ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi.”, Sumire Uesaka & Kanae Ito’s spin-off is now on sale as a New Year special!

January 04, 2021 16:38

ASMR audio work “Nekogurashi.”, Which became a hot topic such as the introduction of Season 1 and Season 2 from 2020 and the entry into Twitter trends. Starting today, the first spin-off work will be on sale as a New Year special.

The New Year special is “Nekogurashi.-New Year’s Day at Neko Narukan-Mike Cat & Chinchilla Cat”. It can be purchased at DLsite, a download sales site.
As in the main story, Sumire Uesaka will be the voice actor for the character “Mike Neko”, and Kanae Ito will be the voice actor for the “Chinchira Neko”.

ASMR voice work “Nekogurashi.” Season 2 first, “Mike Neko” is in charge of Sumire Uesaka!

Kanae Ito is in charge of ASMR’s audio work “Nekogurashi.” And the second season 2 “Chinchilla Cat”!

In Season 1, the inn “Neko Narukan” between the other world and this world was set, and in Season 2, the secret hot spring “Matatabi no Yu” was set. In this spin-off, we will entertain the regular god who came to the Neko Narukan on New Year’s Day.
The ASMR experience goes to the next dimension when the personalities of the two cats, the Mike cat who works hard for the regular god, the Chinchilla cat who is the “best of politeness”, and the two cats intersect.

・ Sumire Uesaka

■ For audition of “Nekogurashi.-New Year’s Day at Neko Narukan-Mike Cat & Chinchilla Cat”

ASMR refers to the reaction / sensation that a person feels due to stimuli to hearing or vision, that is comfortable, and that the brain is tingling. Recently, many sound sources and videos related to ASMR have been posted on YouTube and Instagram and are gaining popularity.

“Nekogurashi.” Is set in the inn “Neko Narukan” between the other world and this world, and cat girls with various personalities appear. The cat most beloved by the “chosen person” (listener) is chosen as a shrine maiden and can be revived as a person in this world.
The character illustration is Nekogurashi. Mr. Asao Urata, who is in charge of the four-frame manga, and the creative circle: CANDY VOICE (reading: Candy Voice) are in charge of sound source production.

[Product information]
■ Nekogurashi. ~ New Year of Cat Narukan ~ Mike Cat & Chinchilla Cat
Release Date: January 4, 2021
Price: 1980 yen (tax included)
Voice actors: Mike cat (CV. Sumire Uesaka), Chinchilla cat (CV. Kanae Ito)
⇒Sales site


  1. New Year greetings
  2. New Year of Cat Narukan
  3. Earpick with Mike cat and Chinchilla cat
  4. Stroking your ears with a cat and cleaning your ears
  5. Surrounding Mike Cat & Chinchilla Cat and Osechi Cuisine ~ New Year’s Dining Table ~
  6. Mike and Chinchilla cat ear oil massage
  7. Binaural massage with leather gloves of Mike cat and Chinchilla cat
  8. Mike cat, Chinchilla cat, and moonlit night worship
  9. Mike and Chinchilla cats have ear blows
  10. Good night together

Also, Nekomata. Pre-order sales of official character goods have also started. In addition to the resale of the character goods sold in July 2020, new goods for the Chinchilla cat and American Shorthair cat that first appeared in Season 2 are also available. Check the official website for details.



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