Anime “Chikawa” Tomokazu Sugita, Hiroki Tochi, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is armor, Yuma Uchida is a sea otter additional cast announcement at once

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Anime “Chikawa” Tomokazu Sugita, Hiroki Tochi, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is armor, Yuma Uchida is a sea otter additional cast announcement at once

Also announced the main visual
(C) Nagano / Chiikawa Production Committee

The main visual and additional cast of the TV anime “Chikawa” were announced, and the appearances of Yuka Iguchi, Tomokazu Sugita, Hiroki Tochi, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Yuma Uchida, and Takayuki Asai were revealed.

In addition, the broadcast time on “Mezamashi TV” will be decided around 7:40 am. It was scheduled to be broadcast every day, but for a while from the start of broadcasting on April 4, it will be broadcast while adjusting the number of times instead of daily broadcasting. From Fuji Television, “It takes longer than originally planned to deliver better works to our fans.” “I’m very sorry that we didn’t meet your expectations, but all the staff are doing their best. I will come. ” The broadcast schedule will be announced on “Mezamashi TV” and official SNS.

The original manga “Chikawa, his little and cute guy” by illustrator Nagano depicts the painful and a little hard days that some small and cute guys, commonly known as “Chikawa”, unfold. When the serialization began on Twitter from 2020, the gap between cute characters and the severe world became popular, and the number of followers exceeded 900,000 (as of March 14).

The additional cast is Sugita, who sells his own pochette and pajamas, and Tochi, who accepts labor, and a ramen shop with a distinctive menu and ordering method. Matsuoka is in charge of “Ramen Armor”, the owner of “Rou”. In addition, Iguchi will play Momonga, who is always cute, Uchida will play the sea otter, who is good at subduing, and Asai will play the gourmet and caring “Kurimanju”. The comments of the six people are posted at the end of the article.

(C) Nagano / Chiikawa Production Committee

The main visual shows Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Rabbit lying happily on the meadow. As already announced, the three voices will be played by Haruka Aoki (role of Chiikawa), Masato Tanaka (role of Hachiware), and voice actor Ari Ozawa (role of Rabbit).

“Chikawa” will be broadcast around 7:40 am on the Fuji TV series “Mezamashi TV”. After the broadcast, it will be overlooked for a week on YouTube, TVer, GYAO !, and FOD.

The full comments of the 6 additional cast members are as follows.

[Yuka Iguchi (role of Momonga)]

Good morning everyone! I’m Yuka Iguchi, who plays the role of a flying squirrel. ← It’s like a dream that the day when you can say this word will come! !! !! I love the characters and stories drawn by Mr. Nagano, and I have enjoyed watching them as a fan for a long time. Among them, “Chikawa” has been my favorite since the appearance of the flying squirrel, I loved it very much, and when I heard that I could audition, I jumped up! I can’t hate the flying squirrel, the cuteness, the cheekyness, but I can’t hate it. By the way, her family says, “It looks just like Yuka.” I have received it as a compliment! I’m so happy! !! !!

[Tomokazu Sugita (role of Pochette’s armor]

When I was biting the joy of being in this world, it tasted strange. It’s an indescribable anxiety that I can’t put into words, or the warmth I’ve always known … A lot of happiness, packed in a pochette and played.
Thank you.

[Hiroki Tochi (role of labor armor)]

Actually, he originally saw it on Twitter. It was so cute and I felt a deep sense of fun (laughs)
No way I would be doing labor armor. It is a great pleasure to enter the world of Chiikawa as much as possible! Please look forward to it! !!

[Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (role of ramen armor)]

I’m Matsuoka, who will be doing ramen armor this time. I’ve always wanted to do it since the audition, so when I actually decided to appear, I was very happy! While cherishing this warm world, I will sometimes act boldly. The armor-sans have a unique atmosphere, so it’s surprisingly difficult to read them, but the impression of the recording is … I don’t know what it is … A pleasant atmosphere, a feeling that makes you want to take a bath all the time? I remember having such a feeling, and this feeling was conveyed to everyone …

[Yuma Uchida (sea otter)]

I’m Yuma Uchida, who will be in charge of the voice of the sea otter in the anime “Chikawa”. I never dreamed that I would be able to participate in this lovely and funny world. I’m very happy! Please enjoy the charm of Chiikawa! !!

[Takayuki Asai (role of Kurimanju)]

It’s a cute character with a cute name and appearance, and I was worried that I’m okay with this character, but when I opened the lid, the contents were uncle (laughs). The appearance made me smile very much. I hope we can deliver a character that will heal and encourage even a little in the time when each person in the morning mixes various feelings …

Work information

Chiikawa Updated January 28, 2022

Work information Event information

Broadcast time 2022 spring animation

Production company
Video studio
Staff information
[Original] Nagano [Series Director] Takenori Mihara [Music] Shugo Tokumaru Chiikawa
Chiikawa: Haruka Aki Hachiware: Masato Tanaka Rabbit: Ari Ozawa
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