Alice Gear Aegis, a game for smartphones, will be made into a TV animation.

News Friday, January 21, 2022 21:30
Alice Gear Aegis, a game for smartphones, will be made into a TV animation.
Announced in the 4th anniversary live broadcast of “Alice Gear Aegis”
(C) Pyramid, Inc./Narikozaka Seisakusho
It has been decided that the smartphone game “Alice Gear Aegis” will be made into a TV animation. At the same time, a special news PV has been released.
This is an action shooting game where you fight against the mysterious mechanical life form “Weiss” while guiding girls called “Actres”. The plastic model with OVA benefits released last summer became popular, and this time it was made into a TV animation.
The staff will be continuously cast by director Hirokazu Hanai and animation production Nomad from OVA. Director Hanai said, “While the main part of the game is getting excited, I’m happy that it will be made into a TV animation as well as an OVA.” I will go. “
For the special news PV, the OVA special video that reproduces the battle scene of the original main story is re-edited and a new cut is added. Yoshitada Otsuka, who plays Soichiro Iwata, and Manami Numakura, who plays Yoroshi Hirasaka, are in charge of the new narration and voice.

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Alice Gear Aegis updated January 21, 2022
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Alice Gear Aegis
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Staff information
[Original / Supervision] Pyramid [Director] Hirokazu Hanai [Character design / Mechanic design draft] Fumikane Shimada, Kanetake Ebikawa, Takayuki Yanase [Character design] Rikiya Okano [Series composition] Kenji Sugihara Alice Gear Aegis
In the future, the invasion of the mechanical life form “Vice” forced humankind to escape from the earth. During the escape by the space fleet “Shard”, human beings succeed in developing “Alice Gear”, a weapon that can counter Weiss. Women with excellent “emissions” to manipulate it were called “actres”. This is a story about girls wearing “Alice Gear” and saving humanity wandering in space!
Hirasaka Yoroshi: Manami Numakura Soichiro Iwata: Yoshitada Otsuka
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