“Black Summoner” who becomes a top adventurer in battle madness is decided to be made into a TV animation.

News Saturday, February 19, 2022 19:00

“Black Summoner” who becomes a top adventurer in battle madness is decided to be made into a TV animation. Koki Uchiyama, Manaka Iwami, Reina Ueda will appear.

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The original novel by Mr. Tofu Maze has been viewed more than 280 million times on the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist”, and the cumulative total of the series has exceeded 1.4 million copies. Kelvin, a young man who acquired powerful skills in exchange for memories of the previous life and reincarnated in a different world, guides and follows the goddess and becomes a top adventurer with a personality that constantly seeks strong enemies and a status far beyond the level of newcomers. Draw a rising figure. The 16th volume of the original novel was released on February 25, and comicalize is also serialized in the overlapping WEB comic magazine “Comic Gardo”.

Uchiyama will play the role of Kelvin, a genuine battle enthusiast who will devote himself to fighting strong enemies with his tremendous status growth and the skill of a “summoner” who uses his monsters. Iwami is a half-elf Efil who is bought by Kelvin for being sold as a slave in the city, and Ueda receives an enthusiastic approach from Kelvin before losing his memory, and the reincarnated god who became his subordinate. In charge of the role of Melfina. The teaser visual depicts Kelvin with a fearless smile, saying, “Come with all your might, otherwise it’s meaningless.”

The director and series composition will be Yoshimasa Hiraike, who says “Love is difficult for Otaku”, and Miwa Oshima, who has reincarnated as a villainous daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game, will be in charge of character design. Animation production will be done by satellites of the “Aquarion” and “Macross” series.

Below are the comments from the cast members.

[Koki Uchiyama (role of Kelvin)]
I think the charm of this work is that the hero who has reincarnated in a different world gains various experiences and gradually increases his friends, and develops an adventure in an unknown world where he does not know what will happen. Kelvin, who I play, is a character who loves battle. Please look forward to what kind of battle he will take on.

[Manaka Iwami (role of Efil)]
At first, Efil, who I play, is afraid to interact with people for some reason, but she is a character who meets her husband and various characters and becomes more and more lively!
I think that it is a work that can be enjoyed not only by those who like different world reincarnation language, but also by those who have never touched it before, so please have a look! thank you!

[Reina Ueda (role of Melfina)]
The main character, Kelvin, is a ridiculous battle junkie. While I was watching him, I was screaming, “Oh, I wonder if the battle scene will start soon.” It’s a work with a mysterious suction power.
Melfina, who is in charge, is always looking at Kelvin and her friends happily. I think that everyday life with them will be the best vacation for Melfina, who is usually busy working as a “god.”

Work information

Black Summoner Updated February 17, 2022

Work information Event information
Black summoner

Broadcast time 2022 animation

Production company
Staff information
[Original] Maze Tofu (“Overlap Bunko” Overlap) [Character Draft] Kurogin (DIGS), DI EXT [Original Comic] Amou Gin (“Comic Gardo” Overlap) [Director] Yoshimasa Hiraike [Series] Composition] Yoshimasa Hiraike [Character design] Miwa Oshima Black Summoner
“For the first time, the one who told me to be a subordinate to me, the god.” Kelvin was reincarnated in another world when he woke up. Moreover, he follows the goddess of the world as a guide under his control. In exchange for memories of the previous life, Kelvin gained too high-ranked summoning skills and magic skills, but he started his life as an adventurer, but soon due to his desire to seek strong enemies and his status far beyond the rookie level. It gets a lot of attention. Dressed in a black robe, the hero who is a battle enthusiast gathers friends and becomes a top adventurer, the exhilarating battle story begins!
Kelvin: Koki Uchiyama Efil: Manaka Iwami Melfina: Reina Ueda
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