"Blue Lock" TV animation of "Weekly Shonen Magazine" decided! Teaser PV, characters, cast comments released!

“Blue Lock” TV animation of “Weekly Shonen Magazine” decided! Teaser PV, characters, cast comments released!
August 12, 2021 18:000
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“Blue Lock” TV animation of “Weekly Shonen Magazine” decided! Teaser PV, characters, cast comments released!
The popular comic “Blue Lock” has been decided to be made into a TV animation in 2022.
“Blue Lock” (original by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, manga by Yusuke Nomura), which is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”, is a popular work that has exceeded the cumulative circulation of 4.5 million copies and won the 45th Kodansha Manga Award for Boys. A soccer manga depicting high school students gathered in the “Blue Rock” project by the Japan Football League.
It is decided that the “Blue Lock” will be made into a TV animation in 2022. Information on the first team of Teaser PV & Teaser Visual, Character Visual & Cast has been announced.
Check out the official anime website, Twitter, which keeps you up to date with the latest information.
Official HP: https://bluelock-pr.com
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/BLUELOCK_PR
Recommended hashtag: #Blue Lock

Unless you are the best egoist in the world, you cannot be the best striker in the world.
The Japan Football League launches a plan to train strikers who will lead Japan to victory in the World Cup.
The name is “Blue Rock” project.
300 high school students were collected. Moreover, all are FW (forward).
What is the striker that will revolutionize Japanese soccer, born at the expense of 299 soccer lives?
──The hottest and most crazy soccer anime in history is about to begin.
Teaser PV / Teaser Visual

A hot teaser PV with a character voice in a lively soccer scene. The teaser visual is a collection of members of Team Z who fight together, centered on the main character, Seiichi Kiyoshi.
[Teaser PV]

[Teaser visual]
Comments have arrived! Character & Cast 1st Team Information

The main character, Kazuki Ura, will be played by Kazuki Ura, Tasuku Kaito will be played by Tasuku Kaito, Yuki Ono will be played by Rensuke Kokushi, and Soma Saito will be played by Soma Saito.
Stay tuned for more visual and cast information in the future.
■ Kiyoichi Isagi CV. Kazuki Ura
BL (Blue Lock) Ranking: 299th Team Z
Anonymous high school forward. One day he will become the ace striker for Japan and his dream is to win the World Cup. He regrets his choice to pass in the prefectural tournament final, despite his chance before the goal. Participate in the “Blue Rock” project to make his dreams come true and to change his life.
◆ Comment by Kazuki Ura
──Q1. What is your impression of this work?
I’ve been reading the original since the beginning of the series, and it’s been a hot and interesting manga since then! !! I remember that I couldn’t stop turning the pages.
300 high school forwards gathered to create the best striker in the world.
I think there are many people who are fascinated by their muddy and always moving forward with all their might.
The tremendous obsession with victory and scoring that comes from this work, and the amount of heat that is shared with the actors, is a work that I love too!
──Q2. Please tell us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role.
Of course, Kiyoshi-kun, who I play, has a hot part, but the first impression was that it was too objective, or that the calm part was stronger.
However, I got the opposite impression from the appearance of growing up under the influence of the surrounding ego in “Blue Rock” and steadily exposing my ego, and I think that is his charm.
I’m still a blue newcomer, but as an egoist, I want to grow through my work with him as a striker!
■ Hachiraku Meguru CV. Tasuku Kaito
BL (Blue Lock) Ranking: 290th Team Z
He has a unique sensibility and a self-paced personality. He prefers a free-spirited soccer style with his brilliant dribbling as a weapon. He was very interested in Kiyoshi who met in the same Team Z during the dormitory test, and since then he has become a good understanding of each other.
◆ Comment by Tasuku Kaito
──Q1. What is your impression of this work?
When I started reading the original, I couldn’t stop and was drawn in in a blink of an eye. In particular, I feel that the emphasis on individual abilities and play is novel, and unique characters are appearing one after another, and it is a work that keeps an eye on the expansion and growth of their possibilities. I think.
──Q2. Please tell us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role.
I thought that he had a cheerful personality at his own pace, and I got the impression that he was a character with a gap, such as terribly clever dribbling and selfish play. Also, I think that the atmosphere of having your own world is a very attractive character, so I will do my best to express his inner side.
■ Rensuke Kunigami CV. Yuki Ono
BL (Blue Lock) Ranking: 291st Team Z
A good young man full of sportsmanship and humor, his belief is “honestly”. He has a straightforward and sincere personality, and his teammates have a lot of trust. He is armed with a tough physical and a middle shot on his left foot.
◆ Comment from Yuki Ono
──Q1. What is your impression of this work?
As a former soccer boy, I read soccer manga to some extent, but when I first read “Blue Lock,” I was shocked.
It’s a soccer version of the death game. I felt the excitement that can only be experienced in “Blue Lock”
──Q2. Please tell us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role.
Previously, I was in charge of the voices of multiple characters in the commercial for “Blue Lock”, but at that time I was not in charge of Kunigami. In fact, the character I personally most sympathized with and wanted to try was Kunigami. So when I auditioned for the role of Kunigami, I was very happy.
I train myself openly and silently and wait for the moment. I would like to play him as much as I can.
■ Chigiri Leopard CV. Soma Saito
BL (Blue Lock) Ranking: 292nd Team Z
A beautiful boy with a neutral face. For some reason, he keeps his weapon secret from his teammates. Because of its looks and cool and self-paced behavior, it is sometimes called “Miss Selfish” by the people around it.
◆ Comment from Soma Saito
──Q1. What is your impression of this work?
When I started reading when I auditioned, I was worried about the next development and read it in quick succession.
Of course, the drama and hot parts of each character are also very attractive, but not only are they sloppy, but they are paralyzed by their attitude of trying to reach the answer in the right way.
Recording hasn’t started yet, but since all the characters are unique, I’m sure that the anime will be an unconventional work.
──Q2. Please tell us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role.
Chikiri-kun looks like a young boy and is ephemeral, but I think he is a pleasant person who has something very hot in his heart.
At the audition, there was an episode line that was a turning point for him in the story, so I’m looking forward to getting there from now on.
Having said that, I usually have my own pace, so I hope you can feel the gap between the everyday scene and the game scene.
[Work information]
■ TV animation “Blue Lock”

Scheduled to be broadcast in 2022

Original: Muneyuki Kaneshiro Manga: Yusuke Nomura (serialized in Kodansha’s “Weekly Shonen Magazine”)
Director: Tetsuaki Watanabe
Deputy Director: Shunsuke Ishikawa
Series composition / Screenplay: Taku Kishimoto
Story supervision: Muneyuki Kaneshiro
Concept Advisor: Yutaka Uemura
Main character design / animation director: Yu Shindo
Character design / animation director: Kenji Tanabe Kento Totani
Chief Action Director: Hisashi Higashijima
Action Director: Hiromi Sakamoto
Prop design: Hisashi Higashijima, Yuri Nakajima, Kaori Okitsu
Drawing special effect: Akane
Color design: Sakura Komatsu
Art setting: Shinji Sugiyama
Art Director: Sawako Takagi
Background: Studio Wyeth
Cinematographer: Yasuhiro Asagi
Photo: Chiptune
3DCG Director: Norimitsu Hirosawa
3DCG: Aura Studio
Visual concept: Toshiyuki Yamashita (Hyperball)
Special effect processing: Toshiyuki Yamashita, Rina Misaki
2DCG monitor graphic: Keiichi Asano (emitai)
Edited by: Mai Hasegawa (Edits)
Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
Sound production: Bit groove promotion
Music: Jun Murayama
Animation Producer: Tsuyoshi Hirano
Animation production: Eight Bit

Seiichi Kiyoshi: Kazuki Ura
Hiraku Kaito: Tasuku Kaito
Rensuke Kokushi: Yuki Ono
Chikiri Leopard: Soma Saito
© ︎ Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha / “Blue Lock” Production Committee



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