/”Ensemble Stars !! -Road to Show !!-” This preview video is released. The theme song sung by 10 idols is unveiled for the first time.

This preview video of “Ensemble Stars !! -Road to Show !!-“, which will be released at theaters nationwide from March 4, has been released. In the video, the theme song “Life is so Dramatic !!” sung by the 10 main characters is unveiled for the first time.

The same work that develops a completely new story linked with the in-game event of the original idol training game “Ensemble Stars !!”. In this notice, one year after the unit “Trickstar” by Makoto Yuuki (Shotaro Morikubo) won the idol festival “SS”, idols visited New York to participate in the award ceremony of “Idol Film Festival”. , Participating in a reception party wearing a black tie, and enjoying sightseeing in plain clothes are depicted. In addition, there will be a suspicious person wearing a red hoodie creeping up on them, and a man with glasses who mutters, “Is it necessary to put moxibustion on a cheeky young man?”

The theme song “Life is so Dramatic !!” includes Yuuki (Morikubo), Aiyoshi Shiratori (Kouhei Amasaki), Kohaku Sakuragawa (Tsubasa Kaito), Hinata Aoi (Soma Saito), and Mao Kisaragi (Yuki Kaji). , Reise Mayoi (Chiharu Shigematsu), Rintsuki Sakuma (Daiki Yamashita), Izumi Sena (Masami Ito), Rei Sakuma (Toshiki Masuda), Ran Nagisago (Junichi Suwabe) special unit “SCREEN10 (Screen Ten)” Sing. The full-size version of the song will be included in the CD “Special Screening Version” Ensemble Stars !! -Road to Show !!- “Music Collection”, which will be released on the first day of its release (March 4th). The price is 2970 yen.

Work informationEnsemble Stars !!-Road to Show !!-
Updated November 22, 2021


Work information Event information
Ensemble Stars !!-Road to Show !!-
Theatrical release date March 4, 2022 (Friday)
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Form OVA
Production company
david production
Staff information
[Original] Happy Elements [Director] Masakazu Hishida [Chief Director] Asami Nakatani [Special Skills Director] Kenta Mimuro [Screenplay] Seitaro Kino (Happy Elements) [Character Draft] Happy Elements [Animation Character Design / Animation Director] Haruko Iizuka [Animation] Character design (TV series)] Tomoyuki Shimotani, Eri Nagata [Art director] Mio Miyamoto [Color design] Yuri Suzuki
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The movies “Togenkyo Idol Fist”, “Midnight His BUTLERS”, and “La Mort” starring the idols of Ensemble Square have been nominated for the annual “Idol Film Festival” (IFF), an idol film festival held in New York. .. The idols selected as representatives head to New York to participate in the award ceremony. After attending film festivals and reception parties, they went to various places in New York City to enjoy a brief tour before the award ceremony, but they had a suspicious shadow creeping on them. ….
Makoto Yuuki: Shotaro Morikubo Mao Kisaragi: Yuki Kaji Aiyoshi Shiratori: Mayoi Tenzaki Kohei Reise Mayoi: Chiharu Shigematsu Ran Nagisago: Junichi Suwabe Hinata Aoi: Soma Saito Sakuragawa Kohaku: Tasuku Kaito Sakuma Rei: Toshiki Masuda Masami Ito Rintsuki Sakuma: Daiki Yamashita
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