katsunori Takahashi)

(C) Konbu Wakame / SQUARE ENIX ・ “Jahee-sama is not disappointed!” Production Committee
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