New special news release by Masaaki Yuasa's "Inu-Oh" Shinya Tsukamoto, commented by Hideo Furukawa, the original author

News Thursday, January 13, 2022 18:00
New special news release by Masaaki Yuasa’s “Inu-Oh” Shinya Tsukamoto, commented by Hideo Furukawa, the original author
A scene from the new teaser
(C) 2021 “INU-OH” Film Partners
A new special video of the theatrical animation “Inu-Oh” directed by Masaaki Yuasa was shown. Shinya Tsukamoto, a movie director, actor, and narrator, is in charge of the title call in the teaser.
This work is a musical animation based on the novel “Heike Monogatari Inu-Oh no Maki” by Hideo Furukawa, which depicts the life of Inu-Oh, a Noh performer who was active during the Nanbokucho-Muromachi period. Manga artist Taiyo Matsumoto is the original character, Akiko Nogi of “Escape is shameful but useful” is the script, and the role of Inu-Oh is the rock band “Queen Bee” vocalist Avu-chan, Biwa Hoshi who forms a buddy with Inu-Oh (Tomoyo) Tomona) is played by Mirai Moriyama. Released nationwide in early summer.
A new cut is used in the teaser video, and the sound of Biwa and the powerful singing voice are cut out to cause enthusiasm for the people.
Comments were received from the original author Hideo Furukawa and the script Akiko Nogi, who were the first to appreciate the work. The full comment is below.
[Hideo Furukawa (Original)]
This is a movie monster. I’ve probably never seen the screen move so monstrically. What’s more, those “movements” are pop, tragic, but thoroughly optimistic, in short, a thrilling “counterattack of the scorned.” It’s not just video. The music and the voices of the characters are all swaying. I should have written the original novel, but I have completely forgotten that fact and am stunned by the “world” projected on the screen. Nevertheless, the body has reacted and is being shaken. I’m being shaken. I honestly wondered what this was. And the answer is at the beginning of this comment. This is a movie monster. This is an animated monster. This is a music animation monster.
[Akiko Nogi (Screenplay)]
I was just astonished when I was shown the reason why Yuasa was a genius. A series of Chio dolphins raises a big whale. Looking up at me, I became one of the lucky ones who witnessed the dog king’s stage in that place long ago. Avu-chan’s lustrous roar that makes you want to cry, Moriyama’s sure singing voice that echoes in your stomach, and the waves of drug-like sounds that you want to hear again and again. On the way back, I promised to hum “♪ Decca Iku ~ Jira ~”. I should have seen it at the movie theater! Be the one who witnesses their lost stories and their robbed stories so that they will not regret it.

Work information
Updated September 10, 2021
Work information Event information
Theatrical release date 2022
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Form movie
Production company
Science SARU
Staff information
[Original] Hideo Furukawa “Heike Monogatari Inuou no Maki” (published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha) [Director] Masaaki Yuasa [Screenplay] Akiko Nogi [Character draft] Taiyo Matsumoto [Music] Yoshimichi Otomo [Director] Yoshimichi Kameda Satoshi [Character Design] Nobutaka Ito [Assistant Director] Fuga Yamashiro [Animation Director] Hiiragi Enomoto, Kenji Maeba, Noriyuki Matsutake, Takashi Mukita, Atsuko Fukushima, Yasuhiro Nakura, Hideo Harikanya, Toshihiko Masuda, Nobutaka Ito [Art Director] Takeki Nakamura
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A child was born in the house of Mt. Hiei in Omi Sarugaku, the capital of Kyoto. A Noh performer [Inuou] who later made the people of the Muromachi period enthusiastic. However, the appearance was so bizarre that the adults wrapped the child’s whole body in clothes and covered his face. One day, the dog king meets a boy. He was a blind biwa hoshi, and he called his name [Tomoyo]. “You should make me a Biwa song.” Tomoyo sings the strange life of the dog king and begins playing with Biwa. Eventually, as business partners to survive the world, the two, who were formed by an inseparable friendship, developed their talents, released hit songs, and ran up to stardom. Inuou, who has become fascinated by the audience on the stage, unravels a part of his body and acquires unique beauty every time he plays. Why the friend fish was blind, why the dog king was born as a variant-dancing and singing to seek the truth and break each other’s curses, the friendship between [dog king] and [friend fish] The tale of.
Inu-Oh: Avu-chan Tomoyo: Mirai Moriyama Inu-Oh’s father: Kenjiro Tsuda Yoshimitsu Ashikaga: Emoto Tasuku Tomoyo’s father: Yutaka Matsushige
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Event information / ticket information
Starts at 18:00 on Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Inu-Oh 34th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)
Location: TOHO Cinemas Chanter (Tokyo)
Cast: Masaaki Yuasa
(c) 2021 “INU-OH” Film Partners



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