It's a blue prison project. TV anime "Blue Lock" Kiyoichi's character PV released!

It’s a blue prison project. TV anime “Blue Lock” Kiyoichi’s character PV released!
January 19, 2022 18:000
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It’s a blue prison project. TV anime “Blue Lock” Kiyoichi’s character PV released!
From the TV anime “Blue Lock” that will be broadcast in 2022, the character PV “Kiyosei Ichihen” and the cast interview have been released.
“Blue Lock” (Original by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Manga by Yusuke Nomura), which is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”, is a very popular comic that has exceeded the cumulative circulation of 6 million copies and won the 45th Kodansha Manga Award for Boys. .. Only the best egoist in the world can be the best striker in the world-drawing high school students gathered in the “Blue Rock” project by the Japan Football Union.
The visual of the TV anime “Blue Lock” Hiraku is released! The most “crazy” soccer anime, opening in 2022!
About TV animation This time, a character PV that focuses on the main character, Kiyoichi, has been released.
From Kiyoshi’s devilish expression and the words “I’m coming to change my life”, I have an overflowing egoism and a strong determination to take on the “Blue Rock” project over my own soccer life … TV Expectations are rising for Kiyoshi’s success in the main part of the anime.
[Character PV]
■ Interview with Kazuki Ura about the charms and points of interest of the works and characters!
Regarding the point of interest, “After all, the main axis of this work is” ego “. It may not be necessary to live in society, but as long as Kiyoshi and his friends play soccer, it is a team battle, but they also live as a single soccer player. When that happens, it’s not enough to just adjust to the surroundings. I don’t think it will lead to a voice actor. “, He says that it is important both in acting and as a voice actor.
Furthermore, on the official website, an interview with Mr. Ura is released in a long version for two weeks. It’s full of valuable stories, so don’t miss it!

Part 1: Now open (
Part 2: Scheduled to be released at 18:00 on Wednesday, January 26
[Work information]
■ TV animation “Blue Lock”

Scheduled to be broadcast in 2022

Unless you are the best egoist in the world, you cannot be the best striker in the world.
The Japan Football League launches a plan to train strikers who will lead Japan to victory in the World Cup.
The name is “Blue Rock” project.
He was 300 high school students. Moreover, all are FW (forward).
What is the striker that will revolutionize Japanese soccer, born at the expense of 299 soccer lives?
──The hottest and most crazy soccer anime in history is about to begin.

Seiichi Kiyoshi: Kazuki Ura
Hiraku Kaito: Tasuku Kaito
Rensuke Kokushi: Yuki Ono
Chikiri Leopard: Soma Saito

Original: Muneyuki Kaneshiro Manga: Yusuke Nomura (serialized in Kodansha’s “Weekly Shonen Magazine”)
Director: Tetsuaki Watanabe
Deputy Director: Shunsuke Ishikawa
Series composition / Screenplay: Taku Kishimoto
Story supervision: Muneyuki Kaneshiro
Concept Advisor: Yutaka Uemura
Main character design / animation director: Yu Shindo
Character design / animation director: Kenji Tanabe Kento Totani
Chief Action Director: Hisashi Higashijima
Action Director: Hiromi Sakamoto
Prop design: Hisashi Higashijima, Yuri Nakajima, Kaori Okitsu
Drawing special effect: Akane
Color design: Sakura Komatsu
Art setting: Shinji Sugiyama
Art Director: Sawako Takagi
Background: Studio Wyeth
Cinematographer: Yasuhiro Asagi
Photo: Chiptune
3DCG Director: Norimitsu Hirosawa
3DCG: Aura Studio
Visual concept: Toshiyuki Yamashita (Hyperball)
Special effect processing: Toshiyuki Yamashita, Rina Misaki
2DCG monitor graphic: Keiichi Asano (emitai)
Edited by: Mai Hasegawa (Edits)
Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
Sound production: Bit groove promotion
Music: Jun Murayama
Animation Producer: Tsuyoshi Hirano
Animation production: Eight Bit
© ︎ Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha / “Blue Lock” Production Committee



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