Actress Yoshiko Miyazaki is in charge of narration in the new “Pretty Cure” work.

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Regular narration from the perspective of watching the story is the first in the series
(C) ABC-A / Toei Animation
It was revealed that actress Yoshiko Miyazaki will participate in “Delicious Party Pretty Cure” (* “・” is a white heart symbol) as a narration.
The 19th installment of the “Pretty Cure” series, whose keyword is “rice is a smile,” is set in a delicious town where delicious dishes from all over the world are gathered. Three second-year junior high school girls, each of whom runs a restaurant, transforms into Pretty Cure with the help of an energy fairy. Rookie voice actors Hana Hishikawa, Risa Shimizu, and Yuka Iguchi will play the role of Pretty Cure.
This is the first regular narration in the TV anime “Pretty Cure” series, other than Precure, from the perspective of watching the story. There is also a tendency to reveal the “identity of narration” in the work, and it seems that it will be a role related to the story in some way.

Yoshiko Miyazaki

Toshinori Fukasawa, the series director, explained the reason for using Miyazaki, “I thought that Mr. Miyazaki’s soft and gentle voice was perfect for the atmosphere of the work. As a person watching over Precure, Mr. Miyazaki’s narration supports the work. I’m happy. “

“Delicious Party Pretty Cure” will start broadcasting on February 6th at 8:30 am on the ABC TV / TV Asahi affiliated 24 stations nationwide. The full text of Miyazaki’s comments is as follows.

[Yoshiko Miyazaki (narration)]
Q: What was your impression when you decided to appear in Pretty Cure?
Actually, I was practicing the lines of the new Precure, saying that I would like to receive this after seeing the cast audition information of “Delicious Party Precure” sent to the company.
While doing so, the audition application deadline has passed. I wonder if it was accepted in the first place.
Still, if I wanted to work on anime voice anyway and thought that there might be something I could do, no way! there was. I was very happy.
Every year, I got a Precure calendar and took good care of it, but I’m really happy to be a member of it.
However, I have some anxiety. The others are professional voice actors … but I feel like I’m a newcomer and I’m trying to have fun.

Q: Please tell us the charm of the Pretty Cure series that Mr. Miyazaki feels.
I think that the appearance of girls looking forward and doing their best will brighten the world so much.
It’s better to do your best for your friends, not for yourself, and you can see that everyone who sees you wants to be this friend.

Q: It is also a big motif of this work [rice]. If you have any thoughts or episodes about [rice], such as smiling or feeling warm through [rice], please tell us.
Rice is important!
Nowadays, I think that there are many things that I have to put up with, such as having to eat lunch or lunch without talking to my friends at school.
It’s not really like this. It’s fun to eat and it’s fun to eat.
It’s fun to eat properly and move vigorously. I would like to tell you that.

Work informationWork information Event information
Delicious party ♡ Pretty Cure

Broadcast time 2022 winter animation

Production company
Toei Animation
Staff information
[Series Director] Toshinori Fukasawa [Series Composition] Sawako Hirabayashi [Character Design] Kyoko Yufu [Art Setting] Ryutaro Masuda [Art Director] Rie Iida [Color Design] Naomi Kiyota [Music] Shiho Terada Delicious Party ♡ Precure
A mysterious and delicious world, Cooking Dam, which controls the world. One day, the recipe Bonn, which describes how to make all the Ori that the Cooking Dam has carefully protected, was sneaked by the Kaito Bundre group, so it’s hard! The Bundre group, who is trying to get all the Oriori alone, is aiming for the Oriori Fairy [Recipe Pippi] … Borrowing the power of energy fairies who came to the delicious town of the human world in search of Recipe Bonn, by chance, three ordinary girls transformed into Pretty Cure! Regain the recipe bon and confront the Bundre team to protect everyone’s delicious food!
[OP] Machico “Cheers! Delicious Party ♡ Precure”
[ED] Chihaya Yoshitake “DELICIOUS HAPPY DAYS ♪”
Yui Kazumi / Cure Precious: Hana Hishikawa Kokone Futaba / Cure Spicy: Risa Shimizu Manran / Cure Yamuyam: Yuka Iguchi Come rice: Natsumi Takamori Pampam: Natsumi Hioka Menmen: Tomoe Hanba Rosemary: Tomoaki Maeno Takumi Shinada: Uchida Yuma Gentoru: Ai Kayano
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