Armor runs through my heart !! “Ronin Warriors Samurai Trooper” Theme song “Samurai Heart 2022” by Hiroko Moriguchi and Takeshi Kusao will be released worldwide from today!

January 31, 2022 17:59

“Samurai Heart ~ 2022 ~”, which includes the cover of the opening theme “Samurai Heart” of “Ronin Warriors”, has finally started distribution on January 31, 2022 at various music services around the world. ..

“Ronin Warriors” started broadcasting on TV in April 1988. Five boys who are descendants of historical heroes wear protector armor pseudo-a (armor gear) on a stage that incorporates a Japanese taste in the world view and embraces the three space-time of the present, the past, and another world. A life-sized hero action produced by Sunrise that fights against the evil spirit led by the evil emperor Arago. At that time, it became a hot topic that was featured in news programs, and it was widely deployed in OVA series, drama CDs and events, and it is still loved by many fans after the 30th anniversary of the start of broadcasting.

A self-cover by Hiroko Moriguchi of the opening theme “Samurai Heart” of the popular animation “Ronin Warriors” produced by Sunrise, which was a big hit when the information was lifted, and Takeshi Kusao, the main character, Ryo Sanada / Ryo of the fiery fire. “Samurai Heart ~ 2022 ~”, which includes a cover by Mr. San, has finally started to be distributed on various music services around the world today.

“Ronin Warriors Samurai Trooper” Hiroko Moriguchi and Takeshi Kusao’s theme song “Samurai Heart 2022” will be released! The jacket illustration drawn by Ken Mizuki has been released !!

Both versions are arranged with the new charm of Reiwa while feeling nostalgic, and the powerful vocals of the two are also a must-listen. In addition, the jacket is an illustration of “Ronin Warriors” at the time of broadcasting, and it is a newly drawn illustration of “Ryo of Fiery Fire” by Ken Mizuki, who fascinated many fans.

Furthermore, the animation MV of “” Samurai Heart ~ 2022 ~ “Hiroko Moriguchi” released today on Sunrise’s official YouTube channel “Sunrise Channel” is composed mainly of the number of stories that received a lot of votes from the famous scene voting by fans. It is a video that you can enjoy the activities of the five Samurai Troopers and the attractive characters.

In addition, the music video for “‘Samurai Heart-Relentless Fire-‘Takeshi Kusao” will be released at a later date. The release date will be announced on the official Twitter of Sunrise Music later, so please wait for the follow-up report.

Worldwide distribution starts from today on each music service!
Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, LINE MUSIC, YouTube Music, RecMusic, KKBOX, iTunes Store, Recochoku, etc.

■ “Samurai Heart ~ 2022 ~” Hiroko Moriguchi Animation MV

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