A collaboration cafe featuring nostalgic animations such as “Hime-chan’s Ribbon” and “Akazukin Chacha” will open for a limited time.

Open for a limited time from February 10th to March 21st in Shibuya Parco

A collaboration cafe “Eternal Girl” with 5 anime works “Hime-chan’s Ribbon”, “Akazukin Chacha”, “Nurse Angel Ririka SOS”, “Children’s Toys”, and “Finding the Full Moon”, which were aired from 1992 to 2002. “cafe” will open for a limited time in Shibuya Parco from February 10th.

At the collaboration cafe, the main characters of “Hime-chan’s Ribbon,” “Akazukin Chacha,” “Nurse Angel Ririka SOS,” “Children’s Toys,” and “Finding the Full Moon” are still shining brightly in the work. Therefore, the five works are called “Eternal (eternal) girl”, and a menu expressing the world view of each work will be sold so that fans who were watching the animation at the time of broadcasting will remember “then”. .. In addition, the annexed goods shop sells original goods with a “girl / retro chic” design.

The cafe menu has a diverse lineup of characters from each of the five works. “Hime-chan’s Ribbon” motif “Hime-chan and Pokota Dream Donut Tower” (1540 yen), “Pokota’s Maple Chicken Donut Sandwich” (1540 yen), “Akazukin Chacha” from “Akazukin Chacha Dessert” “Plate” (1430 yen), “Magical Princess Strawberry Milk” (990 yen), and “Shiine-chan’s Homemade Curry” (1540 yen) are on the menu.

In addition, “Sanan and Hayama omelet rice” (1540 yen) that expresses “children’s toys”, “Maro-chan’s chocolate marron drink” (880 yen), and “Nurse Angel Ririka SOS” -inspired “Ririka Life Flower” “Parfait” (1320 yen) and “Nurse Angel Ririka Vaccine Soda (880 yen)” are also on sale. From “Looking for the full moon”, “Kut to Meloko Negi Ramen” (1540 yen), “Full Moon Mangetsu Cheesecake” (1540 yen), “Tact’s Apple Vinegar Jelly Drink” (880 yen), “Me” “Roko’s Peach Vinegar Jelly Drink” (880 yen) is available in the lineup.

“Eternal Girl Cafe” will open for a limited time at TOKYO PARADE goods & cafe on the 6th floor of Shibuya Parco from February 10th to March 21st. The novelty for visiting the cafe is an original design paper place mat (A3 size / random design). When you order a drink, you will receive an original clear coaster (17 types in total / 1 at random for each dring order).



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