PS4 "Shenmue III –Retail Day 1 Edition" will be released in Japan on November 19th (Tuesday)!

PS4 “Shenmue III –Retail Day 1 Edition” will be released in Japan on November 19th (Tuesday)!
July 05, 2019 11:450
Action Adventure PS4
PS4 “Shenmue III –Retail Day 1 Edition” will be released in Japan on November 19th (Tuesday)!
Deep Silver announced that it will release the PlayStaton 4 software “Shenmue III-Retail Day 1 Edition” (hereinafter “Shenmue III”) for the domestic market on November 19, 2019 (Tuesday).
“Shenmue III” is the first completely new action-adventure “Shenmue” series released for Sega’s home video game console Dreamcast in 18 years. The “Shenmue III” project, which was started by crowdfunding in 2015, has attracted worldwide attention with an investment amount of over $ 7 million and over 80,000 supporters.
Befitting the latest work of “Shenmue”, which is said to be one of the pioneers of the 3D open world and one of the works that changed the history of the game, it is possible to “experience” the vast world to your heart’s content.
The player becomes a young martial artist, Ryo Batsuki, and can walk every corner of the cityscape full of rich nature and life in front of her, talk with unique characters, and enjoy various activities.
She can also learn new skills and train herself to confront the mighty enemies that block her path. However, it is said that there is no “strategy method” decided for “Shenmue III”. Players who set foot in this world can decide their own journey as if they were in their own lives.
Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz, who owns Deep Silver, said, “We are delighted to be able to launch’Shenmue III’in Japan from Deep Silver! One of the most anticipated games of 2019,’Shenmue III’. Is the first game software released by Deep Silver for Japan. “
Please pay attention to the new adventure journey that Mr. Yu Suzuki, who gave birth to “Shenmue”, directed and wrote the script.

I am very pleased to be able to deliver the latest work of “Shenmue” to everyone in Japan. I think that fans from the previous work will feel nostalgic for the world of “Shenmue” that has returned. The story is a continuation of the previous work, but we have made every effort to make it enjoyable for customers who are playing Shenmue for the first time in this work, so please pick it up and feel the everyday life of the world of Shenmue.
(Ys Net CEO / “Shenmue III” Director: Yu Suzuki)
[Product information]
■ “Shenmue III –Retail Day 1 Edition”

Compatible models: PlayStation4
Release date: November 19, 2019 (Tuesday)
Price: Package version / download version 6,980 yen (excluding tax)
Genre: Action Adventure
Number of players: 1 person
Release / Sales: Deep Silver
CERO notation: B category (for 12 years old and over)
Official site:
Official Twitter:
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