Announcing the additional cast of the anime version “Shenmue” Haruka Terui as the heroine Shenfa

News Sunday, February 6, 2022 20:00

Announcing the additional cast of the anime version “Shenmue” Haruka Terui as the heroine Shenfa

Gifu-born band “NARUDORA” is in charge of the ending theme

Gifu-born band “NARUDORA” is in charge of the ending theme

It was revealed that Haruka Terui, Haruka Fushimi, and Ryuichi Kijima will appear as additional casts for “Shenmue the Animation,” which animates the Sega game “Shenmue.”

The ending theme was decided to be “Sympathy” from the rock band “NARUDORA”.

Terui plays the mysterious heroine Shenfa, who lives in a remote village. It will be a continuation of the third original game. Fushimi is in charge of the role of Nozomi Harasaki, who is a classmate of the main character Ryo and secretly longs for him, and Kijima is in charge of the role of Takaaki Chen, the user of Yanseiken who will fight with Ryo.

The original game is an action-adventure game released in 1999. Ryo Batsuki (Masaya Matsukaze), whose father, the martial arts dojo owner, was killed by a mysterious man, Ai Emperor (CV: Takahiro Sakurai), searches for the mystery of the key that caused his father’s death. Embark on a journey to avenge. The first work “Shenmue Chapter 1 Yokosuka” was released in 1999, the second work in 2001, and the third work in 2019. The form of the announcement of the anime version has not been revealed, but it will be released this year.

The full comments by Terui, Fushimi, and Kijima are as follows.

[Haruka Terui (role of Shenfa)]
Congratulations on the animation of Shenmue!
I play Shenmue from “Shenmue III”.
I remember the audition and the game recording at that time very clearly. I am deeply grateful that I was involved in the historic world of Shenmue and that I met a wonderful woman named Shenmue.
I was hoping for the day when I could play Shenfa again, but I never thought that dream would come true so quickly.
As a viewer, I’m looking forward to seeing that world in anime.
We hope that all Shenmue fans and those who will experience the world of Shenmue will be looking forward to it.

[Haruka Fushimi (role of Nozomi Harasaki)]
I’m Haruka Fushimi, who is in charge of the voice of Nozomi Harasaki.
It is new to her memory that she was pleased while she was confused when she was contacted by the manager that she was decided to be Harasaki.
I’m really happy to have the opportunity to participate in a work called Shenmue, which has been loved by many people for a long time.
I actually played the game and became completely captivated by the world of Shenmue.
I would like to wait with you to see how attractive characters are drawn.

[Ryuichi Kijima (role of Takaaki Chen)]
We will play Takaaki Chen in the anime “Shenmue the Animation”.
It is a great honor to be able to participate in the animated version of Shenmue, the legendary title in the game world.
Chen Kisho looks cool, but he cherishes the heat contained inside it.
Please look forward to the adventures of Ryo Batsuki, who will become an anime and start moving anew, and the battle of Takaaki Chen!

Work information

Work information Event information
Shenmue the Animation

Broadcast time 2022 animation

Production company
Telecom Animation Film
Staff information
[Original draft] Yu Suzuki (YS NET) [Original] Sega [Director] Chika Sakurai [Series composition] Kento Shimoyama [Character draft] Ametaka [Character design] Kensuke Ishikawa [Art director] Natsue Muramoto [Color design] Studio・ Road, Makiko Kojima [Sound Director] Yasunori Ebina [Music] Natsuna Shibue
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1986, Yokosuka. Born and raised in the Batsuki Dojo, Ryo Batsuki was honing her Batsuki style jujutsu skills under her strict father. However, one day, she is killed by a mysterious man, Ai Emperor, and is robbed of the “mirror” that her father protected. Ryo decides to unravel the truth of her case. However, as she pursues her clues to her father’s past, she becomes involved in the conflict of the dark organization …. A long journey of Ryo begins now, set in Hong Kong from Yokosuka!
[OP] Kashitaro Ito “UNDEAD-NO ID”
[ED] NARUDORA “Sympathy”
Ryo Batsuki: Masaya Matsukaze Aitei: Takahiro Sakurai Shenfa: Haruka Terui Nozomi Harasaki: Haruka Fushimi Takaaki Chen: Ryuichi Kijima
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