The main character of "Ya Boy Kongming!", Eiko Tsukimi, is a double cast.

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The main character of “Ya Boy Kongming!”, Eiko Tsukimi, is a double cast.
The ending theme song is a cover of mihimaru GT “Kibun Jōjou ↑↑”!
(C) Yuto Yotsuba, Ryo Ogawa, Kodansha / “Ya Boy Kongming!” Production Committee
An additional cast of the TV anime “Ya Boy Kongming!”, Which will start on April 5, the first PV, this visual, and the ending theme song have been announced at once. It became clear that the main character, Eiko Tsukimi, was a double cast that separated acting and singing, and Kaede Hondo was in charge of acting, and 96 cats who appeared for the first time in the anime were in charge of singing.
In this work, Zhuge Liang (CV: Ryotaro Okiayu), a genius warrior of “Sangokushi” who reincarnated in Shibuya, will support as a warrior to fulfill the dream of the fledgling artist Eiko Tsukimi, causing innovation in the music scene. Draw a figure that goes on.
In addition to the already announced Okiayu and Hondo, 96 Neko, whose appearance has been newly revealed, is a popular singer on video posting sites, mainly in their teens and 20s. In addition to being in charge of Eiko’s singing scene, she is also in charge of the ending theme song “Mood Up ↑↑”. The song is a cover of the blockbuster song “mihimaru GT” released in 2006.
In addition, Shoya Chiba, Hibiku Yamamura, and Jun Fukushima will appear as additional casts. A rapper who won the MC battle championship for the third time in a row, Chiba plays the role of KABE Tadashi who is spending days of escapism, and Yamamura (singing cast has not been announced) and Shibuya’s club “Nanami Kuon, who is a close friend of Eiko and is an artist. Fukushima plays Kobayashi, the owner of “BB Lounge”.
In the first PV, the main characters are projected at a good tempo along with the ending theme song “Mood Up ↑↑”. This visual is also finished in a design full of “glare live feeling” with colorful lasers flying around.
“Paripi Komei” will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX, MBS, and BS Nippon Television from April 5th.
Work information
Ya Boy Kongming! Updated January 14, 2022
Work information Event information
Ya Boy Kongming!
Broadcast time 2022 spring animation
Production company
Staff information
[Original] Yuto Yotsuba, Ryo Ogawa (published by Kodansha, “Young Magazine”) [Director] Osamu Homma [Series composition] Yoko Yonaiyama [Character design] Kanami Sekiguchi [Prop setting] Mayumi Miyaoka, Hiromi Makino [Art director] Junichi Higashi [Art setting] Yuta Fujii [Color design] Asami Eguchi [3D director] Motonari Ichikawa [Photographing director] Yoshimitsu Tomita
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Zhuge Liang, a hero of the Three Kingdoms and a genius warrior, reincarnated in Shibuya! Zhuge Liang, who was impressed by the song of Eiko who aims to become a singer, offers to become a warrior himself ……. The music and story of the two begin here.
[ED] “Mood is good ↑↑” EIKO starring 96 cat, Zhuge Liang (CV: Ryotaro Okiayu), KABE Tajin (CV: Shoya Chiba), Nanami Kuon starring ???
Eiko Tsukimi: Kaede Hondo Eiko Tsukimi (singer): 96 Cat Zhuge Liang: Ryotaro Okiayu KABE Tadashi: Shoya Chiba Nanami Kuon: Hibiku Yamamura Owner Kobayashi: Jun Fukushima
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