Completed key visual for the original anime “Healer Girl” Ayahi Takagaki, Hisako Tojo, Miyu Takagi added to the cast

“Healer Girl” key visual
(C) Healer Girl Project

The key visuals, additional casts, and ending videos of the original TV anime “Healer Girl” were announced.

This work depicts girls aiming to be “healers” who perform medical treatment by “healing”, a voice medicine that cures illnesses and injuries with songs. Healers not only heal wounds by singing, but also stabilize the patient’s mind and support people’s lives as a third medicine. The “healing space” that appears in the healer’s song changes its appearance depending on the power of the singer’s image, such as the soft breeze, sprouting flowers, and the glittering world, and only those with the healer’s qualities can recognize the space. ..

Three apprentice healers working at Karasuma Voice Treatment Center, a cheerful mood maker, Kana Fujii, a slightly bullish young lady, Reimi Gojo, and a solid sister, Hibiki Morishima, train to become a full-fledged healer after school. During. In addition, Sonia Yanagi, a returnee child who is qualified as a C-class healer, joins in, and the girls sing a “healing song” toward their dreams.

As already announced, the young female voice actor unit “Healer Girls” will be the voice of the main character, with Karin Isobe playing the role of Kana, Marina Horiuchi playing the role of Reimi, Akane Kumada playing the role of Hibiki, and Chihaya Yoshitake playing the role of Sonia. Is in charge. In the additional cast, Aya Takagaki will play the role of Ria Karasuma, who runs the Karasuma Voice Treatment Center, and Hisako Tojo will play the role of Shoko Nagisa, a pharmacist at the Karasuma Voice Treatment Center. Miyu Takagi plays the role of Shinobu Honosaka, the granddaughter of the institute, who aims to be a “sound therapy musician” who creates healing songs.

The ending video is also released

(C) Healer Girl Project

The key visual is the appearance of characters surrounded by musical notes and balloons in the blue sky. “Healer Girls” is in charge of both the opening theme “Feel You, Heal You” and the ending theme “Believe like Singing.”



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