“BASTARD !!-Dark Destruction God-” Animated on Netflix in 2022 Kishō Taniyama as DS

Thursday, February 3, 2022 18:00

(C) Kazushi Hagiwara / Shueisha / BASTARD !! Production Committee

The dark fantasy manga “BASTARD !!-Dark Destruction God-” by Kazushi Hagiwara has been decided to be animated, and it has been decided that it will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix within 2022. Starring Kishō Taniyama, Tomori Kusunoki, Hiroki Yasumoto, and Yoko Hikasa will appear. The teaser visual is also open to the public.

In this work, 400 years after the collapse of modern civilization, the boy Ruche Renren, who encloses the great wizard Dark Schneider (DS) who once planned to rule the world, is set in a world dominated by magic and swords. And, in order to save the Kingdom of Meta-Ricana, his childhood friend, Tia Note Yoko, confronts the dark rebel army that is planning to revive the destructive god Anthracus. The original was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (published by Shueisha) since 1988, following the favorable reception of the one-shot “WIZARD !! ~ The Conqueror of Explosion ~” released in 1987. The heroine’s wild character, magnificent world view, and sexy depictions of the heroines were supported, and it became a popular work with a cumulative circulation of over 30 million copies. Currently, the development is continuing with the suspension of “Ultra Jump”. From 1992 to 1993, it was also made into an OVA series starring Kazuki Yao.

Taniyama is in charge of the role of the legendary witch D / S, who is unsealed by the kiss of a virgin, and Kusunoki is in charge of the role of Yoko, who is the only one who cannot raise his head. Yasumoto plays Ninja Master Gala, the four heavenly kings of the Dark Rebel Corps, and Hikasa plays “Thunder Emperor” Arches Ney, who is also the four heavenly kings and former lover of DS. The teaser visual depicts DS and Yoko sitting on a grotesque throne.

The director will be Takaharu Ozaki of “Goblin Slayer”, Yosuke Kuroda of “My Hero Academia” will be in charge of the series composition, and Saki Ono of “Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo” will be in charge of character design. The animation will be produced by Liden Films of “The Heroic Legend of Arslan”.

A special program featuring four main cast members, including Taniyama, has also been decided. In addition to the announcement of the first release information such as PV and additional cast, the video comment of director Ozaki will also be released. Free live streaming on “WB Anime YouTube Channel (https://youtu.be/5xxpEFjGqHY)” and “Netflix YouTube Channel (https://youtu.be/2htS_GQRX48)” from 8 pm on February 10.

Below are comments from the main cast and director Ozaki.

[Kisho Taniyama / Dark Schneider]A manga serialized when I was a student. Of course I knew it because it was a manga with a preeminent presence. I don’t really know my life that I, who was in the middle of the generation at that time, will play Dark Schneider, who is the main character of the dangerous work.
Kazuki Yao once played the same role in the OVA. He was so addictive that he was the only one. For the people who entrusted Dark Schneider to me this time, and for many fans of the original work, I would like to complete the Dark Schneider that only Kisho Taniyama can do.
Please provide some support.

[Tomori Kusunoki (role of Tier Note Yoko)]Yoko is a little scared when she gets angry because she has her own core, but she is a strong, kind and lovely woman who can look around and understand people’s feelings.
She will do her best so that many fans including overseas and those who are interested for the first time can enjoy it! Thank you in advance.

[Hiroki Yasumoto (role of Gala)]In the past, Yasumoto Shonen was passionate about his heart and “something” in this work.
It’s incredible to be able to participate in such a memorable work as a gala of my favorite character.
I would like to play him firmly, cherishingly, daringly, but somewhat kindly and charmingly.

[Yoko Hikasa (role of Arches Ney)]My name is Yoko Hikasa and I will play Bastard !!
Her Ney is a clumsy but straight woman who pursues her ideal world and strength while pretending not to see her feelings deep inside her. I would like to express the subtleties of Nei’s heart that sways between her role and her love.
This work, which incorporates the playfulness of the original author, will be revived as a video, so fans are welcome to look forward to it!

[Takaharu Ozaki (Director)]That Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! It is. Now revived with anime!
It can be said that the influence of this work on many Japanese fantasy works is still continuing.
It has evolved with tremendous momentum and power beyond the framework of classic high fantasy and has attracted many fans.
In this era, when the freedom of diversified societies and individuals is insisted on, it becomes convenient and prosperous, but it is easy to lose sight of something with an important person.
It doesn’t make sense to have only one’s ideals and way of life. We can live strongly because there are important people there. Not only the fantasy world view, but also the characters who have such passion will continue to run with all their might, so there is no doubt that everyone who knows the original and those who do not know can enjoy it.
We are honored to be able to animate this work with the best cast and staff and send it to you.
Please look forward to it!

Work information

BASTARD !!-Dark Destruction God-Updated February 3, 2022

Work information Event information
BASTARD !!-Dark Destruction God-

Broadcast time 2022 animation

Production company
Liden film
Staff information
[Original] Kazushi Hagiwara (“Jump Comics” published by Shueisha) [Director] Takaharu Ozaki [Series composition] Yosuke Kuroda [Character design] Sayaka Ono [Sound director] Yasunori Ebina [Music] Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX) [Produced] ] Warner Bros. Japan BASTARD !!-Dark Destruction God-
400 years after the collapse of modern civilization, the world was in a chaos dominated by magic and swords. The dark rebel corps, which aims to revive the destructive god Anthracus, continued to expand its power to rule the world, centered on the four heavenly kings who have overwhelming magical power. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Meta-Ricana on the continent of Central Metallion is attacked by a dark rebel corps led by a mage. To save the kingdom, the daughter of the Great Priest, Tia Note Yoko, is forced to make a decision. It is to revive the ancient wizard who once envisioned world domination, contained within her childhood friend, Ruche Renren. And only the kiss by her virgin can break her seal. The moment Yoko never puts her lips on her lips in her imminent crisis, her black and mighty fairy fills her surroundings. The strongest and most crazy, transcendental beautiful hero, and the legendary wizard Dark Schneider are now back!
Dark Schneider: Kisho Taniyama Tear Note Yoko: Tomori Kusunoki Gala: Hiroki Yasumoto Arches Ney: Yoko Hikasa
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